Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 569: Hey, play with Flan...

The petite figure looked like she’s not bounded by the laws of gravity as she floated in the air with her weird wings that looked like a tattered pair of wings with crystals adorning them. From a distance, it looked like a giant-sized necklace behind her. The crystals colored Flandre-chan in a very fantastic manner.


Yet, even all these colors failed to stop the land from turning into a bloody red hue.


“Flan, she’s finally taking action…”


Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are pale as they examined Wu Yan who just got impaled with a massive punch. They simultaneously released a sigh of relief when they saw Flandre-chan intervening in this fight. They had confident smiles on their faces.


Anyone who knew Flandre-chan and her abilities would know that this battle would soon be over even if the enemy had a higher level than her.


Hinagiku & co’s reactions were ignored by Fei Fei and company because they were stupefied by what they saw.


That boundless bloody aura coming from her, that faint sense of dread, it’s not imaginary at all. Aside from Hinagiku & co, the others didn’t know how to react to this new scene.




Bing Ling and Bishi were shivering as if they have just seen ghosts in broad daylight. Stuttering like they just learned to speak, they pointed with wavering fingers at Flandre-chan who is churning the sky with her power.


Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki exchanged a look before they giggled. They looked at Wu Yan who is still impaled by the ape king and they saw that he is spotting an unconcerned look. They are all very confident in Flandre-chan’s ability to clean up this battle.


“Just sit tight and watch…



Shokuhou Misaki said.


“The real fight has just begun!”


The Flandre-chan everyone treated like a child, taking on the Longarm Ape King, a tier 9 existence. She sounded like she’s going to win for sure!


Flandre-chan basked in her own power with closed eyes. Her nostalgic power that was sealed for quite a while has returned and she felt like a fish in the water.


An ecstatic smile appeared on Flandre-chan’s face. However, when she saw Wu Yan who is still pierced by the ape king she immediately turned serious.


A flash of red light appeared in her eyes. The ape king shuddered the moment Flandre-chan gazed at it. An alarm instantly blared within itself, the ape king subconsciously wanted to lob Wu Yan far away but it’s already too late for that.




A dull explosion came from the Longarm ape king’s arm. It stared in disbelief as blood splattered all over its face, that intense pain is surely real, everything is real…


The next thing it knew, its own arm went missing!




Bellowing in agony, the ape king couldn’t care less about Wu Yan who fell along with the disappearance of its arm, it’s more concerned with being disarmed literally by this newcomer, its roar reverberated throughout the sky.




Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi cried out in shock. Sylph balled her palms into fists as she turned grim.




Ikaros flapped her wings and she caught Wu Yan without a problem.




Astrea saw the gnarly hole in Wu Yan’s body and she murmured in pain as if she could feel the pain of her master, she caressed his body.


Cough cough


He coughed up some blood and his expression turned better soon enough. he smiled at Ikaros and Astrea in a rather forced manner.


“I’m okay, I’m fine so don’t worry…”




Mikoto who is still wobbly arrived as she levitated at Wu Yan’s side. Her expression recovered when the bloody hole closed in an inhuman speed on Wu Yan’s body.


They raised their heads to look in Flandre-chan’s direction. The Longarm ape king is still hugging its own arm in utter agony. Mikoto felt a bit puzzled.


“What happened to the ape king’s arm?”


The Longarm ape king’s arm exploded into a bloody mist and everybody saw this scene. It’s simply too astonishing for them. After teaming up against this foe, Wu Yan still had to use his own body as a shield to protect everyone, that’s just how formidable this creature really is. Yet, this monster is currently at someone’s mercy after getting its own arm disintegrated through an unknown mean, can anyone blame her for gasping in surprise?


Wu Yan is already completely fine after his superhuman regeneration mended his wounds. He inhaled and he slowly pushed Ikaros away as he grinned in pride.


“If I have to say, it’s probably…”


Wu Yan continued with a smile.


“Flandre-chan’s eye destroying ability!”


“Eye-destroying ability?”


Mikoto turned towards her in shock.


“You mean the ability that can destroy absolutely everything?”




Wu Yan nodded with shining eyes.


“With her abilities sealed, her mental state is now somewhat stable. With her normal growth all this time, Flandre-chan’s control over her ability means that she won’t lose control of her ability as easily as she did before this point!”




Wu Yan pointed at the remnants of the ape king’s severed arm.


“That’s all the proof I need. If this Flandre-chan didn’t change from her past self, she would have destroyed the ape king instead of literally disarming it!”


“You’re saying…”


Mikoto’s mouth widened.


“Flan can control her own ability now?”


Wu Yan chuckled without answering her, there was no need for an answer.


“Flandre-chan is better and stronger than before, she can control her own mental state and even if her level didn’t increase, her improved control means that her prowess had improved as well. Even if a peak tier 9 creature appeared, Flandre-chan would still make short work of the monster!”


Mikoto’s expression changed drastically as she released a sigh.


“The power to destroy anything, that’s too scary, this power…”


Wu Yan agreed with a nod. This destruction of the Eye was something the others in Gensokyo feared when she couldn’t keep it under control. Right now, if Flandre-chan returned to Gensokyo, only God tier powers would be able to stop her, anybody below level 100 is just asking for a whooping.


Wu Yan’s heart started racing with excitement. He is tempted by the idea to use Flandre-chan’s red magatama and test the power out for himself.


Wu Yan’s guess wasn’t too far from the truth.


Flandre-chan tilted her head as she blinked in curiosity. The Eyes that dotted her vision in the past is now gone.


It’s not due to her inability to perceive the eyes, she’s now competent enough to filter out the eyes that are deemed useless by her.


Flandre-chan didn’t quite understand how this came to be but she felt like this should be good enough for her.




Flandre-chan giggled like a child.


“Come play with Flan…”

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