Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 588: Blood in the air, Ikaros angered

Fei Fei’s ascension raised the morale of the combatants here.


The beast king is getting tired of frowning. It’s just an addition of one more tier 8 individual, he’s not threatened in any way by this. However, the unpredictable events gave him a taste of what Wu Yan felt when his Return to Town Scroll failed.


He felt like this is getting out of hand.


It would be better to end this meaningless show as soon as possible.


The beast king relaxed his knitted brows and he glanced over everyone with a cold gaze. He chilled everyone’s hearts with his action.




The ground started shaking as Bing Ling and Bishi fell onto their butts. They had a hard time keeping their balance. The tremor shook away Astrea, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei, they almost fell with their backs stuck up against the wall near them.


He stomped and the ground rippled like somebody started a tsunami in this place. He easily changed the local geography with a step.


Weird noises echoed from under the ground. It sounded like a lot of pile drivers at work. The sound drew near and the next instant…


Thousands of bone spears as thick as giant trees came out of the ground, destroying anything that stood in their path. The oversized bone pillars filled everyone’s vision.


A few figures flew into the sky. They dodged the bone pillars while scanning the area. For those who can’t fly, the bone pillars propped them up into the air after failing to skewer them.


The ground was literally replaced with bone spears, there is no place in which one could hide from this attack.


This astonishing scene sparked a fear in the ladies who are usually very brave.


Without resplendent breath to protect them, this attack would have buried those who couldn’t fly.


It didn’t physically damage them but it certainly poured cold water on their fighting spirit.


The thought that they would not be able to win appeared once more in their hearts.


A few of them fell from the bone spears onto even more bone pillars below. They got a close-up look of the bone pillars and they immediately broke into a cold sweat.


They just can’t stop thinking about their fates if they didn’t drink the Resplendent Breath.


“Hmm, that failed as well, huh?”


The beast king assessed the situation from the only untouched ground in this place. He ascertained that Wu Yan & co lived through his attack and his eyes flashed with hatred.


He guessed that the incredible potion probably came with weaknesses like short effect duration so he tried to test that theory out.


“What kind of potion is that? Its protective effect is so strong and it can last a long time as well. I am sure it’s well over 5 minutes now…”


The beast king didn’t know that the potion will stay in effect for 3 hours after drinking, what would be his reaction if he found out about this?


The beast king is slightly annoyed by this. His emotional fluctuation caused the surroundings to change along much to everyone’s shock.


Looking at Bishi, Bing Ling, and the others who are struggling on top of bone pillars, Wu Yan’s golden eyes gleamed for a moment.




Large lasers fell once more, but not on the beast king, the lasers blasted away the bone pillars on the ground, giving the others a piece of land to stand on.


Hinagiku, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Fei Fei released sighs of relief. They couldn’t fly and it isn’t exactly pleasant to stand on or sit on pointy bone pillars.


The beast king scattered the battle formation. It would be hard to re-organized and gang up on the target.




Kinuhata Saiai looked at Takitsubou Rikou. She immediately knew what she wanted to say without her voicing it. Kinuhata Saiai grabbed Hinagiku, and Fei Fei, she whispered something to them and they disappeared from view the next moment.


When they reappeared, they were already in front of the beast king.


Surprised by this, Hinagiku, Kinuhata Saiai, and Fei Fei attacked together.


A fist and two blades fell on the beast king.




A bone shield blocked the attacks and the sound of some tearing through air appeared behind the beast king. He looked back and to his shock, a storm of pink missiles flew towards him.


He morphed the stiff bones around him into flexible whips that he used to defend against the missiles!


Boom boom boom


The pink missiles were all blocked but the beast king couldn’t catch a breath as a few oddly bloated dolls appeared in front of the beast king




The dolls exploded with loud bangs. However, the explosions happened in the air as bone pillars impaled the dolls into the air and away from the intended target.


An orange laser came from beyond the smoke and fire. It scattered the explosions and came for the beast king.


He thought he was annoyed before this, he was wrong, this is even more annoying. His expression darkened, he stopped using his bone manipulation techniques and straight-up slapped the railgun projectile away before it can hit him.


Hinagiku, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, and Fei Fei appeared in the four cardinal directions and they struck the beast king in sync.


He turned gloomier, a bunch of immortal ants is biting away at him and it infuriated him to no ends for only being able to defend.


Snorting in disdain, he unleashed a mighty wave with his aura and he pushed the four girls around him back into the sea of bone pillars.


Fwish Swish Shew


Iron swords rained down from the sky, shredding his beast skin clothes in the process.


The beast king narrowed his eyes at Wu Yan who was floating in the sky. A sea of killing intent boiled up with the beast king as the center.


A mighty and proud demigod tier monster like him is actually annoyed by a bunch of nobodies in tier 7 and tier 8. Wu Yan’s action was the last straw for the beast king.


A bunch of thick bone pillars shot out from the ground at such a fast speed that Wu Yan didn’t even get to react in time. The bone pillars made a gruesome piece of art with his body as the material. One of the pillars even pierced through his brain, an impossible amount of blood spilled forth and they ran down the pillar. He’s being treated as raw meat on the bone pillars, ready for seasoning and grilling.


The beast was taken aback by the blood he was seeing. Surely, this couldn’t be faked, right?


“Does death not apply to them?”


The beast king was stunned for a moment.




Ikaros who was the closest to Wu Yan saw him turned into skewered meat and her eyes started shaking uncontrollably. She turned towards the beast king with a look of utter wrath. Ikaros who was normally without any emotions started showing intense anger.


“How dare you hurt Master…”


Radiant light started coming off Ikaros’ chest area.

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