Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 589: Pandora, the self evolution program inside Ikaros

In the darkness, Ikaros brightened up the world with the light coming out of her.




Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki yelled out loud.


They saw the scene and they knew the light came from Ikaros because she’s shining like a star in this place, the light coming from her chest is also similar to the light they saw last night.


However, this light is on another level when comparing brightness.


“What’s going on?”


Wu Yan was temporarily blinded by the sudden light and he cried out in shock. When he saw what was going on, he was stunned with astonishment.


Unlike Hinagiku & the other girls, Wu Yan never knew Ikaros was experiencing this odd condition.




The beast king looked up and he flinched in surprise. He mumbled in an uncertain tone.


“She’s… growing stronger?…”




The light around her receded back into her body. Ikaros changed her expression in front of a shocked audience. She turned passive and blank, she’s somehow even more unemotional than her usual self.


A mechanical voice escaped her mouth. She spoke in a tiny volume almost inaudible to the audience.


“System scan initiated, no abnormalities detected.”


“Self-evolution program, Pandora, initiated…”


A pillar of light descended from the sky and it engulfed Ikaros. It was hard to see her figure within the blinding light, they could only vaguely make out a humanoid shape within the light.




Wu Yan was stunned by Ikaros’ disappearing figure. Panic gripped him and he got anxious.


“What’s going on?! What the hell’s going on?!


Wu Yan didn’t care what people thought of his unsightly appearance, he screamed at the air while Ikaros experienced her transformation. He didn’t stop to think about the significance of this change, he never heard about this and this led him to panic like someone had set him on fire.




Wu Yan jumped at the pillar of light, he wanted to save Ikaros from the pillar of light. However, Astrea stopped him before he can interrupt the process.


“Master, don’t go over there, Ikaros should be fine!”


Astrea watched with an excited look, unlike Wu Yan who is totally flipping out right now. Clearly, Astrea had an idea about this situation, she’s showing a joyful look after all.


“Astrea, what’s going on? Why did Ikaros…”


Wu Yan lost his cool. He grabbed Astrea’s arms, the panic he is exhibiting right now is more than when he discovered that he had to fight the beast king.


“Master, don’t worry about it.”


Astrea said with a cheerful tone.


“Ikaros-senpai is undergoing an evolution process!”


“An evolution?”


Wu Yan was puzzled and he’s not thinking straight, his face froze up.


“Angeloid, evolution?”


“Yes yes!”


Astrea nodded but she didn’t explain at all. Her flushed look gave away her elation. Wu Yan suppressed the concern in his heart and he looked intently at the light in the sky.


When the light receded once more, holographic display blocks filled the air as it hid the figure from view.


Type A Ikaros version 2, start!”


The blocks of solid light modeled a figure out of the vague shape in the air. An entirely new Ikaros appeared in front of everyone. She levitated in the air in front of a shocked crowd. They couldn’t recover until a short while later…


Wisps of light that resembled tiny stars floated around Ikaros. A white angelic raiment that only covered her swimsuit areas gave others the idea that her body is too divine to be seen directly so the angelic raiment had to cover the important parts. She wore a pair of white short pants. She had levitating pauldrons that floated by the sides of her shoulders. What appeared to be a mix of leggings and armor also floated by beside her legs.


Her pink wings turned increased in number, she now spotted two pairs of pink astral wings. The wings looked like divine fingers that distorted space by its presence. She also had a larger halo compared to the one she had before. Her pink hair dangled behind her, dancing along with the wind. Barefooted, she stood in the air like a goddess who descended upon the mortal realm. Her eyes were closed like she’s waiting for a certain someone to wake her from her slumber.


Name: Ikaros


Abilities: Uranos mode, Pandora mode


Strength: S

Durability: S

Agility: S

Intelligence: A

Equipment: Artemis 2 (Grade B), Aegis 2 (Grade B), Apollon (Grade B), Uranus System (Grade B)

Level: 80


“Ikaros… Version 2?…”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi watched as that angel outshined everything else, including the beast king who was also stunned by Ikaros’ appearance.


Beautiful and holy


That’s the thought they had when they looked at her.


“She, she is not a human…”


Dazzled by her look, the beast king’s tone made it hard to guess whether he was praising her or ridiculing her.


The beast king knitted his brows and he stopped himself after inadvertently praising her. He had a worried frown on his face.


He didn’t know what happened to that girl but he knew this can’t go on or things will truly be out of his hands. The battle situation continued to change as two non-humans appeared, it didn’t help that they are existences that aren’t demonic beasts, they also had invulnerability potions and they continued experiencing drastic transformations that threw his pace off.


He looked at the slumbering four-winged angel floating in the sky and he suddenly felt a bad feeling in his guts.


Demonic beasts had better instincts than humans. The beast king never paid for his power by giving up his instincts. His basal mind told him that there are still things on this world that can hurt it, reminding it that should it forget, bad things will happen.


Driven by his animalistic instinct, the demigod beast king felt a bit of fear rising up within him.


“This cannot be allowed to continue!”


The beast king’s eyes glowed like a cornered beast. He attacked when the others are still shocked by Ikaros.


He summoned bone spears and he rained them down on Ikaros from every direction.


Knowing how annoying the spears can be, the others cried out.


“Watch out!”


But, Ikaros continued like she didn’t hear anything. Everyone started panicking when the bone pillars looked like they would pierce her at any moment!”


Aegis 2…”


The bone pillars crashed against her barrier. Even her enhanced barrier trembled under its power, just when it looked like the barrier would crack…


Trajectories adjusted…


The barrier abruptly flashed and the bone spears all turned around to assault the beast king much to his surprise…

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