Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 586: The giant fight begins! Spikes everywhere


After being pierced by the pillar, blood splattered everywhere. He gullied the ground due to the immense force of the pillar.


“Yan (Master)!”


The girls cried out in shock. Seeing him being skewered in their directions, Ikaros and Astrea flew to his back to support him. Even now, they are still being pushed back.




Flandre-chan got angered, she clenched her fists and the eyes on the spikes and pillar around Wu Yan all got disintegrated.




She easily reduced the incoming attack to nothingness with her power.




The beast king looked at Flandre-chan with confusion in his eyes.


“What did she do just now?”


The beast king used his shell body to attack. This meant that he is technically using a part of his body to attack. As such, the spikes were made up of different compounds compared to normal stone spikes or pillars.


The beast kingis sure that even a human demigod would have a hard time destroying his attack. However, he clearly saw the scene of someone thwarting his attack with what looked like a simple gesture.


The beast king knew it was the little girl with the weird crystal wings and a devil’s tail that did this. However, he wasn’t sure as to how she dispelled his attack.


He furrowed his brows and he leered at Flandre-chan. On the ceiling, countless spikes started appearing again. They rained down from above at an unbelievably fast speed.


If one were to examine closer, these bone spikes were aimed at Flandre-chan.


Flandre-chan grinned and it looked very vicious to others, it was like they were looking at a savage beast unleashed after years of confinement. She took to the air and she accepted the attacks as if mimicking Wu Yan.




Wu Yan already recovered from the beast king’s attack due to his True Ancestor body. He was shocked that she did this but he calmed down soon enough. With a wave of his hand, he took out 4 vials with golden liquid in them. He launched them at Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi.


“Quickly! Drink it down!”


The four of them flinched in shock but they caught the vials by reflex and they showed adaptiveness by quickly doing as they were told. Fei Fei and Sylph drank first while Bing Ling and Bishi followed suit.


Taking this as the cue, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou took out similar vials and they drank the content.


Excluding Wu Yan who didn’t take the potion, the rest of them started glowing with a radiant hue.


The beast king had to squint his eyes because everybody started shining. As the demonic beast with the highest intelligence, in order to wage an effective long-term war against the humans, the beast king did his homework on humans. From what he gathered, humans usually use potions to temporarily boost their abilities.


“I wonder what is the function of that potion?”


The beast king thought about it and he decided it was nothing much to worry about. Even if the effect of the potion eluded him, they would still not be able to escape from this place. At the very most, they are just dragging this out to avoid the inevitable outcome.


Flandre-chan is currently facing an incoming barrage of bony spikes, unlike Wu Yan, she didn’t plan on using her body as a meat shield.


She narrowed her eyes and she ascertained the black dots on the bone spikes, she grabbed the air with her hands and the black dots flew into her hands. She squished them out of existence.


Bam bam bam bam


Like the stone spikes before this, she destroyed the incoming bone spikes, littering the air with the fragments as it rained down over the beast king who had a very dark expression on his face.


The beast king still couldn’t grasp how she pulled this feat off. This was frustrating for the beast king who just ascended into the demigod tier. As a result, he started using a very dangerous glare on Flandre-chan.


“Ikaros! Frenda!”


While the beast king is busy with Flandre-chan. Wu Yan told Ikaros and Frenda.


“Use your missiles and bombs to destroy our surrounding walls!”


Ikaros and Frenda were stunned for a brief moment but they immediately knew why Wu Yan told them to do that. They can’t win against the beast king with their current power, the best option right now is to book it but that would be impossible if they are still inside the beast king. Hence, the only way out is to force their way out.


Ikaros unleashed a salvo of pink missiles from her unfurled wings. Frenda also spammed her doll bombs at the walls around her.


Boom boom boom


Dense explosions assaulted the surrounding walls. The place started shaking from all these explosions. Dust fell from the ceiling as well, vouching for the two’s firepower.


They showed hopeful expressions, even Wu Yan expected at least a bit of structural damage from their attacks but the beast king allowed them to do as they pleased, they failed to notice how nonchalant the beast king looked.


When the explosions died down, the walls are still holding strong and this dashed any hopes they had for escaping. Bing Ling and bishi showed looks of despair.


Now that they are cornered, it’s time for them to experience


Bing Ling and Bishi already prepared themselves for death.


Wu Yan knew these two had lost the will to fight back. He clenched his teeth in frustration.


No one could blame them. Anyone would despair if they are going up against a demigod tier monster. Furthermore, they are just tier 7 individuals…


“Alrighty then, since it has come to this, we have no choice!”


Wu Yan took out Nietono no Shana from his Gate of Babylon, the fire lit up everyone’s faces. He stared the beast king down and he growled.


“Let’s fight it out!”


The ladies perked themselves up and they got into formations. Takitsubou Rikou stayed at the back and she used her Lv5 supportive power to the max and she optimized everyone’s power.


Takitsubou Rikou can give ESP powers to non-espers But, in this high stake battle, a novice power user will just be a hindrance. She decided that the best thing she could do right now is to enhance the abilities of ESP users.


The beast king replied with an evil grin, making his opponents further tense up under the stress.


Wu Yan recalled something but before he can warn the others. The ground split apart while bony spears rose up from the ground to skewer everyone.


Since he can make spears and pillars come out of walls and the ceiling. Surely, he can make them come out of the ground as well.


Due to their momentary lapse of judgment, everyone aside from Wu Yan failed to dodge the sea of spears and they got engulfed in the attack.


The beast king shook his head in disappointment. Soon, he gasped in surprise.


The only one who dodged the attack ignored the state his comrades are in and he leaped at the beast king with his flaming sword in hand!

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