Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 550: Giant black octopus, blackwater octopus

Inside the foggy forest, a pillar of scarlet flames shot up as if it wanted to seize the heavens. The hot air suffused this foggy forest as pillars of flames sprouted forth like all hell’s breaking lose. It looked like multiple volcanoes are erupting, this scene shocked everyone who watched it unfold.


It didn’t take long for the mist to get blasted to kingdom come, the trees hidden in the mist finally revealed themselves after the fires and explosion blew away the fog here. As the fog faded, everyone can finally get a look at the situation at hand. 


They finally saw the identity of the demonic beast that sniped at them with water spears, water balls and tentacles from within the safety of this weird fog. Their expressions didn’t lighten up when they saw the culprit.


It’s a very large octopus, it easily broke past 5-meters in height. It’s totally black in color, its seven tentacles grabbed onto nearby trees that suspended it in the air. It looked very grisly with its eighth tentacle ending up becoming a stump after Wu Yan chopped it up good, the blood and bodily fluids oozed into a tiny puddle beneath it.


Blackwater Octopus: Level 71


The demonic beast started flailing around a few of its tentacles while reserving a few for suspension purposes. The strength of its swing could be discerned from how the tentacles broke the sound barrier with each swing. The expedition members had no doubt that getting hit by one of its tentacles would be no different than getting slammed with a mountain.


“A tier 8 demonic beast…”


Cold sweat flowed down the forehead of the expedition members who gazed upon this demonic figure.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi moved. They wanted to cooperate together but Wu Yan’s words from before echoed in their minds, they started hesitating.


The most rational way to go about this would be to suppress and execute this demonic beast with superior firepower. This way, they can leave before other demonic beasts joined the fray.


Due to the large size of this creature, it’s easier for the others to participate if they wanted to. Unlike the Thorny Green cat from before, this one didn’t seem that agile, rather it looked like a slow-moving creature so it’s totally possible to gang up on this demonic beast.


With Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi’s help, they can probably handle the spears and tentacle attacks. If the expedition members worked together, it’s possible to bring this creature down without breaking a sweat.


Wu Yan didn’t care what they had to say.


Wu Yan obviously saw through their hesitation, without looking back, he lifted the flame blade known as Nietono no Shana.


“Be at ease…”


The flames raged even higher as if responding to Wu Yan’s passion.


“This won’t take long…”


The trees around him spontaneously burst into flames, giving him a background of hellish fires. It’s not wrong to say that he is standing in a sea of flames.


The scarlet flames looked like they are alive, the flames evaded the other expedition members. It also formed a flame barrier between the others and the Blackwater Octopus still clinging onto the surrounding trees.


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi can’t believe their eyes as they sucked in air amidst this sea of flames. Sylph frowned when Bing Ling yelled in a hoarse voice.


“It’s a gold armament.”


“No way! That can’t be!”


Bing Ling denied his own opinion.


“It was clearly just a rare armament when we fought last time, how did it become a gold armament?”


“But, then this power…”


Bishi examined Nietono no Shana.


“This power isn’t something a rare armament can do. I can tell just from the aura coming off his armament that it is a gold armament without a doubt.”


“How is that possible…”


Bing Ling still can’t believe it even when he’s seeing with his own two eyes.


“Don’t tell me his weapon can evolve?”


Bing Ling managed to guess correctly.


Almost everybody in Silvaria World Institute knew about the No.4 ranking student, Wu Yan’s famous flame blade. Nietono no Shana unique scarlet flames alerted them to its ability, they just didn’t expect its potency to drastically change for the better in such a short time.


They might not want to believe it but the facts are there right in front of their face.




Sylph made a new precedent by speaking out loud.


“He’s stronger than we have imagined…”


The other squad leaders started gazing intently at the figure bathing in the sea of flames.


The blackwater octopus growled while squirming around in perturbation. This creature is proficient in using water magic, it originally lived in the water but since ranking up, it obtained the ability to come ashore. Needless to say, this baptism of fire isn’t its cup of tea.


The fire started touching the trees near it so the creature uprooted the burning trees, creating an area without fire around it. This seemed to have pacified it somewhat.


Wu Yan swung Nietono no Shana and the flames nearby came alive as they flew towards the octopus in a stream of burning hot fire.




The Blackwater octopus’ tentacles twitched and it twirled its tentacles around, deflecting the flames.


Wu Yan frowned as he didn’t expect this Blackwater Octopus to be so quick on its feet. It certainly isn’t a dumb creature.


All else being the same, a human and a demonic beast of the same tier would always see the human winning in a 1 versus 1 situation. Humans are smarter and they can improvise really quickly, adapting to the situation and coming up with ingenious ways to beat the foe. Acting on instincts, demonic beasts can’t plan and their attack patterns are easily predicted. Assuming the same strength between two sides, humans will always come out on top.


Even if the beast is stronger, if the humans aren’t too weak in comparison, wits will still beat brawn any day of the week.

But, the annoying thing about demonic beasts is that they can get smarter as they rank up in tier. They also develop better intelligence and wisdom as they become stronger and they climb the pyramid of strength.


As Lei Wang said, a demigod tier beast king possesses human-level intelligence. This is why they are so dangerous to humans.


This blackwater octopus is clearly at the preliminary level of developing a set of intelligence. It knows how to fight, how to optimize its own strength depending on the situation. It’s already at the watershed between pure beast and humanlike intelligence.


If a tier 8 beast possesses such intelligence, what about a tier 9 demonic beast?


It’s probably not too far away from developing true sentience.


It’s not too hard for Wu Yan to handle this foe. He is someone who can fight an opponent a tier higher than him when he’s at peak tier 7. He is currently tier 8 so his strength grew by leaps and bounds when compared to before he reached this power tier.


He lowered Nietono no Shana as the flames around him grew in height.


“It looks like it’s going to be a tad bit more troublesome than I expected…”


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