Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 562: Fighting with the Red Jewel mode on

Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea are already done with their respective fights. Adding Hinagiku & co on top of that, excluding Sylph, Wu Yan & co wrapped up their fights, most of them anyway.


The results are well within his expectations. They are already stellar individuals in their own worlds, after becoming Wu Yan’s summon, they used their unlimited potential to their advantage and they became even more frightening. They fought using different styles but aside from Astrea and Ikaros who suffered minor injuries, the others got out of their fight without a scratch on them.


This is in a situation where they fought against tier 8 creatures. If news of this ever gets out, it’s going to increase their fame even further.


Wu Yan had a faint smile on his face as he assessed their strength. He couldn’t hide his joy no matter how hard he tried.


He’s jolly but his opponent, the Longarm Ape isn’t amused at all. It’s royally pissed!




It had to watch its comrades die one by one. Its voice is filled with grief and anger. The roar of despair pulled the girls who were busy celebrating back to reality.


The ape threw all its caution to the air, screw guts and instincts, its anger turned its entire mind numb with killing intent.




With bloodshot eyes, the Longarm ape leered holes into Wu Yan. It didn’t need more intelligence to know that Wu Yan is the person who forced it into submission, it watched as one by one of its comrade fell to the hands of the despicable humans.


Mad with seething wrath, the ape vented its frustration and anger on Wu Yan instead of Hinagiku & co. He didn’t know if he should cry or laugh at this scenario.


Well, this worked in his favor so he’s not going to complain.


“Oh? Who’s an angry ape?…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow while sneering at it.


“Very well, I should finish up over here too.”


The ape didn’t understand his words but from Wu Yan’s tone, it’s rather obvious that he’s mocking it and expressing his disdain for the creature. Shrieking like a rabid animal, Hinagiku & co frowned at the noises it’s making.


“You’re being too loud!”


Wu Yan’s eyes had a cold glimmer in them. He whipped his index finger and shot a lightning bolt at the Longarm ape, promptly shutting the ape up as it wanted to continue wailing but couldn’t due to this sudden attack.


The ape jumped to evade the attack. In the air, it used its own unique technique.


Its longarms started shining with a metallic sheen. Flexing them to the max, its arms looked like steel girders. When it came to a distance of about 5 meters from Wu Yan, it swung its arms at Wu Yan.


It would look like a poorly aimed attack given that the arms were 2 meters in length. As if in defiance of physics, the ape’s arms elongated and it managed to reach Wu Yan. He got a bit serious in response to this attack.


Putting strength into one of his feet, he leaped back and he evaded the arms with the force of the swing brushing his nose.


Wu Yan grabbed the arms and he placed them above his shoulder as he turned his back towards the animal. He executed a classic over-the-shoulder throw.


The Longarm ape cried out in panic when it got displaced. Its vision shifted and the next thing it knew, a dull sound rang and a jolting sensation came from its back as it landed on hard ground.


It’s not the end, Wu Yan repeated the motions and he slammed the Longarm ape into the ground once more with another shoulder throw.


Boom boom boom


Keeping a firm grasp on the Longarm ape’s arms, he violently shook the ape by slamming the ape like a bad ragdoll. Dizzy and haggard from all the shaking, the ape endured the feeling and it shouted out loud. Wu Yan is already satisfied with the damage he caused and he spun round and round with the ape before lobbing it into the distance.




The ape crashed heavily into the ground, tearing up the cold and hard ground.


Looking at the ape who is struggling to get on its feet, Hinagiku & Shokuhou Misaki exchanged a bitter smile. Is the Longarm ape even a tier 8 demonic beast? It got played like a violin, something has to be wrong here.


Simple is best, that’s what happened here.


The ape finally got up after the rough beating. Wu Yan is pleasantly surprised by this feat. He used his True Ancestor brutish strength to use the creature’s weight against itself. Even a tier 8 demonic beast shouldn’t have escaped that without losing a bone or two, yet, the creature seemed to be relatively unharmed.


“A stout beast indeed. The fact that it can’t use magic means it probably specialized in dealing and taking damage with its body.”


Wu Yan silently praised it with a smile.


“That works just as well. I needed a test subject for my ability.”


Wu Yan closed his eyes as he touched his chest. Using his consciousness, he channeled the power in his chest.


The 3 red magatama jewels looked like ordinary tattoos on his chest. However, when his consciousness extended to his chest the magatama jewels lit up!


“First red jewel, activate!


The left-most jewel lit up in a brilliant red light show. The imprint on his chest activated as he commanded.


Red jewel mode, initiate!


The jewel sank into Wu Yan’s body. A mysterious surged of power came from within, seeping into every inch of his body.


Under the shocked gaze of everyone, red lines started spreading across his body from inside his black shirt. it didn’t take long for his clothes to transform into a mix of black and blood-red windbreaker.


Entering the first jewel transformation, Wu Yan opened his eyes to reveal a strange pair of alluring eyes. His left eye throbbed and it slowly turned into a fantastic golden clock.


The same clock eye seen on Tokisaki Kurumi.


He invoked the power of Tokisaki Kurumi using the power of the Red Jewel mode.


Wu Yan is now a level 75 spirit of time!

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