Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 551: Incinerated

The scarlet flames made the Blackwater Octopus squirm around in discomfort. It gnarled at him out of fear. The creature tried to assert its dominance with its roar, flailing its tentacles, including the broken one, the dance of tentacles almost distorted the flames around it.


Wu Yan grabbed his sword with one hand, spewing forth more flames, he covered the land and sky with his flames, heating the area up like he’s trying to manifest hell on earth. From the sky, incinerating embers rained down, he summoned forth a rain of flames.


A great wind blew and the embers stirred until they formed a miniature flame tornado that seemed like it can consume everything in its path materialized in front of Wu Yan.


Feeling a severe danger to its life, the Blackwater Octopus cried in forced anger, drawing a sneer from Wu Yan. Swinging his blade, he sent the flame tornado towards the Blackwater octopus, the tornado of fire churned as it ground its way over to the creature.


The octopus shot out jets of black ink at the tornado, the ink actually congealed and turned into a black water snake.


With a whip of its tentacle, the water snake made of indeterminate liquid crashed against the flame tornado with its rotting aura.




The collision resulted in the mutual destruction of their energy waves. The explosion is so deafening it actually caused minor damage to the eardrums of the other expedition members.


The collision also brought along a massive burst of air. The trees were uprooted and the flames that came from this also spread far and wide, further engulfing this part of the forest in a sea of flames.


The octopus creature contracted itself by constricting itself, black fluid oozed out of its pores and smeared its body in a weird black gooey mess.


Besides the creature, Wu Yan’s figure appeared with a flame clad blade in his hand, he slammed the blade into the creature like a sledgehammer.




Nietono no Shana met the Blackwater Octopus’ large torso but Wu Yan isn’t happy that his attack connected. The coating on this creature is very slimy and slippery, his Nietono no Shana slid along its body without causing much damage.


Practically unscathed, Wu Yan tightened his grip and flames sprouted forth from his blade, it instantly charred the beast.




The pain staggered the demonic beast, it whipped at Wu Yan with its tentacles, slicing the wind as it moved, it also pulled an evasive maneuver.


Once his toes touched the ground, fissures actually appeared on the ground. He flexed his leg muscles and he rebounded from the strike and with renewed speed from this impact he charged at the Blackwater Octopus one more time.


His figure actually turned blurry as he struck the octopus before the sound actually registered itself in the ears of the audience, he actually broke the sound barrier with this attack.


An opening opened in all 7 intact tentacles’ extremities, the octopus starting shooting jets after jets of water spears using these openings.


Wu Yan met the water spears with his Nietono no Shana, he looked like he’s drawing flame lotuses in the air due to how fast he is slashing.


Ding ding ding


Sparks flew whenever he struck the water spears which were easily evaporated without leaving a trace behind.


Coming out of his own burning purgatory, he arrived where the blackwater octopus is camping at and he disarmed the octopus by cutting off one of its tentacles, obviously in pain, the creature wailed out loud. The tentacle that got severed twitched a bit before it completely stopped moving.


Done with his aerial assault, he landed while brandishing his Nietono no Shana, letting the blood evaporate before it hit the ground, the smelly smell of charred meat permeated the area.


Like a wolf licking its wound, the blackwater octopus looked very raddled after this attack. It also looked like a savage beast that has been cornered.


Without any prior warning, one of its tentacles shot at Wu Yan as it tore through the air, the black goo on it would disgust anyone who is at the receiving end of this attack.


The nauseating smell invaded his nasal cavity much to Wu Yan’s displeasure, he locked his brows in a frown. He’s even more convinced that this thing needs to get cooked, closing his eyes, he opened them the next instant.


The tentacle came crashing down on him but he stopped the attack with a casual block from his flaming sword. The flames started turning the tentacles into cinders despite the short time it’s been in contact with the sword.




Hissing, the creature has now lost three of its tentacles. As durable as it is, this damage isn’t something it can shrug off. Alas, this creature is completely ignorant of the amount of damage coming its way.


A strange vibration came from the surrounding area, red ripples in space formed due to an unknown influence. The spatial distortion actually stopped the swaying of the flames for just an instance, none shall disrupt the majesty of Gate of Babylon when it opens.


The ripples cloned itself as it spread around the Blackwater Octopus, the creature felt like it’s a target being trained on by multiple batteries of cannon, and the reality isn’t much different…


Sensing an impending crisis, the creature bellowed as it tried to strike down as many of the ripples as it could with all five of its functioning tentacles. However, this is futile as these ripples in space can’t be dispelled by physical since they had no physical forms.


Chains formed from Noble Phantasm Iron Sand were discharged from seven portals. It’s clearly made of iron sand but the sound it made is identical to the sound of a perfectly forged series of chains. The clink and clank characteristic of moving chains appeared in everyone’s mind. In no time at all, the chains bound the Blackwater Octopus.


5 of the seven chains completed restricted the 5 remaining tentacles of the creature.  He used 2 more chains to bind the octopus’ body.


Suppressed by the chains, the Blackwater Octopus found out the hard way that its black goo can’t let it slip through the bindings no matter how hard it squirmed. The only thing it did successfully is to make clanking noises.


“It’s time to end this…”


Wu Yan laughed. Swords started jutting out of his portals, the swords dismembered the creature, leaving 5 tentacles in the chains. Before the creature can even whimper in pain, countless swords once again rained down on the creature faster than it can count to three. He continued pouring down swords on the creature until a short while later.


When he stopped the bombardment, the Blackwater Octopus is surprisingly still alive but it’s not far away from death. Squirming in vain, the creature that sustained so many cuts and slices finally burst apart into chunks of meat, exploding into a gory scene.

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