Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 576: A private talk with each other?

An icy blue figure came out of her tent. She appeared not far away from Wu Yan & co. She checked her surroundings just like Wu Yan. Then, she gazed up at the starry sky to enjoy the view. A gale blew past her, causing her blue hair to dance mesmerizingly in the air. Alas, nobody was here to appreciate this artistic scenery.


She enjoyed the silence by herself. A short while later, a bunch of noise entered her ears and she knitted her eyebrows. She’s not amused that somebody messed up her quiet time.


She turned around and she saw the culprit, she was momentarily stunned but she dispelled that look on her face. Instead, she revealed an intrigued expression, mixed with hesitation and confusion.


She stared at them as her hesitation slowly faded away. She raised her feet and she walked towards them.


“Why are you dragging your feet over something like this?”


“You girls don’t get it. How would the girls who didn’t get chosen first feel when they find out? They won’t be happy campers that’s for sure…”


“Har? You’re digging too much into this. Why would anyone mind such a small detail?”


“Oh, yeah? You’re sure about that? What if you were in their shoes and I passed you up and chose another girl first, will you really be fine with that?”


“I-I, of course, I wouldn’t mind…”


“Well, you would sound much more convincing if you looked me in the eyes, I will thank you for doing that at least…”


“Oh, stop with your pointless verbosity. Are you a man or not? Just do it!”


“Hey, I am going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Do I really need to prove my masculinity? I mean I already physically educated you girls on numerous occasions, didn’t I?”


“You shut your mouth right now!” x 3


The one encroaching upon them stopped when she heard the girls’ ferocious shouts. She had qualms about approaching them right now. She’s wondering if she should run away while she still can.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki who are busy talking with each other already picked up on her presence. They turned around and they were startled by her identity.




Mikoto gasped, she rubbed her eyes to make sure her eyes are not playing tricks on her. She yelled in an exaggerated manner. However, her surprise is warranted since this frozen princess rarely greeted anyone proactively, much less talk with anyone. They can’t remember more than 10 instances where she actually struck up a conversation with anyone on her own.


“It’s you…”


Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki are just as shocked by her appearance here. They aren’t familiar with Sylph but her reputation preceded her.


“Erm, pleasant night we’re having tonight?…”


Wu Yan isn’t sure how to greet her. Hinagiku and the other girls threw judging glances his way.


Sylph maintained her poker face, it’s like this is her default expression or something. She nonchalantly nodded to Wu Yan’s awkward greeting. This was her answer.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki looked at each other. Shokuhou Misaki took the initiative.


“Sylph, what business do you have with us?”


Sylph nodded but she hurriedly shook her head just a second later. Wu Yan & co felt energy leaving their body. What does she want from them? Was that a yes or no?


As luck would have it, she saw through their confusion and she finally clarified her thoughts verbally. She opened with a bombshell.


“I came to find you!”


She said while staring into Wu Yan’s eyes. She didn’t stop there.


“I want to privately talk with you…”




Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki’s jaws dropped to the floor.


“A talk with me?…”


Wu Yan is flabbergasted by this sudden scenario.


He looked at Sylph who is waiting for his reply like she just asked him: “Did you ate dinner?”. Wu Yan & co isn’t sure if this is where they should flip out hysterically. Is this the same aloof Princess Sylph from their memories?


She’s not an impostor, right?


They had the same thought but they immediately threw that idea away as they focused on the more important point of the matter.


“With him?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki looked at Wu Yan with looks that could kill.


“You want a private chat with him?”


A mysterious bout of killing intent fell upon Wu Yan’s body. He shivered from the sheer intensity of this oppressive feeling. Wu Yan subconsciously distanced himself from Sylph by at least 3 meters. He shook his head vigorously, claiming his innocence in this matter…


He just got the green light from the grand mistresses of his harem in regards to the admission of Kotori and the other spirit girls. If he can’t explain himself then he’s going to sleep with the fishes if they can find a pond here. He learned enough from past experience to read the writings on the walls and come up with a full disclosure.


Moreover, he truly didn’t do anything that would warrant this much attention from her.


Sylph said nothing as she stood there. She’s probably waiting for Hinagiku and the other girls to leave them alone. She just assumed this is what’s going to happen and Wu Yan just couldn’t believe her. He almost fell to the floor due to lethargy.


Can you at least explain yourself?!


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki kept glancing between Wu Yan and Sylph. For some reason, the killing intent within their eyes dissipated.


There’s nothing going on between the two of them.


They were convinced after seeing Sylph’s block-of-ice-looking face. Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki deemed him innocent after passing their judgement on this matter. Even if one beat them to death, they still wouldn’t believe Sylph would be infatuated with Wu Yan…




Shokuhou Misaki pursed her lips.


“You two can have your ‘little’ chat!”


Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes at Wu Yan.


“As for the girls that you led astray, this isn’t the right place for you to summon them, wait until we leave the Giant Beasts Forest.”


Wu Yan felt like someone just used a confusion spell on him. Well, as long as they aren’t rejecting his notion to summon the spirits or are antagonistic towards the spirits, he’s fine with whatever they demanded.


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked like they aren’t comfortable with this but since Shokuhou Misaki already said it out loud they can’t possibly stay here and impose on them. But, they didn’t forget to give Wu Yan long and hard leers before leaving with Shokuhou Misaki. They went towards their own tents so now Wu Yan is alone with Sylph.


Wu Yan isn’t sure what he should do after the girls left him alone. He smiled at Sylph and he waited for her to speak her mind. As for Sylph, she shifted her attention towards the pure white ring on Wu Yan’s finger.


Wu Yan almost cracked under the awkward silence. Luckily, Sylph broke the silence first.


“Your ring…”


Sylph said with a formal tone.


“May I ask where did you acquire that?”




Wu Yan looked at the ring she’s focusing on.




Wu Yan raised his pure white ring to eye-level.


“You mean this ring?”


Sylph nodded. Wu Yan turned serious and he asked her.


“Wait, you recognize this ring?”


Sylph paused and she nodded. The next instant, she shook her head again.


Wu Yan’s lips twitched.


“Do you know this ring or not?”


Sylph shook her head.


“It’s not the right time to reveal what I know…”




Wu Yan was stunned by her response.


“What kind of answer is that?”


“Where did you get that ring?”


Sylph repeated her question.


Wu Yan slightly exhaled.


“I got this ring from a treasure-hunting trip.”


“You got it from a stash somewhere, huh?…”


Sylph pondered for a bit and then she nodded.


“I understand, thank you…”


Sylph turned around and took her leave much to Wu Yan’s disbelief.


Wu Yan heaved since he couldn’t catch up with her pace.


“I don’t even…”

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