Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 560: Uranus appears

Mikoto and Astrea settled their fights when Ikaros is just getting started.


Unlike Astrea and Mikoto, Ikaros excels in 1 versus many situations. In a fight, her power is hard to control. When she fires her Apollon, she has to use her Aegis to block the attack or it might negatively affect her comrades and herself.


When the fight started, she flashed in front of Ape like a bolt of lightning. She slapped the ape far away with her wings. This is her way of putting distance between the rest of the group and herself.


The Longarm ape moved as well. However, its speed is clearly lacking in front of Ikaros who had a pair of wings. It adopted a defensive stance and got batted into the distance by Ikaros.


The ape demolished a lot of trees as it flew, it even left a long trail in the ground when it fell. Jumping back onto its feet, it steadied itself.


The ape furrowed its brows when it felt the burning sensation coming from its back. Baring its fangs at her, it howled but not in fury. This ape had a level of 79 which means it is very close to achieving tier 9 power. Out of the tier 8 Longarm apes here, it had the highest intelligence and wisdom.


It already has a sense of what it should do and what it shouldn’t do. It stood up and it looked at its target, the floating target with a pair of blue wings.


Artemis (perpetual homing missiles)!”


Ikaros’s eyes flashed and her wings flapped once as countless pink missiles materialized out of nowhere. The missiles left long trails in the sky as it assaulted the ape.


Drumming its chest, the ape raised an arm, the arm cracked like bones were breaking inside. It flexed its arms and something ballooned within its arms, swelling them to disproportionate sizes.


When the missiles arrived, the ape shielded itself with its robust arms, the missiles exploded against its arms.


Boom boom boom


A series of explosions occurred and a large cloud of smoke veiled the ape from view.


Ikaros scanned the cloud of dust and smoke, she seemed like she can see through the thick smoke as she fired another barrage of homing missiles.


The missiles are very fast, and in no time at all, they pierced through the thick storm of smoke and explosions happened out of sight, adding to the already thick smoke around the bombardment site.


She’s like a whole platoon of Bombardier, she fired rounds after rounds of perpetual homing missiles without pausing for a break. The whistling sound of rapid missiles continued echoing in the sky as she fired tons of missiles at the target.


It’s like she has infinite missiles, detonation sounds never stopped. Needless to say, the ground she’s bombing has been reduced to a wasteland. There is now a hole at the center of the smoke and dust. The ground cracked around the fringes.




The Longarm ape finally lost its cool. Its howl was filled with impatience and malice. Ikaros’s constant bombardment crumbled its patience.


The thick veil of smoke experienced a distortion near its top. A dark figure erupted from within as it dodged the missiles in an impossibly agile manner, arriving in front of Ikaros.


The ape roared and it raised its huge arms overhead. Making a hammer with its hands, it pounded down at Ikaros but a crisp sound was emitted before it even touched Ikaros. A crystalline barrier appeared between Ikaros and the ape’s fists.


Flinching out of reflex, Ikaros used this opening to slap the ape away. The ape smashed into the ground.


This second slap enraged the smartest Longarm ape of the shrewdness. Without getting up, the ape threw a right jab with its enlarged arm.


In addition to being unusually swollen, the arm lengthened more than 10 meters on its way to Ikaros.


Ikaros didn’t expect its arm to behave like this. the other Longarm ape can’t use this ability. With a slight look of surprise, the fist connected with Ikaros’ body.


The pain caused Ikaros to whimper and the pained flush on her face receded in a quick fashion. Looking at the ape down below, she disregarded the pain she’s feeling and her wings extended into the void as if her wings entered another dimension.




The others would be shocked if they saw this.


Vague panels appeared behind Ikaros, they took the form of a fighter jet and it hovered behind Ikaros.


It’s Ikaros trump card Golden Armament, Uranus system.


This sudden transformation was a surprise for the ape. A sudden sense of dread gripped the ape’s heart.


Danger, it’s very dangerous, terribly dangerous!


Retrieving its arm, the ape flexed and immediately extended its arms at Ikaros after jumping into the air.


Without charging up, the attack power was reduced but the speed of this attack became very fast. When Uranus materialized, the attack had already arrived.


The Uranus system showed itself from its subspace, the crystal cannons turned into gigantic claws the swiped at the apes’ long arms, causing them to deviate from their trajectories.


Cerceis (perpetual homing missiles+)!”


Guttural sounds came from Ikaros, this immediately gave the ape a chill as a far wider spread of missiles sprouted forth from the Uranus System. This time, the ape howled in pain like someone’s beating it with a giant stick.


Before it even knew what had happened, a gigantic laser pierced the epicenter and obliterated it.


Ikaros vs Longarm ape, Ikaros wins!

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