Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 590: Counter attack, the beast king got harmed?

The Aegis 2, improved after her transformation, became a Gold Armament, not only can it better guard against attacks from any direction, she can even deflect them back at the assailant.


His gut feelings are starting to come true…


Ikaros continued as if she didn’t see the beast king’s expression. She slowly opened her eyes and she revealed a pair of crimson eyes that could pierce the soul of those who beheld the windows to her soul. Her deep red eyes resembled finely-aged wine. Starlight could be seen glimmering within her eyes.




A rain of pink homing missiles came from her wings. Pink light filled the space as they rained down on the beast king in a rapid fashion similar to how he used the sea of bone pillars on her earlier. The accuracy is just as ludicrous as well.


The beast king scanned the missiles with his gaze, he clenched his fists.


Just from the sound and ferocity of the attack, he reckons that this attack grew in both quantity and quality, he’s no longer safe from its bombardment.


He stomped the ground and walls of bone covered him.


Boom boom boom boom boom


Countless missiles crashed against his defensive walls and they all exploded without missing. It didn’t take long for the explosions to engulf the area the beast king was standing in. Flames and dust clouds blocked the target from view. However, the missiles never stopped coming, like valiant warriors that aren’t afraid of death the missiles charged into the fray and did their job.


Everyone was stunned. They looked at the missile barrage which was enough to block out the sky and they heard the loud firecracker-esque noises as they fell into a stupor.


“Ikaros-senpai’s evolved mode is so scary…”


Astrea shivered.


“She’s so scary…”




Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls gasped in surprise.


“She became so strong…”


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi were at a loss of words. The others more or less knew about her capabilities. As for the four squad leaders, they hadn’t a clue about Ikaros’ origin. Her transformation and upgrade came as a tremendous surprise that simply made them flabbergasted.


Wu Yan heaved a sigh. His anxiety and fear got replaced with satisfaction.


Wu Yan retrieved information from the System on Ikaros’ transformation.


Pandora, the mother program designed by Daedalus as an evolution system to supplement the angeloids’ emotional instability. Daedalus installed this on the first generation Angeloids: Ikaros, Nymph, and Astrea, this program was designed to enhance their protection.


Put simply, it’s a program that will break down barriers when their emotions grow intense enough to enable the evolution process to initiate.


Yesterday, after killing the Longarm Ape King, Ikaros ascended into the ninth tier.


She grew enough to exceed the limitations of her previous body designed by Daedalus so the Pandora System started activating, the sign of that activation was the weird light coming from her chest.


But, the Pandora System was designed to develop their emotions, if they don’t feel an intense emotion, they won’t be able to completely activate the Pandora System. Ikaros thought this was an error with her system since she didn’t see anything happening despite the flashing light on her body.


After witnessing Wu Yan being brutalized by the beast king, she burned up with intense emotions that kicked her Pandora System into full activation.


She obtained a stronger status, form, and upgraded equipment.


She’s now full decked-out with Gold Armaments.


Right now, Ikaros is finally in possession of the true power of her tier 9 advancement. She’s several times stronger than when she just entered the tier 9 league.


“Daedalus truly loved her daughter…”


Wu Yan mumbled after gazing at Ikaros who is floating in the sky like a goddess.


“Did that work?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other girls checked on the situation over at the beast king’s location. They stared at the dense smoke.


Ikaros finally regained some of her senses, she instantly searched around for Wu Yan. After Wu Yan’s unharmed appearance entered her eyes, she finally calmed down a little bit.


Ikaros wanted to fly in Wu Yan’s direction but she stopped when she sensed something within the smoke.


Countless bone arrows flew out from within the smoke, by the time Ikaros turned around, the arrows were already mere inches away from her.


The light effect of the Resplendent Breath potion came and it nullified the lethal power of the bone arrows. However, the remnant force from the bone arrows still slammed Ikaros against the wall, making her slightly dizzy from the impact.


The bone arrows exploded into smaller bolts that scattered down at Wu Yan & co. They were thrown back by the bullet hell of bone bolts, protected by Respledent Breath’s effect just like Ikaros.




Wu Yan who was the only who didn’t drink any Resplendent Breath coughed up blood as he instantly recovered from his injuries. It wasn’t funny because the pain lasted longer than his injuries.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. This pain wasn’t enough for him to drink Resplendent Breath. He’s not a masochist, he did this to remind himself not to rely on System’s items too much or he would end up in a similar situation like today where his loved ones got dragged into a fight because he was careless.


Since he wouldn’t die, what’s a little pain to him anyway?


Wu Yan didn’t know, he would soon regret his internal thoughts.


The beast king appeared after the smoke cleared up. His cold look gave everyone the message on his mind.


He examined everyone and he found out that only Wu Yan was harmed from his attack so he focused his attention on Wu Yan.


If the others are invulnerable for now, he should direct his energy at the only target that can be hurt in this place, Wu Yan!




A wall behind Wu Yan jutted out at him, sending him into the air as countless bone arrows turned him into a bloody hedgehog.




Blood started pouring out of Wu Yan as pain filled his entire mind. He clenched his teeth and he flexed his muscles, forcing the bone arrows out of his body.


A juvenile voice suddenly cheered in joy when Wu Yan relaxed his expression.


“I did it!”


An alarm blared up inside the beast king’s mind. The next thing he knew, his skin exploded into a bloody mess.




His skin got torn up. The beast king is finally hurt, a feat that seemed impossible since the start of this battle.



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