Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 557: Battle, the start of the brawl

The battle is turning out to be even more vicious than they had imagined.


The elite members of the expedition team are exceptional but their defensive circle was broken by the twelve tier 7 Longarm apes. These demonic creatures are less able than Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi but they are still very capable fighters. The tier 7 monsters are only suppressed by the expedition team after 7-8 members ganged up on one monster.


Peak tier 7 monsters are like students who are ranked in the top 20 in Silvaria World Institute. They aren’t quite at the top 10 level yet but it would appear the expedition members are in for a longer and harsher fight than they had expected.


“Bing Ling!”


Fei Fei had a grim look on her face, she came to the front of the group and she continued.


“Use your icy douqi to restrict the Longarm apes’ movement!”




Bing Ling raised the daggers in his hand after this wakeup call from Fei Fei.


A pale-blue aura started coming out of Bing Ling and it wrapped around him like a comfortable cloak. The blue aura morphed into streams of cold power, he sent the cold stream towards the enemies in a wave of oppressive aura.


The agile monsters slowed down immediately when this cold aura enveloped the creatures. The apes that were playing around with the expedition members stumbled and got slashed in the process.


Bing Ling used this move on Wu Yan, back then he had to use a lot of time to gather up this cold power. Yet, he summoned forth a wave of this cold power in less than a few breaths’ time. It’s immediately evident that he has achieved an improved control of his ice douqi.

The apes were affected and this restriction is a cue for the other members to seize this chance to attack.


Burning up their douqi, they grabbed their armaments and they yelled out loud as they started routing the apes, turning around the tide of the battle.


Uh uh uwak


Staggering and falling all over the place, the expedition members forced the apes into a very passive stance. Bishi brandished his arming sword before he charged straight into the fray, wounding multiple Longarm apes when he made his way out with the pained howl of the apes serenading this whole process.


Bing Ling never stopped using his ice douqi, he continued channeling his douqi behind the defensive line, acting as the core support of their battle formation.


He can’t join as a fighter because he needed to concentrate on his ice douqi’s target. If he diverted his attention, the ice douqi will affect the other expedition members.


This process required him to completely focus on controlling his power and diverting it away from his comrades. It took a lot of effort to maintain this state of crowd control but he’s satisfied as long as it’s effective.


Bing Ling can’t fight but Fei Fei can!




A silver flash of sword slash appeared amidst the apes, this slash is so swift it left afterimages. The apes can’t dodge in time and they were sent flying away into the distance leaving painful whimpers and blood in their trails.


Fei Fei charged into the retreating apes like a wolf entering a den filled with succulent lambs. She forsook her defense and douqi gathered along her Night Elf blade. In the blink of an eye, the douqi light became radiant after being condensed.


Fei Fei swung her blade and the charged sword beam hit a few of the apes. The apes felt like someone slammed them with a mountain, they flew away while leaving more blood in their wakes.




Bishi cried out in excitement after watching Fei Fei cutting up a few of the apes. Not wanting to lose to her, he followed suit and another wave of anguished howls rang in everyone’s ears.


While the two of them are busy slashing up the apes, the other members assisted by throwing in a bunch of attacks in between the gaps.


The apes that were targeted by Fei Fei and Bishi with “special treatment” started weakening in between the attacks. Incapable of enduring and dyed bloody by their attacks, the apes started taking defensive stances as they started losing more and more grounds.


Fei Fei and Bishi’s eyes lit up when they saw this. They instantly appeared by the side of a few apes and they unleashed their douqi-enhanced battle techniques on their targeted apes while the rest of them wailed in anger.




When the dust and techniques dissipated, the targeted apes fell some distance away, they squirmed and wriggled but they ultimately stopped moving.


The first deaths finally appeared.




The apes howled towards the sky after seeing the deaths of their comrades. Their voices are filled with wrath and killing intention. The combined voice shook the air around the battlefield, nearly shattering the ice douqi domain restricting them.


Bing Ling’s expression darkened and he can feel his domain being torn apart, he quickly used more douqi to repair and solidify his ice douqi domain. His douqi tank is running low right now, his veins started bulging at the side of his head. He is holding on relying on sheer will.


“Bing Ling!”


Bishi yelled at Bing ling.


“Quick, use the douqi recovery potion! You won’t last long like this!”


Bing Ling gnashed his teeth, this is no time to be thinking about conserving his resources… He took out a potion and he gulped it down.


The dimming aura started shining bright again. The aurora on the battlefield trembled and an even greater suppression fell on the apes. He continued restricting the Longarm apes much to their anger.


Bishi furrowed his brows when he vigilantly warned Fei Fei.


“Tell the others to stay on their toes, these Longarm apes haven’t used their magic once, it’s going to be disastrous if it hits our group, there might even be casualties!”




Fei Fei coldly glanced at the apes who are still drumming their chests in anger. She looked at the expedition members hacking away at the apes.


“I don’t think these apes are hiding it. Their comrades are dead and still they are not using their magic. I am not convinced that it is a product of their immense patience!”


“You mean…”


Bishi found himself stuck on his words.


“These longarm apes can’t use magic?…”


“I think so!”


Fei Fei continued.


“That has to be why they didn’t use any magic despite being so enraged by the deaths of their fallen allies…”


Bishi laughed.


“Good news for us!”

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