Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 583: Human? Beast king?

Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi still can’t deal with reality even when it presented the beast king in front of them. Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other ladies had dark expressions, their muscles also tensed up.


They can read basic information about the person resting on his throne of bones.


Beast King: Level 90


A beast king, he looks humanoid but he’s a beast king alright.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki looked at each other, a mixture of emotions flashed in their eyes. They didn’t expect to see the threat suggested by the Board to actually exist. The beast king is before them but they still can’t wrap their heads around the idea of a humanoid monster.


Then again, this should have been possible. Lei Wang said the Beast King had human-like intelligence. To complete its metamorphosis process, it needed to shed its original form and take on a shape more suitable for cultivation purposes.


Is there a better physique to cultivate than the one humans possess?


In a way, humans are blessed by this world. Although they can’t live as long as demonic beasts, they can cultivate to a similar level in a much shorter time compared to monsters. Demonic beasts have to endure centuries, if not thousands of years of cultivation to reach peak form. Humans also encounter less obstacles when breaking through into higher tiers.


Luck plays a more important role in monsters. If they are born with poor aptitude then they can kiss high tiers goodbye the moment they are born. Meanwhile, demonic beasts that are more fortunate, in this case, where their parents are high tier creatures, they would be born with a high base tier.


But, even then, bloodline can only get them to tier 9. To proceed further, they have to figure out how to transform into a human.


Furthermore, in novels and films, creatures that lived long enough usually take on a humanoid or semi-humanoid form as proof of ascension into a higher plane. They should have taken this into consideration when they set out to find the Beast King.


For Wu Yan & co who lived in modern times, for Fei Fei and her retinue who has never seen a beast king before, this concept of a monster in human form seemed rather foreign to them.


The one sitting upon the throne of bones opened his eyes. He used his black eyes to scan over the area Wu Yan & co are standing at. When his gaze fell upon them, they felt like somebody assaulted them with an invisible knife. They actually got hurt by its line of vision!


Wu Yan felt a bad feeling in his guts. When he was about turn towards Hinagiku, a deep voice came from the Beast King.


“So you came… Show yourselves…”


The Beast King continued looking in their direction. They are already discovered by the Beast King.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi are still wavering, they are trying to gauge if this creature is bluffing. Wu Yan’s heart started racing. He’s aware of the Beast King’s identity so he was the one who is confident that their covers were blown.


Wu Yan clenched his fists and he suppressed his trembling heart. He didn’t notice that he clenched so hard his palm turned cold and pale.


He is intimidated by the fact that he’s about to face a demigod-tier opponent for the first time, that and he’s slightly excited as well.


He calmed himself down. He recalled the insurance he brought with him and he steeled himself up before he removed the cloak of invisibility.


Fourteen figures appeared out of nowhere. The beast king showed a look of intrigue when they appeared slowly after undoing their stealth. The creature mused by itself.


Have humans already advanced far enough to develop wondrous items like these?




He nonchalantly started a conversation with them. His voice assaulted their brains like a hammer, a heavy feeling emanated with the beast king as the center. Fear appeared on the squad leaders’ faces.




Flandre-chan grabbed Wu Yan’s shirt. She is taking the beast king very seriously as her eyes never left the creature. Flandre-chan’s heart is telling her that this person is very terrifying, she should not share the same space as this lifeform in front of her.


Ikaros also turned grim, destroying her posed countenance. She got closer to Wu Yan so she can reduce the reaction time needed to protect Wu Yan. It also helped that Wu Yan can alleviate the feeling of suppression she’s getting from the beast king.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Astrea, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou huddled together as they stuck closer to Wu Yan, they did this subconsciously. This showed that the beast king gave the girls an immense amount of stress.


“I am very curious…”


The beast king glanced over everyone. Besides, Flandre-chan and Ikaros, the others all looked away to avoid the beast king’s gaze. Wu Yan relied on his True Ancestor’s innate highborn pride to endure the feeling of suppression. However, he’s still a bit affected as could be seen from his slightly awkward expression.


“How did you people avoid my subordinates and enter my castle?”


The beast king changed his posture and he laid back, taking no defensive stances to signify that he’s not afraid of them at all.


“Subordinates, you say?!”


The squad leaders stared at the creature with widened eyes.


Wu Yan’s heart turned cold but he somehow managed muster up the courage to snicker.


“What makes you so sure that your subordinates weren’t killed by us?”




The beast king shook his head without hesitation. He didn’t bother to hide his disdain for Wu Yan & co.


“With your measly power, all of you can’t harm a single hair on their heads.”




Mikoto got angry, she stepped forward.


“Don’t get all high and mighty with me! You think just because you’re the beast king you can say anything you want?”


“What was that?!”


Before the beast king can give his response, the squad leaders gasped.


“That guy is the beast king?”




The beast king seemed slightly surprised.


“I see now that it’s not a fluke you guys got in here. You came here specifically for me.”


Under everyone’s changing expressions, the beast king stood up from his bony throne.


He lifted a leg and he stepped down. His footsteps resonated with the thuds in their hearts. They all subconsciously stepped back the moment it approached them.


The beast king took no heed of their movements. With one more step, the beast king emitted heavy pressure with its aura. It felt like someone threw a ton of weight on their bodies, their movements stiffened up and even the space around them shook. They lowered their bodies as the blood drained away from their expressions.


“As usual, humans remain hostile towards the beast king…”


The beast king approached like an indomitable volcano that is on the verge of eruption. They were pushed back by the sheer power it emitted.


“Why? We just want to protect ourselves. Why? We just want to live peacefully like humans…”


“The right to escape predation…”


The beast king swept its cold gaze over everyone.


“You people will deny us even that modicum of mercy?”


They felt like someone threw invisible lightning bolts at them, they can even taste blood in their dry throats.


Wu Yan kept clenching his fists. A fury born from his survival instincts surged forth within his body as he stared at the beast king took their existences with indifference.


His red eyes turned golden with a flash and another regal might descended upon the beast king, making it frown for the first time since their encounter…

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