Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 555: All-out battle against the apes

hey lifted their heads in unison. Standing at the branch of a tree not far away is an ape with gray fur. The ape is signaling to its shrewdness that there are a group of humans here, its shriek pierced the space they are currently standing in.


It’s one of the longarm apes.


The Longarm Ape’s yell was met by its shrewdness, they swiftly approached the expedition group.


“Our cover is blown…”


Wu Yan’s expression turned dark. Looking at the scout ape, he fired one round of railgun at it, he wants to silence it once and for all.


When the railgun is about to hit the Longarm ape, a golden figure streaked by and intercepted the attack before it hit the Longarm ape.


Dispersing the attack, the golden blur spun agilely in the air before landing on a branch close to it. The entity faced the expedition team.


It’s another one of the Longarm ape variants, it’s the strongest of the shrewdness, a Longarm ape at level 79.


U u u


The ape gibbered at the group with spread arms. The creature sounded like a mix of a wolf and a bird’s cry. Its shriek is very loud and ear-piercing. It stared down at the group with savage glints in its eyes. A brutal aura poured out of its body as it enveloped the group.


Channeling their power, they resisted the oppression as much as they could. From the sounds of gnashed teeth, it’s clear that they couldn’t completely remove the suppression brought about by the creature.


It’s only to be expected from a foe at level 79, peak tier 8 monster. Most of the members aren’t even peak tier 7, a great tier difference in power. It’s commendable that they aren’t on their knees from this level of suppression, any more than this is asking too much of them.


“Brace yourselves!”


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi ordered. They didn’t even look back as they focused on this Longarm ape in front of them. The pressure it is emitting caused them to sweat hard as their hearts sank.


“Retreat! Hurry and retreat!”


The call just now was an obvious summoning call. With its comrades drawing ever closer by the second, they can vaguely see magical fluctuations coming from some distance away. The apes might be slow but they are just slower by a bit.


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi yelled out loud without reserving their strength. Their current situation warranted their over-the-top reaction.


How can they not feel like panicking? Shokuhou Misaki already told them about their situation and the possibility of a tier 9 demonic beast is enough to convince them to run as far as possible. If they get caught up in this fight they are going to die for sure!


Wu Yan picked up Flandre-chan and the rest of the girls covered the expedition team as they retreated. He’s not worried about casualties in his forces since Flandre-chan is a tier 9 individual.


He can also unleash tier 9 power if only for a short period. With the two of them, he’s sure that he can lay waste to all the monsters jumping in their way, barring scary monsters above level 85 or those that have heaven-defying power, of course.


Also, even if they can’t win the fight, he can just run away, right? With the System’s repertoire of escape tools, he’s got enough points to ensure their safety.


With so many insurances, he’s not afraid of a tier 9 monster, if they can get away without a brawl to the death, even better.


The expedition team huddled together in a tight formation, covering each other as they retreated. A group of dark figures overtook them. The Longarm apes scattered around the group as they stood on branches. They howled and drummed their chests at the retreating expedition group. The apes are also smart enough to cut off their escape routes from all directions as they surrounded the expedition group.


“Raise your defenses!”


Fei Fei commanded. She unsheathed her Night Elf blade and she readied herself as Bishi and Bing Ling got into battle stances. If anyone slipped up, this can easily slip into a dangerous situation.


In the span of a second, the members sprung into action, forming a defensive circle, weapons and shields at the ready.


The apes fooling around in the area also arrived, adding dozens more to the enemy’s side. They are all very energetic as they can be seen jumping around the trees or swinging from branches to branches. Their bestial cries are like mockeries thrown at the group. It’s like they are planning to attack at any moment so nobody took any chances with their roles or strayed from their formations.


The auras of the Longarm apes and normal apes are firmly trained on the group. Their hearts started racing and a sense of crisis sprouted forth in their hearts.


Wu Yan scanned the enemies and he engraved the looks of every ape here. He released a sigh of relief much to the bewilderment of others around him.


This is a very sticky situation, how can he be so calm?


Wu Yan explained.


“It seems there are only Longarm apes and Longarm hunched apes, I don’t see the leader of this territory, the tier 9 demonic beast…”


Their stiff expressions loosened when they noticed this. This is the only good thing about their current status.


Shokuhou Misaki closed her eyes and she scouted the area with her senses. Confirming that there are no other mental signals in the area, she opened her mouth.


“There are no other demonic creatures here, the tier 9 monster also doesn’t look like it’s around.”


Hope flickered in everyone’s heart after Shokuhou Misaki said this, Fei Fei & co wanted to fight to the death with the apes but she feels like a boulder has been lifted from her mind.


“Heed my order! Don’t hold back, we fight!”


Fei Fei unleashed a strong ripple of douqi, the aura covered her body which had curves and bumps in all the right places.


“Let’s fight our way out of this encirclement before that tier 9 monster arrives! Our goal is to escape!”




A resounding yell came back from everyone else. They started releasing their douqi and magic power without holding back.


“Well then…”


Wu Yan looked at the six Longarm apes looking down at them from above.


“Our enemies, are these apes, yeah?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre-chan, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Slyph looked up at the Longarm apes as well.


If these apes aren’t checked, the expedition members will be in deep trouble, it’s also easy for them all to get wiped out.


Sylph released an explosion of cold aura. Her dense magic power blew away the air around her. A golden staff appeared in her hands, that’s the magic staff she sniped at the auction back in Silvaria World Institute.


She floated upwards with the help of her cold aura. She flew rapidly towards one of the Longarm apes. The targeted Longarm ape bellowed in anger. It jumped down from the tree and the two figures clashed!


It’s unknown if Sylph made her choice deliberately, the targeted ape is the same level as her, a level 72 creature!


Wu Yan grinned and a golden ray flashed in his eyes as a bloody domain that seemed like it could swallow the heavens sprouted forward!

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