Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 565: Descent of the invincible enemy



Fury and viciousness mixed into an incoherent shout, this boom came from beyond the trees. A shapeless soundwave hit the sea of trees like somebody dropped a missile. Trees as high as 8 meters were easily uprooted and blown away from the force of this shout.


This shout came light a giant bolt of lightning congealed by layers upon layers of cumulonimbus clouds. The soundwave engulfed everything in its path, even other sounds were devoured by its sheer volume. All the demonic beast in the radius of 10 kilometers were rendered limp by this domineering roar. Even peak tier 8 demonic beasts on the cusp of reaching tier 9 were hurting all over from this furious roar. The weaker demonic beasts in this region got knocked out from the shout alone.


The expedition members went pale when they heard this roar, just when they were about to make an escape too. This roar is like an explosion in their minds, they almost lost grip on their own consciousness.


Wu Yan & co including the squad leaders stared at the fallen trees as they somehow made it through that awful shout. They were temporarily paralyzed from the shout while some or their subordinates even went unconscious because of the force of the shout.


A single shout and their formations are already in disarray. A single thought and one would be able to come up with an estimate of the culprit’s power.


Ikaros’ eyes turned deep red and holographic projections of alert alarm rang. This is all she needed to know they are all in deep trouble.


“Detected a very strong lifeform in the vicinity. Inevitable harm highly probably to master, danger rating, very hazardous!”


Ikaros reported with an abnormally loud voice. She also couldn’t hide the grimness and anxiety in her voice. Her voice hooked Wu Yan & co back to reality.




Flandre-chan grabbed Wu Yan’s sleeve. She lost her bubbly and jumpy attitude, she spotted a serious look. Flandre-chan took the owner of this roar very seriously.


“Quick! Run for it!”


Bing Ling and Bishi yelled out loud. Their pasty white faces cued the others as to the strength of the roar’s owner.


“No, it’s too late…”


Her voice trembled.


A figure slowly appeared in the distance. Judging from how fast the figure expanded in size, it’s probably traveling at a very high speed. Its aura made the space wobbly, space itself shook because of the power of the beast.


In an instant, the figure arrived after making a loud thud with its descent.


It’s an ape around 2 meters in height, spotting completely golden fur, its arm easily propped the hulking beast up like stout legs. The color of its eyes reminded one of spilled blood, it’s like violence personified. With a long scar across its face, it told stories about how it fought and killed its way to the present day.


Longarm ape king: Level 83


“Level 83…”


Hinagiku felt her throat drying up from anxiety. She found it hard to speak as blood drained from her face. Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou had the same look, just like Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi.


As tier 7 individuals who stood proudly among their own classes, in front of tier 9 demonic beast, they are just the same as the other expedition members.


Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, Astrea, and Sylph are looking way better than their comrades. It’s hard for a tier 9 monster to suppress tier 8 individuals with its aura alone.


But, the gap between tier 9 and tier 8 is still insurmountable like the gap between heaven and earth. They are not peeing their pants from the beast but they are still very shocked by its appearance. Their muscles tensed up as they focused on this monster in front of them.


Wu Yan & co’s hearts starting shaking from the seemingly boundless aura the Longarm ape king is releasing. This ape king gave them a very general and simple idea, too strong!


Ikaros who couldn’t care less if it’s not something to do with Wu Yan had to step between the monster and Wu Yan to prevent a sudden attack from harming Wu Yan.


The tier 7 individuals are petrified by fear while the tier 8 individuals are stunned. Nobody noticed that the only child here had the calmest look on herself, the child being Flandre-chan.


More like, Flandre-chan is looking at the beast with manic excitement in her eyes. It’s like…


She’s looking at an oversized toy!


The Longarm ape king scanned everyone here with a cold and distant look, it’s treating the expedition team like they are just a group of passing ants.


When it saw the bodies of its subordinates, its expression changed as its pupil shrank to pin size. A seemingly infinite berserk and vicious aura started pouring out from its body.




A more terrifying shout exploded outwards. The roar destroyed the surroundings, sending trees into the sky and assaulting the expedition team.


Its sound is like a tornado that stirred the environment and wreaked havoc on all the things here. It’s like somebody flipped this whole place on its own head. Standing in a vacant spot, the other expedition members are still busy resisting its sound wave as the bones in their body creaked.


Like a volcano that blew its top, the Longarm ape huffed while releasing its presence all over the field. Having vented its anger, it looked like it returned to its calm state. However, the bloodshot eyes and the oppressive killing intent swimming all over the place told everyone it’s far from being sated.


Wu Yan’s expression turned grim as he yelled his order.


“Retreat! Run as fast as you can!”


The others did as Wu Yan said and they started retreating a distance away. Soon, a figure slammed down from the sky above, decimating the place they were standing on, making a huge hole in the ground.


The displaced rocks fell and started raining down on the expedition team. Bloody and battered, they all moaned in pain as they struggled to get up following this simple attack. Their eyes started filling up with terror when they looked at the Longarm ape king.


If Wu Yan didn’t warn them, they would have been flattened meat pies under the ape king’s feet.




After witnessing its failed attack, the ape king raised its arms in anger. Smashing it on Wu Yan who warned everyone. Its fists pushed the air away as Wu Yan felt a heavy sensation.




Ikaros instantly entered her Uranus mode, flapping her blue wings, she appeared in front of Wu Yan with her Aegis deployed, taking most of the damage.




Aegis started cracking from the attack but it managed to block the attack which only made the ape king angrier!


This fight just got started!

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