Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 554: Territory, group, and a bunch of monkeys

The geography inside the Giant Beasts Forest is a total mess. Ignoring the fact that they are walking on a winding route, the trees took a lot of different forms that would confuse any normal human. A few trees would pierce into the sky, some other trees would look totally normal given the environment. Inside this vibrant place, the chilling silence struck everyone hard.


In this deathly still condition, even the air itself looked like it has been frozen in place.


Inside this environment, everyone had a bad foreboding sense of dread.


Wu Yan & co, squad leaders, and the other expedition members hid behind trees. They also lowered the sound of their breathing to blend into the environment. Sweat started pouring down the side of their heads.


In front of them, there’s a weird hilly area, so described because of the usually low height of the trees that dotted area despite being surrounded by larger trees on all four sides. The area looked like a microhabitat of some sort, separated from the surrounding area. The species of the trees are so out of place with the surrounding that it wouldn’t take an expert to notice. There are also streams running down from the hills.


It’s a very rare topography even for the Giant Beasts Forest. There is water here, there are even fruits growing on the trees so it’s a very habitable place. If they ever run out of provisions, this would be a good base of operation.


With the discovery of this area, it should have been a reason enough for a celebration but nobody is happy right now.


They are behaving like they just entered a tiger’s den, their faces are very gloomy and dark. They took cover and none of them had a look of joy. They are so grim because there are a bunch of inhabitants here, they aren’t friendly inhabitants that’s for sure.


It’s a tribe of apes.


There aren’t a lot of them, there are less than 20 apes here. They are also not imposingly large, their dull-gray fur would bore anyone who looked at them. They had abnormally long limbs, longer than their bodies. They looked very comical as they swung from the trees, frolicking and mingling among themselves, like typical apes and monkeys you would see on earth. However, the aura coming from these creatures is shocking.


Longarm Ape: Level 69


Each of these apes is at level 69, peak tier 7 creatures. This is the reason why the expedition members are spotting grave looks.


They have seen a lot of peak tier 7 demonic beasts before and during their journey here. They have even seen tier 8 demonic beasts. The weakest monsters in this area are all peak tier 7 creatures, this much is nothing surprising. However, it’s an entirely different matter if these creatures lived in groups. This is the most annoying part for the expedition team.


This pride of demonic beast wouldn’t have shocked the expedition team if they only had peak tier 7 demonic beasts. It wouldn’t even faze Wu Yan & co. They are anxious because of the creatures with slightly golden fur lazing about on the branches of the highest trees in that area.


Longarm Ape: Level 70

Longarm Ape: Level 72

Longarm Ape: Level 74

Longarm Ape: Level 75

Longarm Ape: Level 77

Longarm Ape: Level 79


There are a total of 6 demonic monkeys that are at tier 8 in strength. They are at the center of this pride and they are either busy sleeping, eating fruits, or playing with branches. From time to time, the beasts would yell at the younger monkeys. The pecking order here is apparent, these apes had higher social standing than the rest of the apes.


A pride of demonic apes that is made up of six tier 8 demonic beasts, a dozen peak tier 7 demonic beasts. This is their turf!


They have to be careful around this area for obvious reasons.


Shokuhou Misaki squatted down next to Wu Yan. She used her starry eyes to examine the apes prancing about in that area. She voiced her thoughts.


“I am guessing that these apes aren’t that good in sensing presence. They failed to notice us despite our prolonged presence. The tier 8 apes are probably here to protect them from being ambushed!”


The others heaved a sigh of relief when they heard Shokuhou Misaki. They trusted her analytical power, they know from experience that she has a big brain inside that beautiful head of hers.


“Six tier 8 beasts and twelve peak tier 7 beasts…”


Fei Fei’s eyes shined when she continued with a heavy tone.


“This battle power, it’s not something we should try our luck with. We should leave before they notice us, the sooner the better…”


“Ah, I see…”


Shokuhou Misaki looked a bit serious.


“If they sense us, we might end up in a mountain of trouble, it wouldn’t take much for our journey to end in tragedy here…”


The others who are in the process of retreating, including Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Sylph, and Fei Fei & co gazed in shock at Shokuhou Misaki.


“You mean we will die here?…”


Mikoto wrinkled her nose.


“That can’t be right. Yeah, they are strong but they are at most on par with us. With you and Hinagiku, we have less peak tier 7 combatants but we make it up by having just as many tier 8 combatants, this is hardly challenging for us, right?”


Shokuhou Misaki shook her head as she sighed.


“Assuming that’s all of them, yes. Have you guys not noticed?”


She pointed at the habitat of the Longarm apes.


“Notice their familiarity with their habitat, the ample resources here, and the fact that their hierarchical structure is also very entrenched, this all suggests that they have been living here for quite some time. What does that say about this pride of demonic beast?”


Shokuhou Misaki turned around and she looked at the apes once more.


“This is their turf!”


“If memory serves me correctly, to have a well-established turf in this area this would need a certain level of strength…”


Their expressions changed drastically.


Only tier 9 demonic beasts had turfs this deep in the Giant Beasts Forest.


This ordinary-looking group of apes is certainly under the protection of a tier 9 demonic beast. In other words, they are in the territory of a tier 9 demonic beast.


There might be a tier 9 demonic beast lurking nearby…


This thought alone is enough to make the expedition team gulp in unison.


Wu Yan’s face also turned into one of disquiet, he immediately told everyone to continue retreating.


“Then we can’t stay any longer, we leave at once!”


Nobody objected as they all nodded.


U u ah ah


Their bodies froze when they heard this shout coming from not far away…

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