Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 563: Total Victory

His windbreaker had red stripes mixed in with a jet-black background. He looked like a freak with that golden left eye. It’s not just his appearance, his abilities and levels changed as well.


Testing himself, he grinned when he familiarized himself with his current body.


Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Flandre-chan, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are flabbergasted by his sudden change of appearance.


“O-onii-chan transformed…”


Flandre-chan mumbled. Her mouth slowly widened into an ‘O’ shape after watching Wu Yan transform.


“What’s super going on?…”


Kinuhata Saiai pointed at Wu Yan in an astonished manner.


“Why did that dude super morph into something like that? His level also increased a lot!”




Shokuhou Misaki frowned but she relaxed soon enough.


“This is probably the bloodline ability Yan-kun talked about!”


“Bloodline ability?”


Hinagiku recalled something from her memories and she hesitated before speaking her mind.


“You mean this is his red jewel ability?”


“I think so.”


Shokuhou Misaki nodded and she praised him.


“When Yan-kun said it I thought he’s just bragging. I didn’t think he would actually have such an ability…”


Takitsubou Rikou examined Wu Yan and she said.


“I feel like something else about him changed as well…”


“I had the same exact feeling.”


Hinagiku rubbed her chin and she continued in a very uncertain tone.


“It’s like Yan turned into an entirely different existence.”


Shokuhou Misaki nodded in agreement. The girls are very intimate with Wu Yan so they can feel the change happening in Wu Yan.


Hinagiku & co didn’t know that they struck the target with their guesses. In addition to being a True Ancestor, he’s now a spirit too!


“This… this is Astral suit?…”


He rubbed the magical windbreaker as he expressed his surprise. More than that, he’s excited about this new power.


He more or less knew this is going to happen. If someone told him that transformation using the red jewel will result in the user taking on the original dress of the blood donator then Wu Yan would rather die then use his red jewel.


With his first red jewel mode, he used Kurumi’s red jewel to transform. Wu Yan can feel a mysterious power surging towards his body and reinforcing his Astral Suit. This energy should be the spiritual power spirits use.


He closed his eyes and he read up on Kurumi’s ability, he can now use Kurumi’s ability.


He channeled his power in a strangely deft manner. Raising his hand, he released spiritual power as a bolt of black lightning fell from the sky. The lightning struck the ground behind him. The lightning morphed into a round shape that floated behind him. When the lightning faded, a gigantic clock taller than Wu Yan appeared behind his back.


The Angel, Zaphkiel.


A flintlock gun and a musket appeared in his hands the moment Zaphkiel appeared. The cold metal brought his consciousness back to reality.


At peak condition, Wu Yan is now fully aware of just how strong Kurumi is when she’s at her tip-top condition.


With her time-manipulation powers, unless the opponent is tier 9 which is stronger than her current level of 75 then nobody can beat her in the world of Silvaria.


Because there are other monstrous existences like Kurumi in Date A Live she lost. With her time-manipulation powers, nobody under tier 9 can possibly fight with her.


During his fight with Kurumi, without his True Ancestor body, he would have died god knows how many times.


Wu Yan raised his head at the Longarm ape, guns firmly grasped in his hands as he lifted the corners of his lip.


A stream of black energy sprung forth from the “I” digit on the clock. The first bullet, Aleph, entered his flintlock gun.


He pressed the nozzle of the flintlock gun against his own forehead and he fired it at himself in front of the shocked girls. The next instant, Wu Yan disappeared.


All the fur on the Longarm ape stood on their ends. A bone-chilling feeling gripped the ape as it jumped out of instinct. However, a figure appeared at its flank.


The ape stared wide-eyed at the creep grinning individual who came out of nowhere. The musket’s nozzle was pressed up against the ape’s forehead.




The force of the impact blew the ape away as its mind turned blank. The creature lost its sense of distance when it fell to the ground. The shock of falling helped the ape to recover some of its senses. Standing up, a series of gunshots echoed in the area as the bullets drilled through its body. In a hell of anguish, the ape felt its own blood draining away from its body in a rapid fashion.


Riddled with tiny bullet holes, the ape was bleeding all over, dyeing its fur in a gruesome bloody fashion. The ape is still trying to recover from its stunned state when the attacks fell.


After returning to reality, the ape caught up with its own situation but it’s already too late.


Something hard pressed up against its head and Wu Yan’s all too familiar figure appeared in its sights again.




It’s not the impact of a hard object hitting a similar hard object, this time, the projectile pierced through its skull.


Losing all senses, the eyes of the Longarm ape grew distant as its consciousness started fading. Losing control of its huge body, the ape never got to see its own appearance, with a bullet hole through its brain.


The last thing this creature saw was the ominous glow of its killer’s golden clock eye.


You have leveled up, current level, Level 71.


The level up sound he missed finally rang inside his mind. Wu Yan lowered his guns and he mused to himself.


Level 74 is a level he wanted to reach eagerly. However, an opponent at that level died like a small fry.


He has really grown strong compared to his past self.


The clock behind him dissipated along with his guns. The golden clock eye didn’t fade though, he continued rocking the golden clock eye. This ability is truly made for Wu Yan, Kurumi had to pay a price in the form of lifespan but Wu Yan can fire infinite bullets because he had an infinite lifespan, to begin with, he didn’t need to make economical decisions about which bullet to use in which situation.


Finally, the windbreaker faded out of existence and Wu Yan appeared in his casual black clothes. His golden clock eye also changed back to his vampiric blood-red eyes.


Wu Yan opened his eyes and he laughed out loud.


“The first red jewel can be maintained for one hour? That’s awesome…”

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