Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 585: Fight? The choice the ladies made...

“We are inside your body?!”


Their hairs stood on their ends as they shivered when the reality sank in.


The beast king saw their reactions and he shook his head while laughing.


“You people knew about my metamorphosis process but you never stopped to think about where the shell I shed would go, what should I say?…”


They knew what he is trying to say.


This skeleton fortress was made from the beast king’s original body.


His original body was this huge…


They looked around with anxious faces. This news is the most disastrous of them all.


They actually stepped into the body of a demonic beast and got themselves into a situation where they can’t escape?




Wu Yan said with a confused look.


“The return-to-town scroll should have worked even if we are inside the body of a demonic beast!”




The beast king snorted at him.


“I don’t know the limitations of your scroll but as long as I don’t give the permission, none of you may leave!”


“Shutting down our escape routes…”


An emotion sprouted forth within them, the feeling of being helpless…




Flandre-chan grabbed Wu Yan’s hand with an uncomfortable look. She revealed a vicious look in her eyes.


“Let Flan beat him up for you!”


This is the first time Flandre-chan said fight instead of play. That goes to show just how serious she is when facing the beast king as a foe.




Ikaros and Astrea looked at Wu Yan.




Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou all looked at Wu Yan. They are all waiting for Wu Yan to make his decision.


He looked around him and he grinned even if he looked very bitter doing so.


He thought he would be able to use the items inside his System to recklessly charge wherever he wanted to go, even if he lacked the strength to do so, he thought they would be able to protect their own lives at the very least. In a way, he was tempting fate with his actions…


“I am sorry…’


Wu Yan apologized as he balled his palm up into fists.


It was all because he got cocky. He belittled threats around him and he relied too much on the System’s items. His mistake is going to drag his loved ones into this mess along with him.


His apology made the girls silent.


Flandre-chan tightened her grip on his hand. She honestly didn’t know why he apologized.


“Onii-chan, why are you saying sorry to us?…”


The other ladies looked at each other and they giggled.


“Flan knows just what to say!”


Hinagiku rubbed her tiny head. She used her gem-like eyes on Wu Yan.


“Flan has got a point, why are you sorry?”


“Hinagiku, I…”


Before Wu Yan can explain, Mikoto stopped him.


“Let me guess, you underestimated the threat and now you’re sorry you brought us into this situation!”


Mikoto looked so dazzling right now, her tone was also very gentle.


“I don’t want to hear any of that from you. Don’t forget, we are eternally joined as one in life.”




Wu Yan was flabbergasted by the warmth Mikoto and Hinagiku showed him.


Shokuhou Misaki let out a chuckle as well. She tilted her head at him. Under the beast king’s forceful suppression, she did well just by holding on with a pale look. She even appeared to be blushing a little bit and she accepted Mikoto’s words.


“This is the first time I agree with Misaka-san’s viewpoint. Oh, it’s just our luck that our lives were tied with yours…”




Kinuhata Saiai pursed her lips.


“Yeah, we kinda buried ourselves when we boarded the Wu Yan Cruise. We were ready for this!”




“Please don’t give up so easily!”


Takitsubou Rikou cheered Wu Yan up.


“If you give up, we will truly lose all hope!”




“In the end…”


Frenda sighed and she smiled.


“This isn’t the end…”




Ikaros and Astrea kept their eyes on Wu Yan all this time.


“We will protect Master with our lives!”


“Frenda… Ikaros… Astrea…”


The important girls around him all poured their feelings on him. He felt very blessed for having them around…




Flandre-chan gave him a very resolute expression.


“Flan is going to protect Onii-chan with all she’s got!”




Wu Yan can’t help but chuckle and forget about the pressure the beast king gave him. He is very proud and touched by the words and feelings he received from his girls.


“That’s right!”


He turned around he faced with the beast king with his flashing golden eyes.


“If we don’t fight it out, we won’t truly know how it will turn out!”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou all looked at the beast king without a word. Their firm eyes gave away their unbendable will. They expressed their stand on this matter without saying anything.




Bing Ling and Bishi shook their head in dejection. They aren’t hopeful that Wu Yan & co will come out on top, their defiance only brought them more despair.


Fei Fei and Sylph lowered their heads as they went about their options. Finally, they clenched down on their armaments and they stood behind Wu Yan, telling everyone their decisions.




The beast king watched this scene unfold and he guffawed from the entertainment he’s currently seeing. His grin grew wider and wider and his laughter grew in volume until his voice resembled thunderous booms!


“Very well! This is excellent, simply excellent!”


The beast king laughed out loud as he examined everyone with his black eyes.


“I’ve heard tales of humans summoning strength greater than themselves in dire situations just by relying on their emotional fluctuations. Come, let me bear witness to the veracity of that!”


A sense of crisis instantly blared up within everyone’s heart. Their muscles tensed up and spikes started popping out from the walls around them as they rained down on everyone.




Aegis L!”


Ikaros and Astrea immediately entered their battle states. They flapped their wings and they used their barriers to shield everyone.




The spikes crashed against the barriers. Their barriers that could weather attacks from tier 9 monsters immediately cracked under the immense force.




The spikes didn’t stop coming. Wu Yan grabbed Shokuhou Misaki and Takitsubou Rikou as he kicked Bing Ling and Bishi out of harm’s way. In just a blink of an eye, the other ladies followed suit.


But, the spikes wouldn’t have it. An omnidirectional attack came at them, there are even spikes aiming at them from behind. This attack is impossible to dodge!


He clenched his teeth and he shoved Shokuhou Misaki and Astrea towards his back while throwing himself at the wall of spikes in front of him.




Wu Yan instantly got turned into a pin-cushion as he shielded the girls with his body.


One round of attack and Wu Yan already got critically injured!

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