Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 546: Next time, I will sleep with you ladies

The next day, the sun rained down its glorious rays upon this hill, giving every tent a yellow sheen. The expedition members who got a good rest started coming out of their tents. They packed up their stuff and put out the bonfires they started yesterday. They all started getting ready to move out once more.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi got out of their respective tents very early, earlier than anyone else. They met up to discuss their next moves. Meanwhile, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are spending a jolly time chatting and giggling over at their side. It’s like they are on a fun field trip.


Only this group of people could leisurely spend their time like this. Meanwhile, the other expedition members are worried that their lives might be ended by the jaws of the demonic beasts that are practically everywhere in this jungle. Fei Fei & the other squad leaders are stressing over whether they would be able to finish the mission assigned to them given their rate of progression and level of expedition members. Compared to Hinagiku & co who are treating this as a vacation, it would irk anyone who saw them.


Luckily for the girls, these members are less useful than any one of the girls. Moreover, it’s not like they are official expedition members, they are just here on an escort mission. Otherwise, Fei Fei would be having headaches listening to her subordinates bitch and moan about how they are dragging the expedition team down.


Hinagiku & co are bored out of their minds while the other expedition members scurried about to clean up the area. They are still chuckling and talking but they are doing this while absent-minded because of a certain person who is missing from here. They are all starting to get tired of waiting for him.


“Why isn’t Onii-chan out yet?…”


Flandre-chan leaned back against Hinagiku’s chest. She grumbled in a languid manner, a stark contrast to her usual bubbly attitude.


“I am guessing he’s still deep asleep, you know how he is…”


Hinagiku caressed Flandre-chan’s hair. She might sound indifferent but her casual glances towards Wu Yan’s tent suggested otherwise.


Meanwhile, Astrea moaned in starvation, she’s lying on the ground like a dead body.


“Master, please come soon, I am starving here…”


“Isn’t that kinda dirty?”


Kinuhata Saiai said, she’s almost out of words to describe her slovenly appearance, not that Astrea cared. She continued rolling on the dirt in a very unpresentable manner. In Astrea’s world, food matters more than anything.


“In the end, I think you should get up, that’s so not how a lady should behave…”


Frenda said while focusing on Astrea’s bulging racks which had been compressed to an incredible degree since she’s lying prone on the ground. Clearly, this jab was born out of jealousy.


Unlike the other girls who are still rather talkative, Ikaros and Takitsubou Rikou remained passive throughout their conversations. They only replied with terse sentences whenever prompted. They spent their time looking at a certain tent, hoping to see a familiar figure walking out soon.


After a long while, Mikoto finally snapped and she stood up.


“I am going to wake that sloth of a man…”


“Super ignore him, mkay…?”


Kinuhata Saiai waved her hand nonchalantly.


“If he doesn’t get his good night’s sleep then you know he’s going to be lumbering around like a corpse that missed its eternal rest, just let that guy super sleep to death.”


Frenda shook her head at Kinuhata Saiai’s words which could get her in trouble. She took a short look at Wu Yan’s tent and she turned to look at another tent. She grabbed her beret cap in puzzlement.


“Basically, that guy is only doing his usual thing but why isn’t Shokuhou up yet? She should be up and drinking red tea right about now…”


A flash of lightning went by the girls’ minds.


“This is normal for Yan but to think even Shokuhou Misaki isn’t awake yet…”


Mikoto narrowed her eyes.


“Something’s not right here, this is unlike her at all.”


Even Mikoto who is practically the nemesis of Shokuhou Misaki thought so, what’s more to say of Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou who spent every day hanging out with Shokuhou Misaki in Silvaria World Institute.


Frenda scratched her cheek and she tilted her head. She uttered something that no one can ignore.


“Hey, maybe this has something to do with that jerk. More like, it’s totally possible they are in the same tent!”


Aside from Flandre-chan, the other ladies all had serious looks and they stared at the two tents in consternation.


Takitsubou Rikou hesitated but she still voiced her thought in a feeble manner.


“I don’t think he would do that, I mean we are in a jungle and we have more important things to do, I don’t think he would uh…”


Takitsubou Rikou blushed. It’s not hard to guess that she’s too shy to mention nature’s business.


Mikoto grinned after listening to her.


“Do you think that bastard would suddenly turn into a saint in a situation like this? With his personality…”


Takitsubou Rikou wanted to say something but she stopped herself.


Even Takitsubou Rikou who would always take Wu Yan’s side couldn’t guarantee absolutely that he won’t do something stupid.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged a look. The more they thought about it the likelier it seems so they turned dark and sinister.


When they were about to run over and bust down his tent, Wu Yan finally showed himself. However, this didn’t alleviate the girls’ mood at all, it got worse actually.


Wu Yan came out of Shokuhou Misaki’s tent!




Like someone who just got off work after doing a fantastic job, he’s damn pleased right now. However, he immediately noticed something wrong.


“Killing intention!”


Two figures appeared in front of him in a flash, making him jump in shock. Wu Yan relaxed after taking a closer look at both of them. He heaved a sigh of relief but he instantly tensed up again.




Wu Yan grinned awkwardly and he raised his hands to signal his surrender.


“Two beautiful ladies, please stop using that look. This insignificant one will fear for his life if you use that look…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto beamed radiantly at him but he couldn’t detect a hint of joy in those smiles.


“Say, Yan, tell me something…”


Mikoto’s bangs started floating as electricity arced around her, a tell-tale sign she’s using her powers.


“Could you explain to me why you just came out of that woman’s tent?”


“Oh, peesh, so it’s just this…”


Wu Yan loosened up and he rolled his eyes at both of them.


“I thought it was something serious, you almost shocked the living daylight out of me…”


The corner of Hinagiku’s lips twitched.


“Also, explain the unconcerned tone you are using to answer our very serious question?”




Wu Yan looked at Hinagiku like she’s asking something very obvious.


“It’s not a big deal, right? I mean I just slept with my wife, is there an issue?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto’s eyes cannot possibly widen any further, they wanted to flip all the tables in IKEA on Wu Yan.


“Of course, the problem is huge!”


Mikoto gnashed her teeth in anger at Wu Yan.


“Do you know where we are? What we are doing? Have you ever considered the time and place before you do… that kind of shameless stuff, why are you so chill about this?!”


Mikoto retorted like a professional.


“It’s because of the special situation that I have to do it no matter what, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a nice sleep last night!”




Hinagiku and Mikoto are flabbergasted with this guy.


He placed his chin between index finger and thumb.


“Oh dear, are you two possibly jealous?”




Hinagiku and Mikoto started turning red as Wu Yan continued teasing them.


“Oh, I know, how about I go sleep with you two tonight!”


“No way!!!”


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