Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 564: The roar from a terrifying existence

The red jewel mode’s duration is dependent on the level gap between the user and the blood donation. The closer the level gap, the longer the duration. The greater the level gap, the shorter the duration of usage.


Wu Yan’s current level is 71. Meanwhile, Kurumi’s level is 75. There is a difference of 4 levels and this difference is rather small, giving the red jewel mode a duration of about one hour which is probably the best anyone can expect from this ability.


Another line of information entered his mind. The red jewel mode can be paused and he can save the remaining time for the rest of the day until the duration is up.


This came as a piece of gleeful news for Wu Yan. The red jewel mode came with a lot of restrictions, there is the time issue and then there is the cooldown, which is 24 hours after the duration is up.


Now, as long as he doesn’t finish up the remaining time of his activated jewel, he can keep using the same jewel for the rest of the day without going into cooldown.


For instance, if he only used 10 minutes of Kurumi’s red jewel, he can continue using the same red jewel the rest of the day until the remaining 50 minutes are all used up. It is then and only then that the jewel enters a 24 hours cooldown.


After 24 hours, his 50 remaining minutes would reset to one hour again.


Wu Yan’s brows jolted as he felt like he’s a game character with skill effects and cooldown. Nobody liked cooldown unless they are on the receiving end of the skill.


Shaking his head, he glanced at the body of the dead ape on the ground. He waved his hands and he sold the corpses to the System along with the poor ape who got lynched to death in a very miserable manner. He got some ability points and Item Points which is nice so he turned around.


Suddenly, Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou stomped furiously in front of him. Even Flandre-chan is mad at him for some reason, he’s completely caught off guard by their behavior.


“What are you girls doing?”


Wu Yan stepped back as he examined them, he didn’t do anything to offend them, right? Why do they look so angry at him?


“What do you mean what?!”


Hinagiku is the first one to jab at him.


“You’ve got quite the nerves, don’t you know we almost got frightened to death by you?!”


“Scared to death?” Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


“I am the victim here, you almost scared the crap out of me though?! More like, are you girls ghosts or something? Why didn’t I hear you coming?”


“Seriously, am I losing my edge as a tier 8 individual? How come I didn’t notice your arrivals?”


Wu Yan retorted because he seriously needed answers.


Shokuhou Misaki coldly laughed him off, she continued with a spiteful tone.


“Next time, before you kill yourself, let us know first, mkay?”


Wu Yan flinched in surprise. So it’s because he fired a bullet at his own head…


That’s right, Hinagiku & co didn’t know Kurumi, much less her abilities. They were not aware that to activate the power of acceleration, he had to fire it at the intended target, even if the target is himself. Using the first bullet, Aleph on himself did look like he’s shooting himself in the head.


Wu Yan laughed out loud and he amused himself with the other girls’ reactions. Only he himself knew how he truly felt about their genuine concern for him.




A soft voice attracted everyone’s attention as pink feathers floated down from the sky. Ikaros landed gracefully in front of everyone.




He scanned Ikaros to see if she’s hurt, he released a sigh of relief after making sure she’s alright.


“All settled on your end, I assume?”


“Yes, Master…”


Ikaros lowered her head. She sheepishly approached Wu Yan and she looked at Wu Yan’s body with her emerald-green eyes. Ikaros isn’t a girl who’s proficient at expressing her thoughts, she’s the kind of girl who would show her affection for Wu Yan by sticking to Wu Yan. This is also why Wu Yan is very fond of Ikaros and deeply loves her as a result.




Another sound came and it’s Astrea who landed before storing away her wings. Her jovial and delicate face couldn’t hide her happiness. The others are curious as to why she’s so chirpy.


“Astrea, did you finish your fight as well?”


He’s puzzled as to why she’s so pleased with herself but Wu Yan kept himself from asking her. It’s probably some dumb reason only she would know, ignorance is bliss and it clearly worked for Astrea.


“Yes! Master!”


Astrea swung her fists around.


“I sliced that baddie in two!”




Wu Yan’s lips started twitching as he averted his gaze. He gave Astrea an awkward pet on the head.


“You did good…”




Astrea revealed a sated look. She rubbed her face against Wu Yan’s hand like a kitten. Meanwhile, Ikaros who stood behind Wu Yan is looking at them in admiration and yearning.


I want a head pat from master too…


Ikaros didn’t get to vocalize her wish because Mikoto interrupted her.


“Ahhhhh! Why was I the last one?!”


Mikoto stomped her feet in frustration. Her fight isn’t like Astrea, she fought a depressing battle where the Longarm ape got the jump on her.


Wu Yan tried to calm her down.


“Look, Sylph isn’t finished yet, so…”


Soon after, an icy blue figure appeared in front of everyone. A look at her and everyone believed that she had an easy fight since her clothes aren’t even ruffled.


Wu Yan slapped his cheeks and he grumbled.


“Why didn’t you guys bring the bodies over? They could have been sold for delicious Item Points and Ability Points…”


“Now that everyone’s here, let’s return to Fei Fei’s side…”


Wu Yan said.


“I think Fei Fei & the others could really use our help…”


The girls nodded. Fei Fei’s side is the most worrisome side of this expedition. With the Longarm apes out of the way, they can hurry on back to the expedition team in order to ensure no mishaps occur.


They distanced themselves from Fei Fei & co because they were worried that they would accidentally hit someone while in the heat of the battle.


When Wu Yan & co got back, the last of the Longarm apes fell to Fei Fei’s blade. It would appear this skirmish was the last of the expedition.




Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi breathed a relaxed sigh after seeing that Wu Yan & co returned in one piece.


“It seems like everybody finished their fights on time…”


Fei Fei thought it would take far longer for them to deal with the tier 8 Longarm apes than they did, turns out she was wrong, the tier 7 members are the slowest to the finishing line.


“Let’s lea-…”


Before Fei Fei finished her sentence, an unexpected turn of events occurred.




A loud roar came from some distance away, the roar itself bringing down a sea of trees.


This is just the voice, what a frightening power!

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