Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 552: 2 questions, 2 feelings

A 5-meter hulking blob of sinewy meat got chopped into blocks of meat in just a short span of time. The viscera and blood scattered to all four directions, some of them fell into the fire with sizzling noise coming soon after while others are hanging down from the branches of the tree around them.


The 10-meters long tentacles are still bound by the chains in mid-air. The severed tentacles are also still lying on the ground with the first tentacle lying some distance away. This scene of absolute carnage is enough to scare a coward witless.


Wu Yan isn’t pleased with his handiwork, he swung Nietono no Shana and he let the scarlet flames consume the blood and the meat of the Blackwater Octopus. The fires easily devoured what’s left of the demonic beast. He incinerated the blood, charred the remains and he cleaned up this area by purging it with his flames.


After the scarlet flames died down, the blade returned to its dormant silvery state as if the fires from before is just a mirage. He returned the blade and the chains back inside Gate of Babylon. The spatial distortions of the portals also calmed down. The only evidence that a great battle happened here is the smell of burnt meat and the destroyed trees that laid strewn about this area. This is enough to tell everyone about the slaughter that transpired here.


“A tier 8 demonic beast died just like that?”


The elite team members who are below peak tier 7 in power can’t fathom that a tier 8 demonic beast which is already an insurmountable existence to them got reduced into nothingness in such a short window of time. Each of them is striving hard to reach tier 8.


The target they are working so hard for is actually just fodder for Wu Yan with his current power. Nobody blamed them for doubting their own senses.


“Ara ara…”


Shokuhou Misaki beamed radiantly as she turned towards Kinuhata Saiai. She started teasing the person without mentioning her name.


“Oh dear, it seems Yan-kun truly cares about a certain someone, to think that he would obliterate the tier 8 demonic beast without even thinking about holding back to sell the corpse for points…”


Kinuhata Saiai flinched in surprise. She looked around and she pointed a finger at her own nose. Shokuhou Misaki nodded with an amused look while she cried out in a weird tone.




A tinge of red started climbing its way onto her face, she hurriedly denied her statement.


“I-it’s super not like that!”




Shokuhou Misaki turned around.


“Please, enlighten me…”




Kinuhata Saiai started choking on her words. She stuttered like a bumbling fool.


“I-it has got something to do with the disgusting octopus, he probably didn’t want to leave its corpse because it hurt his eyes just looking at it, yeah, something like that!”




Shokuhou Misaki covered her mouth while giggling.


“It’s rare to see your cute side, why are you trying so hard to deny this, it only makes you look like a tsundere…”


“You’re the tsundere!”


Kinuhata Saiai yelled at her as Hinagiku & others looked at her in puzzlement.


“What’s the matter?”


“Su-super nothing!”


Shokuhou Misaki gasped when she saw how flustered Kinuhata Saiai looked. She’s never seen her behaving like this but damn, she’s cute…


With a nasty glint in her eyes, Shokuhou Misaki laughed out loud. It’s like she’s found herself a new toy, Kinuhata Saiai started getting goosebumps.


They started poking fun at her despite their current situation. Perhaps, only these girls who are monsters in their own rights can fool around at a time like this.


Wu Yan extracted the magic core of the Blackwater Octopus and he offered it to Fei Fei & co.


“Anyone wants this?”


The others shook their head with stiff smiles. Is this guy fucking serious? A tier 8 magic core is very precious, yet, against a monster in human skin, it would be pure suicide to claim this despite not doing anything to earn it.


Bing Ling looked at Wu Yan with a complicated look. He lowered his head before he asked him in a trembling voice.


“You… did you make a breakthrough into tier 8?”


Fei Fei who has already heard about this didn’t find it surprising, the others, however, turned towards him with astonished looks, including Sylph.


When he was at the peak of tier 7, he actually defeated Jaafar who was sitting at the throne of number three for who knows how long in Silvaria World Institute.


The fight just now isn’t as intense as his fight with Jaafar but it’s definitely way more impactful than that. The Blackwater Octopus was as strong if not stronger than Jaafar.


He actually easily dispatched a creature of that level, although he fought against a slightly smarter beast, this demonic beast made up for its lack of intelligence in pure strength and combat experience. Imagine if a slightly weakened Jaafar came walking around only to be soundly disintegrated in less than 10 minutes, who on earth could do that?


Nobody can say for sure but Sylph who fought Jaafar and had an intimate understanding of the demonic beast is very clear that she definitely can’t do the same thing.


Judging from what she has seen in the Grand Tournament, it’s clear that the past Wu Yan definitely can’t do something like this. He obtained a gold armament but that still cannot explain his explosive power. That leaves one conclusion, this person has ascended to tier 8.


Wu Yan shrugged, he’s not planning on hiding this, he used the most convenient excuse he could think of.


“Oh, right, I went into a state of enlightenment after my fight with Jaafar and I somehow broke through my limits…”


“I see, you have ascended, huh?…”


Bing Ling is bitter but he admired the guy’s ascension into tier 8, it’s something he’s been chasing after but it certainly made him disgruntled that Wu Yan threw him behind when they were on the same tier not so long ago.


“You are really a walking mystery, huh?….”


Bishi bitterly laughed.


“I wonder what fate had in mind when it tied the bunch of you together, you’re all practically aberrations that shouldn’t exist. You’re all either very strong, or have mystical abilities, or both. Seriously, where did you people come from?”


“If it’s that big a mystery then maybe you shouldn’t think too hard about it…”


Wu Yan poked fun at him.


“Maybe, someday, you will suddenly realize something and make a fortunate breakthrough as well…”


Bishi shrugged him off.


“If I should be lucky…”


“Oh, Yan…”


Fei Fei caught Wu Yan’s attention.


“your Nietono no Shana, isn’t it a rare armament? Why did it suddenly become a golden armament?”


“You see…”


Wu Yan thought up a quick explanation.


“Actually, Nietono no Shana was always a golden armament, I just didn’t have the appropriate strength to pull out its hidden potential. Because I can only use a part of its true power, it looked like Nietono no Shana is only a rare armament when it’s not. It’s a very outrageous weapon that wields flame so the restrictions are also very strict and special…”


The others are all convinced by his BS. Wu Yan secretly grinned towards himself for being able to pull one over everyone like this. He’s actually surprised that his story went by everyone without much scrutiny, Silvaria needed more Shokuhou Misaki who can read mind for its own good…





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