Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 571: we will always be together!

The Longarm ape king exploded into a bloody entrail show. The scene kept replaying in slow motion in everybody’s mind. The remaining blood of the ape king rained down and sipped into the earth. Their hearts started beating loudly after the sound of flesh being obliterated entered their ears. It’s like somebody is pounding the ground with an oversized hammer. It’s not going to be easy to forget this scene for the rest of their lives…


This applied to Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi.


Flandre-chan looked like she just did something normal. She slapped her palms together as her bright smile spread across her face the moment she saw Wu Yan.


Streaking across the sky like a dainty fairy, she landed in front of Wu Yan but she didn’t reduce her speed as she immediately charged into Wu Yan’s embrace, clinging to Wu Yan like an octopus. She also kept rubbing her face all over Wu Yan’s chest.




Flandre-chan is practically brimming with joy right now.


“That was so fun…”


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. A level 83 demonic beast was only “Fun” in her eyes. As expected of someone who hailed from the ridiculous place known as Gensokyo where demons and gods roamed the land, she lived up to her title as the demon’s younger sister.


He caressed her blonde hair and he replied.


“As long as you’re happy…”


“Say, Onii-chan…”


Flandre-chan looked at him with beaming and hopeful eyes.


“Are there more toys like that in this place?…”


Wu Yan almost fell face-first to the ground as he shook his head with a bitter smile.


“Well, I don’t know about that. It’s my first time coming here, I am only familiar with the outer regions…”




Flandre-chan nodded but it’s unclear if she truly understood him. She probably didn’t get his message and Wu Yan sighed helplessly. He patted her back and he exchanged a chuckle with Mikoto before bringing them over to Hinagiku & co.




Kinuhata Saiai is the first one to jump out with excitement.


“That was super awesome! You super settled the super terrifying monster by yourself!”


Flandre-chan reddened when Kinuhata Saiai praised her incessantly. She tried to hide her face by burying her head on Wu Yan’s chest. Such a cutie pie.


She might have charmed Wu Yan & co but for Fei Fei & the others, they started revising their attitude towards this little girl, they lacked the courage to continue treating her like a little girl.




Fei Fei approached them. She glanced at Flandre-chan and she sighed.


“Now I know why you were so confident when you brought Flan into the Giant Beasts Forest…”


She can’t help but roll her eyes in annoyance.


“You really pulled one over all of us…”


Wu Yan shrugged and he said nothing. It’s only going to lead to more questions if he started making something up so he chose to keep this a mystery.


Bing Ling and Bishi kept stealing glances at Flandre-chan. They are still trying to figure out how so much power can be contained in such a small figure.


They didn’t dare to mingle with Wu Yan & co like Fei Fei. More importantly, they are intimidated by Flandre-chan’s presence.


She’s someone who just wiped a tier 9 monster from existence!


In their eyes and the eyes of everyone else in the expedition team, Flandre-chan became somebody who is greater than Lei Wang. They respected Flandre-chan greatly and this respect was born from fear.


Flandre-chan subconsciously frowned when she saw the fear in everyone’s eyes. She clenched harder on Wu Yan’s shirt. She laid her head on his shoulder as excitement and bashfulness got replaced with a heavy look.


Wu Yan saw this change in expression and he used a soft voice with her.


“What’s wrong? Flan…”




Flandre-chan raised her head and she used a pair of gloomy eyes on Wu Yan.


“Do you hate Flan?…”


Wu Yan chuckled and he shook his head without even thinking about it.


“Of course I don’t! How can I?!”


“Is that true?”


Flandre-chan giggled but she asked him in a serious tone anyway.


“Are you really not going to hate Flan like them?”




Wu Yan tilted his head. When the expressions on the expedition team members entered his eyes, he finally knew why she’s acting like this.




Wu Yan nudged her chin upwards with his fingers.


“Why would you think they hate you?”


Flandre-chan waxed thoughtful and she replied with an upset tone.


“They had the same eyes as the other fairies in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, these eyes are also similar to the guests Onee-chan would have when they see me…”


Wu Yan continued analyzing this situation.


The fear in the elite expedition team members probably made Flandre-chan recall her time in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She remembered how the people who met her treated her in the past.


The past Flandre-chan who always go on a rampage due to her unstable mental state. Aside from Remilia and a handful of individuals, nobody dared to even make contact with her lest she accidentally “breaks” them.


They are looking at her like the poor souls who accidentally made contact with Flandre-chan, absolutely terrified and distant. Flandre-chan who could pick up subtle emotions caught this and she subconsciously assumed that they hated her.


Wu Yan tightened his hug as a sense of pity welled up within him. He can’t fathom how she passed her days in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, bedeviled by her own demons and the people around her.


He tried putting himself in her shoes. If everybody treated him like he’s a walking disaster, locked up by her own family, feared by almost everyone who knew her, distanced by others because of stuff she couldn’t control. He felt like even his current self wouldn’t be able to sort out his own thoughts much less Flandre-chan who was emotionally and mentally under-developed.


No, it would be more accurate to say it’s thanks to her undeveloped psyche that she could weather centuries of near-complete isolation.


Hinagiku & the other girls who were listening to their conversations immediately surrounded the both of them as Mikoto grabbed Flandre-chan by her hands.


“Flan, it’s okay! Even if everybody hated you, we will never ever direct ill-feeling towards you!”


Flandre-chan was stunned. She didn’t know what to say. Hinagiku also rubbed her head.


“Yeah, Flan is too cute, how can anybody hate you? I, for one, adore Flan very much…”


“Yeah! Yeah!”


Astrea nodded her head vigorously.


“Flan is my little widdle sister and I am Flan’s Onee-chan, it is impossible for me to dislike Flan!”


“Yes, we find it (super) impossible to abhor you!”


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou said in unison.


Shokuhou Misaki faintly smiled and she rubbed her little head without saying anything. Ikaros also approached Flan as she brushed her bangs in a very caring manner, wordlessly transmitting her love through her actions.


Flandre-chan is flabbergasted by the loving looks on the girls around her, her red eyes started turning misty with tears.


Flan never noticed that she had a lot of people who cared about her…


Wu Yan laughed when he saw her face.


“See, you have no reason to be worried, right?”


Flandre-chan rubbed away the tears at the corners of her eyes. She nodded and she leaned her head against Wu Yan’s chest, rubbing against him like a cute little kitty. She mumbled in a soft tone.


“Onii-chan, Onee-chan, Flan loves you all, please don’t leave Flan…”


Wu Yan exchanged a look with the other girls as they all answered her.


“We will always be together!”




Flan giggled in bliss…


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