Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 584: You're not a human! Unexpected

The blood-like thick and sticky air rose along with the aura of a beast trying to untether itself from its fetters. The bloody aura ripped the beast king’s aura to shreds, causing a frown to appear on its slightly surprised face.


For someone whos power is not even at tier 9, it’s rather amusing that Wu Yan can resist his own suppression aura by himself.


However, when Wu Yan revealed his deep golden pair of eyes, the beast king who was about to calm down suddenly knitted his brows again. He stared straight at Wu Yan while slowly vocalizing his shock.


“You! You’re not a human!”


He focused and he stared straight down the beast king’s eyes in anger born out of slight frustration. This monster easily saw through his identity…


“Not a… human?…”


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi froze up when they heard this. Seeing as Wu Yan didn’t have any intention to object, they experienced another change of expressions. This came as a bigger surprise than when they found out the beast king is the humanoid in front of them.


They didn’t think a person they spent so much time hanging out with actually turned out to be a non-human.


“You, what are you?…”


The beast king isn’t as composed as it was before this exchange. He scanned Wu Yan up and down with the intent to gauge him. The beast king can feel a small wisp of dread emanating from this individual in front of him.


It’s not because his aura is stronger than the beast king’s in quantity. His aura is qualitatively superior compared to the beast king. This is similar to the feeling of a lower-tier monster submitting to a higher tier monster.


It’s the subconscious almost basal-like instinct to worship a lifeform on another level compared to it.


“A higher lifeform, than even I?…”


The beast king mused by himself and he chuckled. He is the beast king, a lifeform just below the long-extinct god-tier demonic beasts. Even a human with god-tier powers is still qualitatively inferior to a normal monster.


In the end, humans are supposed to be food for demonic beasts.


The beast king didn’t know that the person standing in front of him is a True Ancestor. Bringing food-chain into this discussion, theoretically, would make the beast king just another source of food since it has blood. Anything with blood is food for Wu Yan.


His eyes flashed with a cold glint as he watched this measly creature trying to usurp it by using its own aura to defend. The beast king strengthened his aura output to forcefully bring Wu Yan down to his knees even after all the trouble Wu Yan went through to stand up.


“Since you’re not human, and you don’t look like a demonic beast then why are you meddling in a matter between humans and demonic beasts?…”


The beast king declared.


“Unknown one, leave now and I shall not pursue your blatant trespass into my castle…”


Wu Yan gnashed his teeth and he stood up with difficulty. His seething anger appeared in the form of a caustic smile.


Using its strength as a tool to force me to retreat, giving me a leeway by saying he won’t pursue it, and that will be the end of it?…


He looked at the pale looks on Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other ladies who are still struggling under his crushing aura, his anger rose another level.


He arched his back and he freed himself from his invisible constraints. Wu Yan laughed out loud to the beast king’s shock.


“Beast king!”


Wu Yan used a freezing voice on the beast king.


“As a beast king, someone of your caliber shouldn’t be abusing your power by bullying the younger generation. You talk in such a regal manner despite doing something so despicable, you’re probably the only one on Silvaria who can do something like this!”


“Bullying the younger generation?”


The beast king sneered.


“Don’t give me that human crap, in our demonic beasts’ perception, the strong preys on the weak, the strong rules over everyone, end of story!”


“Without power…”


The beast king looked in Wu Yan’s direction.


“All I hear are noisy ramblings coming from a bunch of ingredients.”


“Power, you say?”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at the beast king.


“For someone going through the metamorphosis process, going through a period a weakness, are you sure you should be talking about power?”


The beast king isn’t even mad at his insult. He said something that caused them to tremble in trepidation.


“Period of weakness? Sure, that might have been the case but…”


Wu Yan’s pupils contracted and he gasped.


“Don’t tell me, you have already…”




The beast king raised his voice and he let out a roar the shook the heaven and earth.


“I am currently a true beast king in terms of power and tier.”


“I shall lead all the demonic beasts and take rightful place atop this world as the rulers. If humans want to hunt as down as animals…”


The beast king glanced over Fei Fei & co with his thirsty gaze.


“Then they can continue dreaming!”


Those are eyes that are hungry for vengeance, brimming with hatred and animosity, how can Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi possibly resist this? They organs were indirectly attacked and they can’t even fathom how hard it would be to continue harvesting Giant Beasts Forest for resources.


With a unified demonic beast grand army, it would be hard to extract even a little bit of resources in the future.


“Beast King!”


Fei Fei somehow endured the crushing sensation and she clenched her teeth as she spat out the words in her mind.


“Silvaria has 5 demi-god tier humans, do you think you, a lone beast king, can actually resist humans?”


“5 demigods?”


The beast king laughed out loud.


“True, I admit I can’t handle 5 demigods. However, know this, it will be easy for me to run and preserve my own life. As long as I live, the monsters will always obey my command to rally against humans. You lot can all forget about treating us like lambs waiting to be slaughtered!”




The breast king’s next sentence carved itself into Fei Fei’s heart.


“Tell me, can your demigods actually unite and fight together?”


Fei Fei bit her own lips, she bit so hard she started bleeding. The beast king shook his head and he blew her off.


“Humans, you lot never ceases to surprise me with your greed and selfishness. Even against a great foe, you people still can’t stop thinking about your own gains. How will you defend against us?…”


“Maybe we will get routed if we escape the confines of the Giant Beasts Forest. But, our objective has been self-preservation, I believe I have enough members to guard the Giant Beasts Forest and ward off intruders. In my home turf, even if you somehow managed to bring all 5 demigods here, I don’t think you can harm me at all!”


The beast king turned back towards Wu Yan. He emitted killing intent.


“Looks like you’re not going to take the easy way out. Since that’s the case…”


A sea of killing intent fell upon everyone. His killing intent surpassed his own aura. Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi who aren’t even tier 8 individuals started revealing looks of despair. They reached for their spatial items, they wanted to escape at a moment’s notice.




Wu Yan immediately recognized this as the beast king’s declaration of war. The beast king is someone who they can’t afford to fight right now, even if they all worked together. With no chance at victory, they can only retreat!


They put their hands on Wu Yan’s body while Hinagiku and Mikoto grabbed Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi, Wu Yan took out a return-to-town scroll and he ripped it up.


However, the teleportation didn’t come as expected.


‘What’s going on?”


They were astonished.


The beast king shook his head.


“I don’t know what you just ripped but it’s impossible for you to escape from here…”

“That’s because…”


The beast king chilled everyone’s heart with his dreadful words.


“You are all inside my body…”


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