Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 578: Arriving at the center of the Giant Beasts Forest...

As it turned out, Fei Fei & the other squad leader’s idea was very good. They proceeded throughout the morning, noon, and finally evening, yet, they encountered almost no demonic beasts that stood in their way. They did, however, see a lot of demonic beasts losing control of their bowels while running away. In a way, today has been the most peaceful day since they entered the Giant Beasts Forest.


This successful trip came at a great time for the other expedition members. They all felt their locked brows loosen up over this matter. Compared to yesterday, where they were fighting for their lives, death constantly tapping at their shoulders at every turn, they even wondered if today would be the day they lose their petty lives in this dangerous forest. Who would have thought that they would have such a safe trip today?


They lowered their guards and the exhaustion finally caught up with them. They quickened their steps so they can arrive at the center of the Giant Beasts Forest faster, this way, they can go home sooner.


Aside from Fei Fei and Sylph, the others are all very much broken in spirit. They entered with blazed hearts set on accomplishing the task given to them. But, after several days in this forest, the trials and tribulations they went through, they would all pay any price just to get out of this place sooner, screw honor and prestige, not after the hell they have been through.


Little did they know, the tier 7 experts that came along on this trip are bound for more pain and anguish.


Deep in the evening, Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi stopped as they ordered their subordinates.


“Everyone, set up camps!”


The other expedition members looked up at the sky and they felt bewildered. It’s still bright enough for them to continue, rationally, they should cover as much ground as possible…


Even if they are confused, they still did as they were told. They started setting up the tents.




Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other girls gathered by Wu Yan’s side. They are just as puzzled as the subordinates of the expedition team. He signaled for them to stay calm and he walked towards the squad leaders.


“Why did we stop?”


Wu Yan got down to brass tacks immediately.


Fei Fei glanced at the other squad leaders and she spoke up.


“We would have told you sooner or later, you and your company are critical to the success of this mission after all…”



Fei Fei lowered her head and she thought up of an appropriate response. She made sure to use a volume just low enough for Wu Yan to hear. She dispelled his confusion with a single sentence.


“According to the map, the center of the Giant Beasts Forest lies just ahead of us!”


“I see…”


Wu Yan looked at the direction hinted by Fei Fei. He silently mused for a bit. If what Lei Wang hypothesized is true, they would be able to lay their eyes on the beast king that just ascended its throne.


After arriving at Silvaria, counting the time he has spent in other worlds, it should add up to one year.


In one year’s time, he evolved from a lonely otaku to a super-strong individual. He’s not at the top yet but he is already a rising star in Silvaria and then some…


Going up against a demigod tier existence would be a first, however…


He’s not at tier 9 yet and it looks like he’s going to face a demigod tier opponent soon, the current strongest tier of opponents in Silvaria. He’s not sure how he should feel about this.


“What are you guys going to do?”


Wu Yan asked after storing his thoughts away. He came along as bodyguards, he’s technically not apart of the decision-making team. Fei Fei and the others should decide how they move from this point onwards.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi silently thought about this. They let Fei Fei speak on their behalf, it would be better this way.


“Yan, as you know, we are on this mission to see if the strange phenomena in the Giant Beasts Forest is linked to the birth of a beast king. Our retinues are no longer competent enough to follow us into the center of the Giant Beasts Forest…”


Wu Yan nodded understandings. With the quality of the demonic beasts in the center region, they would only find opponents that are very strong in a group or roaming tier 9 monsters.


There’s almost nothing the other expedition team members could contribute at this point. They can’t help in fights, they are liabilities in terms of maintaining stealth, this is the end of the line for them…


In a way, these expedition members are quite pitiful. They are here to help Fei Fei, Sylph, and the others to clean up weak fodder monsters. Other than that, they are here to buy time for them to come up with solutions by throwing themselves at higher tier opponents.


In the end, because of Wu Yan & co’s intervention, they became mere spectators during this trip. Aside from doing basic chores, cooking and etc, they were next to useless during the fight against the Longarm apes. What a sad bunch of people…


Thanks to this, only a few careless individuals died during the trip here. Things got dicey near the end of their journey here but at least they managed to hold on to their dear lives. If Wu Yan & co weren’t here, it’s highly unlikely for there to be dozens of survivors.


Compared to losing their lives, enjoying the show as spectators should be the rational choice, even if they aren’t too happy with how things turned out.


“This time…”


Fei Fei looked around before continuing.


“Only the squad leaders will come with you as we venture into the center region.”


“14 people, huh?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“That’s still a few people too many…”




Fei Fei furrowed her brows.


“Do you have another idea in your mind?”


“Nope, let’s go ahead with your idea!”


Wu Yan laughed but he sighed inside himself. If at all possible, he would have liked it if Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi stayed behind as well. Their powers are insufficient to continue moving into this area.


Wu Yan knew he would wipe dirt on their faces if he said this so he kept it to himself. Furthermore, they would probably insist on entering the center region despite his protests. As leaders, no matter how precarious things got, they can’t possibly throw face away by staying behind to watch their camps.


They are leaders of this expedition!


Wu Yan glanced behind and he exchanged a look with Sylph. She shook her head at him in a languid manner. She believes that Fei Fei & the other two should stay behind but she reckons that even her words will fail to convince them to stay behind, she’s probably as helpless as him right now…


Wu Yan returned to the other girls and he explained it the situation to them.


“So we are finally here…”


The others put on serious looks. They looked into the woods in a daze as they juggled their own thoughts.


“No matter what, the request from Gramps Lei Wang is only an optional objective this time. If we cannot complete it…”


Wu Yan told the other girls in a very formal tone.


“Remember my words, protect your own lives before anyone else’s, got that?”


The other girls responded with a resolute nod after exchanging a look with each other.


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