Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 570: Flan's game of tag

“Come play with Flan…”


When the ape king heard Flandre-chan, it suppressed the pained howl it was going to emit and it stared at Flandre-chan with sheer terror in its eyes, it had a rather ghastly look right now, it didn’t help that its arm is still bleeding profusely. This monster is now shaken to the core by this small figure in front of it.


The ape king had a faint feeling that if it didn’t figure out why its arm disappeared, there’s a good chance it won’t be seeing the light tomorrow.


Demonic beasts are very confident of their own abilities, the ape king is the same as well. If someone wanted the ape king to use its big brain to figure this problem out then it would be asking too much from this simple creature. Hence, a second idea popped up.




The ape king didn’t even hesitate, it charged into the forest leaving a trail of afterimages behind, as well as some blood. It just booked it!


Fuck avenging the death of its disciples and descendants. Sure, they cared about their own flesh and blood but it’s only to the extent of caring, preservation of their own lives came first. At least, for the ape king, it’s own life is more important than anything else.


Everybody’s jaws dropped at the same time. They can’t believe that this tier 9 would run off just like that. A tier 9 existence, even a monster should be somewhat dignified and befitting of its own lofty title, right? Running like a chicken, is that something a monster like that would do?


True, if this was a tier 9 human, he would probably choose death over dishonorable retreat. This logic didn’t apply to the ape king since it’s not a human. It had its own pride but self-preservation ruled its own thoughts more than the former.


Flandre-chan flinched in surprise when the ape king just dropped everything and ran like hell. She’s slightly angered by this creature’s rude behavior.


“You’re going to play with Flan?”


A red glimmer flashed in her eyes. She unleashed her bloody aura, twisting her figure in a scary manner.It’s a savage beast came crawling out of an abyss, an oppressive killing intent rained down in this area. Hinagiku & the other ladies, and the expedition team felt chills just by being close to this place. The next instant, Flandre-chan disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Flandre-chan appeared above the ape king who is busy getting the heck out of this place. She made a fist and she swung her fist that had a bunch of light orbs orbiting it at the creature. She looked like she dipped her hands in water and she wanted to do a cascading attack with said water.




Feeling its own fur standing on ends, it turned back only to see a literal rain of bullets in the form of a manifested Bullet Hell. Its own soul almost escaped its mortal coil when it saw this ghoulish scene. It slammed its remaining fist on the ground and it tried to use the boulders that propped up to take cover.


Bang bang bang bang bang


The bullet curtain fell on the boulders and they immediately disintegrated anything that stood in its path. This simplistic strategy was enough to let the ape king escape unscathed. Flandre-chan stared down at the ape king from a distance.


Taking this chance, the ape king sped up and shot into the distance like an arrow. This place got leveled by Wu Yan & co as well as the ape king before Flandre-chan arrived. This place had little cover and it’s not ideal for the ape king to fight.


Adept at using trees to its advantage, once it entered the lush forest, nobody can hope to match its ability and agility to escape using trees and the terrain. Running on the ground and flying in the air, it’s not hard to imagine who had the easier time in this game of cat-and-mouse.


The ape king didn’t even get the chance to run far before Flandre-chan caught up once more. She rained down another round of Bullet Hell. Creeper-vine esque bullet formation rained down from above, whipping at the ape king.


If it had pants on, that pants would be wet with urine by now. The scene where she deleted its own arm is already shocking enough. Now this little demoness pulled out another heavy-hitter on it, the ape king was so frustrated it struck back at the aggressor.


Anyone meeting a Bullet Hell for the first time would find themselves in a precarious situation, shocked out of their own wits. Ignoring the damage for now, the density of the attack itself meant that evasion is all but impossible. In the first place, how is one supposed to dodge an all-encompassing rain of bullets?


Flandre-chan’s Eye-destruction ability would give a human a run for his own money, it might even give the guy a one-way trip to a psychologist if they even managed to escape, what’s more, to say of a demonic beast who had lesser intelligence.


The Longarm ape king had to focus completely on running away. It ran while smashing the ground to gather boulders to use as shields, dodging and hiding whenever the situation allowed.


Somehow or the other, the ape king got out of the spell card Cranberry Trap by relying on its own guile and luck.


Certainly, its own luck, tons of boulders, and the bullet hell’s explosion-on-contract characteristic helped this poor ape king to evade.


Flandre-chan is very pleased with the ape king’s performance.


“Ahaha, big monkey, you better run run run, don’t let Flan catch you now!”


Flandre-chan turned this into a twisted game of hide-and-seek.


Her crystalline wings didn’t even flap once and yet she can easily catch up to the ape king. She happily launched waves after waves of Bullet Curtain at the running ape. She’s as happy as can be with this amusing toy of hers.


It’s a puzzling scene to say the least, if anyone stumbled upon them, they would see a little kid chasing after a monster as if they are playing tag or something. Ignoring what the expedition members had to say, Hinagiku & co didn’t know where to start their retorts.


“That little girl…”


Bing Ling and Bishi felt a sense of dread when they looked at Flandre-chan.


“Who the fuck is she?…”


Fei Fei bitterly laughed as she turned towards Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki, she shook her head.


“You girls, did ya have to hide it this badly from us?…”


Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki responded with awkward laughter. They didn’t know what to say so they chose to stay mum about this. There’s no excuse and even the quick-witted Shokuhou Misaki failed to come up with plausible excuses for this situation.


Wu Yan and Mikoto shook their head in a mix of frustration and helplessness. They never thought a battle between two tier 9 existences would be reduced to such a comedic display. If they told anyone about what happened here, they would probably be treated as jesters and laughed ad nauseam.


Wu Yan took a look at Flandre-chan who is still busy tossing rounds after rounds of Bullet Hell at the ape king and he yelled at Flandre-chan after thinking about it for a bit.


“Flan! Playtime is over, get rid of that thing!”


This is the deep region of the Giant Beasts Forest, there are other high tier demonic beasts roaming around, if they wasted time here, other monsters would probably show up pretty soon.


Wu Yan’s shout stopped Flandre-chan’s gleeful appearance. She donned a serious look as Wu Yan’ words slightly more than even her own sister. Flandre-chan has to listen to her big brother.


She extended an arms nd she grasped the eyes on the Longarm ape king, with its life in her own hands, she clenched down and destroyed those eyes.




The two-meter tall ape king is now gone from view, reduced to atoms, the only thing remaining would be fleshy bits and blood, fertilizer for plants that would later grow at this spot where a king fell.

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