Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 556: Each other's opponent, their own fights

“5 Longarm apes, huh?”


Mikoto licked her lips in anticipation. She pointed at one of the creatures.


“I will take that level 75 Longarm ape, it’s the same level as me.”


Mikoto didn’t even wait for Wu Yan to reply. She used her railgun on the creature. The ape roared and it jumped away to dodge. Landing on the ground, it rushed towards Mikoto only to be faced with an even larger railgun bolt.


“Same level…”


Astrea lowered her head in thought. She scanned the enemies and she stopped at one of the Longarm apes in her sight.


“I will take on that level 77 ape then!”


Her uniform receded away and her blue armor materialized on her body. A pure white pair of wings unfurled, astral white feathers fell and she descended upon the Longarm ape after a giant jump.


Ikaros also went along with the mood, her eyes honed in on the strongest Longarm ape of the group, the one a level of 79. Her emerald-green eyes shined and a bunch of illusory images appeared behind her. Her eyes turned deep red, she has acquired her target.


Uranus mode, on!


Her body started shining brightly, it dimmed down soon and she’s now decked out in her white armor.


Her blue wings that looked like hands waved and she immediately disappeared with a stream of gale. She appeared in the sky above her target.


“Target acquired, initiating extermination!”


A storm of cherry-colored missiles fell from the sky. Bombarded by the missiles, the longarm ape drummed its chest, surprisingly, it didn’t back down as it charged straight for Ikaros.


Wu Yan lifted an eyebrow and he laughed. His girls personally took on three of the strongest demonic apes, he wondered if it’s mere coincidence that the apes had the same level as the three of them, or maybe this is a form of irony.


The level 70 and the level 74 demonic apes are the only ones left. If he chose the one with the same level as him, wouldn’t that mean he has to fight the weakest one?


Wu Yan’s lip started twitching as he eyed the two demonic apes. He lowered Flandre-chan and he told her.


“Flandre-chan, go to the other big sisters, I will be right back…”




Flandre-chan pouted and she fidgeted to protest this.


“But Flan wants to play too…”


Wu Yan’s expression stiffened when he heard the phrase “play”.


“Erm, Flandre-chan, how about you sit this one out?…”






Wu Yan grinned at her in a very enigmatic manner.


“Later, there is probably something even more amusing that would come along, Flandre-chan can come out and play then…”


“A bigger toy?!”


Flandre-chan’s eyes beamed up radiantly. She nodded vigorously, it’s clear that she is looking forward to this “bigger toy”.




Shokuhou Misaki interjected.


“If you’re making Flandre-chan stay out of this fight, does that mean you’re planning on fighting two tier 8 demonic beasts?”


“Is there a problem?”


Wu Yan nodded nonchalantly and he stood up.


“They are just two tier 8 demonic beasts, maybe if they are higher than level 75, I would be troubled. Too bad, they are just two measly level 70 and level 74 creatures…”


“Level 70, huh…”


Shokuhou Misaki glanced at the Longarm Ape and she turned back towards Hinagiku, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. She grinned after meeting their gazes.




Hinagiku equipped her Shirosakura and she blocked Wu Yan much to his surprise. She chuckled before she continued.


“Leave that Level 70 Longarm ape to us!”




Wu Yan gasped in shock.


“It’s a tier 8 monster, it might be the weakest but it’s going to be tough for tier 7 people to fight against it!”


Shokuhou Misaki flung her hair in indifference.


“I remember you fought against Jaafar when you’re just tier 7 yourself…”


“I am an exception, it took my True Ancestor bloodline, Eternal Arms Mastery, Electromaster, Gate of Babylon, and Nietono no Shana to achieve that…”


“Precisely why I said ‘we’!”


Hinagiku cut Wu Yan off.


“We might not be as strong as you or as well-equipped but with the 5 of us, I am pretty sure we stand a very good chance against a tier 8 demonic beast, right?”


Wu Yan piped down after hearing Hinagiku’s confident statement. He shot a glance at the level 70 Longarm ape, he still hesitated.


“Are you sure about that? Will it really be alright?…”


“Aiya, stop being so spineless!”


Kinuhata Saiai jumped out.


“Even if we super can’t beat it, it’s not we will get super slaughtered, we are confident that we can super run away, does that sit super well with you?”


“In the end, just let us try…”


Frenda advised.


“If we really can’t do it, we can work together to ensure our safety as we cover each other’s back, it’s going to be fine…”


Frenda was about to bring up the merged life feature where even if they die he can simply summon them again with enough summoning points. But she knew Wu Yan didn’t like it when they use this feature as an excuse to put themselves in dangerous situations. It’s a feature that he would rather not use at all, Frenda chose wisely to hold her tongue.


Even Frenda who cherishes her life more than anyone has already said so much, Wu Yan decided to helplessly give in to their requests.


“Take care then, if you really can’t hang on then remember to use the items I gave you…”


“Be at ease…”


Takitsubou Rikou’s voice is firm and gentle, she has set her mind on this and no one can change her mind…


Wu Yan bought a bunch of escape tools like Return to Town scroll and life-preserving tools like Resplendent Breath. He distributed the items among the 9 ladies.


With these items, the girls can ensure their own safety. This is the reason why he comfortably brought the ladies into the Giant Beasts Forest. If the situation turns sour, they can just use the Return to Town scroll to teleport back to the forward operating base outside the Giant Beasts Forest.


That night, Wu Yan thought about buying satellites or imaging equipment to deploy and scout out the Giant Beasts Forest. It would be best if they can find some clues on the beast king and the anomaly in the Giant Beasts Forest. In the end, he gave up the idea.


Satellites are too resource-intensive considering that this world is one that runs on douqi and mana. Moreover, there are no items that can traverse this Giant Beasts Forest safely with enough range and ability to avoid demonic beasts, and, it has to be flexible enough that it won’t break down while in use. Hence, Wu Yan had to venture into this Giant Beasts Forest himself.


Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou got into formations under the tree the level 70 demonic ape is currently standing on. The monster bared its fangs at them as Hinagiku lifted her Shirosakura.


“Say, Shokuhou, your ability isn’t at a high enough proficiency that you can control a tier 8 monster right? Are you sure you want to do this with us?”


“I can’t control the monster, true…”


Shokuhou Misaki tilted her head as she revealed a smile.


“If we are talking about disturbing its mental state with Takitsubou Rikou’s help…”


“That will help very much indeed…”


The Longarm ape seemed annoyed by the girls who won’t stop talking so it flailed its arms before it jumped down at Hinagiku & the others…

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