Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 566: Cooperation, first phase,



It drummed its chest as a gaping maw appeared on its face. Another eardrum-destroying shout came from its giant mouth.


Under its roar, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, Sylph, Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi slowed down temporarily, they were rooted to their spots by this yell. The Longarm ape started taking action.


Stomping the ground, the land immediately trembled under its immense strength. Shooting straight for them, the ape flew like a missile as it appeared in front of Wu Yan, it’s hard to imagine that something so big can move so fast!


The ape king balled its hand into a fist as its muscles started bulging, expanding the arm to inhuman levels. Its arm is as thick as a table and this fist went straight for Wu Yan’s heart, aiming to kill without leaving it up to fate.


Its speed didn’t match its hulking mass. This was out of Wu Yan’s estimates, shocked he remained calm as he retreated into the distance with Flandre-chan in his arms.


Ikaros also grabbed Shokuhou Misaki while Astrea grabbed Takitsubou Rikou as they flew into the sky. Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda dodged on their own. Sylph also chose wisely by retreating. The other expedition members also got out of the rampaging ape king’s way.


Wu Yan stopped at an appropriate distance with Ikaros, Astrea bringing Shokuhou Misaki, Takitsubou Rikou over. The other ladies also gathered here.


“You girls stay here!”


Wu Yan told Shokuhou Misaki as he passed Flandre-chan over to her.


“Take care of Flandre-chan!”


Wu Yan’s eyes turned into a mesmerizing golden color. Clad in lightning, he charged at the enemy. Ikaros, Astrea, and Mikoto joined Wu Yan in his fight against the Longarm Ape king




Hinagiku wanted to follow them with her Shirosakura in her hands, Shokuhou Misaki stopped her.


She calmly told her to stop.


“The enemy this time is one where we shouldn’t meddle…”


Hinagiku stopped and she lowered her head in frustration, returning to the safe spot anyway. She squatted down with Flandre-chan in her embrace.


Shokuhou Misaki sighed, she’s also very unresigned with this outcome. Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda should be as frustrated as she is. They wanted to fight shoulder to shoulder with Wu Yan too…


They understood their current situation, given enough time, there will be a day where they will be able to fight on the frontlines with Wu Yan.


Hinagiku & co understood something Fei Fei & the others couldn’t grasp.




She saw Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea rushing towards the Longarm ape and she couldn’t stop herself from releasing a hoarse shriek.


“Come back!”


Her heart is threatening to jump out of her chest. That’s a tier 9 monster, where did they find the guts to confront something like that?!


Didn’t they know? The higher the tier, the greater the gap of strength between tiers. If the difference between tier 7 and tier 8 is like a river’s distance then the difference between tier 8 and tier 9 would be like the great Yellow Springs.


Even if someone beat Fei Fei to death she still wouldn’t believe that Wu Yan can win another tier gap fight. This time isn’t like the last time he fought Jaafar with Wu Yan being at level 69 and Jaafar being at level 70. The difference was immense but it’s still manageable then.


This time, not only is the foe someone at tier 9, Wu Yan had only just entered tier 8. With Ikaros, Astrea, and Mikoto helping, they still aren’t the ape king’s worthy foe.


In Fei Fei’s eyes, Wu Yan is basically sending himself to death’s door. Bing Ling, and Bishi aren’t on such a friendly term as Fei Fei is with Wu Yan but as comrades, they are also worried about Wu Yan. Only Sylph watched with wavering blue eyes, nobody knew what she thought about this situation.


No matter what they thought, Wu Yan & the other 3 girls arrived in front of the ape king. A fight is inevitable.


He materialized Nietono no Shana from a red portal. He grasped it and he didn’t show any trepidation in front of a tier 9 monster. Elation burned in his golden eyes.


Wu Yan knew how strong a tier 9 monster can be, he still remembered how Flandre-chan easily disintegrated him two times with her power. He wanted to see how far he can carry himself against an impossible enemy.


with Flandre-chan as his ace, he can afford to lose miserably, might as well put all his skills to the test, right?


Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea surrounded the ape from four different directions. They locked the Longarm ape king in an encirclement.


Astrea revealed her photon sword as she floated upwards into the sky. Astrea’s hair flared majestically after entering her battle state. Her pure expression also turned serious. She made the photon sword vibrate as it shredded the air around the sword with its hyper vibration. Even the Longarm ape won’t escape unharmed if it got hit with this sword.


Its hair started standing up when it sensed Astrea charging her attack up. It stomped the ground and flew straight up like a rocket at Astrea.


Its killing intent overflowed from its bestial eyes. It swiped at Astrea’s head with its sharp claws. If this slap connected, even a battle angeloid like Astrea would be wrecked.


Astrea flapped her wings and she dodged the swipe in a very agile manner. Speeding up, the sword responded as it emitted tearing sounds.




Astrea yelled and with it, the wind in the forest died down like something had frozen it in place. An immense power started swirling in the sky, like a broken flute, the sound of air being torn apart rang in everyone’s ears.


Astrea took out her full power.


The sharp sound and the lightsaber came for the Longarm ape. Since the ape couldn’t fly, it can only attempt to block with its own palms.


Palms and photon sword met in a sky-sundering collision. The Longarm ape king fell and it landed on its own two feet. Adjusting its posture, it shot at Astrea like a cannonball, adding another deep crater in the ground. The fissure spread deep into the forest.


In the air, Astrea steadied herself with a pale look. Unlike the Longarm ape who is still as energetic as a tiger, she was the one who lost despite attacking with all her power.


With aerial advantage, she still lost that bout while the Longarm ape king had to deal with the disadvantage of being unable to fly around. If not, Astrea would have been heavily hurt in that attack.

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