Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 545: The night continues

The peaks on Shokuhou Misaki’s snowy twin mountains are perking up, most likely due to his masterful massage. The tinge of pink on her skin made Wu Yan even more passionate.


Wu Yan teased her nips and he playfully ran his fingers around her stiff peaks, destroying the mental defense she scrapped up after recovering a bit.


“Uuu… Mh~”


Shokuhou Misaki heaved in large breaths. Tensing up, she arched her abdomen upwards an impressive 5 centimeters off the ground. It’s like she wants to offer up everything to Wu Yan.


He pressed her back down as he continued teasing her tender rack. The waves of pleasure entered her head causing her to enter a drunken stupor of carnal enjoyment. It’s not the first time she felt like this but every time she felt like this, she couldn’t help but fall further into the abyss of rapture. Shokuhou Misaki would get angry at herself after they bumped uglies.


“Uuu… No…”


Her body isn’t listening to her commands anymore. Her heart raced and she tried very hard to spit out that sentence just now. The effects are lost as expected and she found herself plummeting further into the chasm of sinful joy and glee.


If that’s not enough, Wu Yan upped his game and he unleashed his lewd-style Taiji Kung Fu on her knockers. He also slowly heated up until he buried his head between her blessed cans. He started motorboating the heck out of her show-stoppers. The sense of being suffocated between them is more like a blessing than a curse.




This is not a technique Shokuhou Misaki is prepared to receive. She moaned aloud and his sudden thrust almost caused her soul to depart from her body. Enduring the crippling pleasure, she glanced over to the side of the tent. After confirming that the patrols hadn’t noticed her, she heaved a sigh of relief in silence.


This was too stimulating for her. This whole situation is too kinky for her to deal with, it’s so sinful it actually feels good and that’s why she trembled in a mixture of excitement and terror.


“Uuu, you’re a devil…”


Wu Yan who is still busy wrapping his head with her face-bangers couldn’t be bothered to entertain her words. Her complaint escalated the steamy situation they are currently brawling in.


The delightful feeling coming from her snowy mountains didn’t stop her from realizing that if this continued, she’s going to cave in and let Wu Yan have his way with her. Hence, she stopped being feisty and she saved her strength so she can suppress her moans later.


Wu Yan didn’t waste words, he smiled and he hoisted her up. Feeling her up, he planted a deep kiss on her lips.




Shokuhou Misaki’s mind started turning hazy, she accepted his request for entrance and she reciprocated his kiss.


After a while, their lips parted and he looked into her eyes that are as precious as jewels. Her enchanting expression increased the flow of blood to one of his extremities. Shivering with excitement, he disrobed her with incredulous speed. It’s like he’s an expert in making the opposite gender lose their clothing. If there’s a god for this kind of stuff then no one would doubt it if they crowned Wu Yan as the archbishop of stripping.


The next thing she knew, a lightning bolt struck her body as he stuffed her meat sandwich. She craned her neck back and she wrapped her arms around Wu Yan’s neck. There is no stopping this trend now.


She also wrapped her legs around Wu Yan’s waist while accepting whatever Wu Yan unleashed in her way. Like an endless tidal wave, he vigorously slammed into her. He’s not asking if she likes it this way, he’s making her take it, he’s forcing this infinite, intoxicating, and soul-sundering pleasure upon her body.


Her squishy body registered itself in his mind through all the nerves on his body. Grabbing a firm hold of her butt, he started throwing her up and down along his Longinus spear.


“Uuu… Ugu… Uwh…”


His movements sent shockwaves and electric currents rampaging throughout her body. She feels like she’s on fire, a sense of dizziness assaulted her. This indomitable sensation made her unable to close her mouth no matter how hard she tried. With no other options, she used both her hands to cover her own mouth, locking away most of the sounds that would have escaped this tent.


Shokuhou Misaki is surprisingly soft in front of him. Maybe that’s how any woman would be like when they are in the same situation as her. Shokuhou Misaki didn’t know how hot she looked trying to endure moaning and whimpering, Wu Yan who had the front row seat to this spectacle started thrusting even harder.


A new round of energy suffused his body and he easily wreaked havoc in her cucumber patch. Her vision blurred the moment he increased the speed and momentum, she gnashed her teeth in exasperation.


She’s already doing her best to hold back her sound. Wu Yan isn’t helping her with his new round of humping. Isn’t he afraid of being discovered by others?  Is he not afraid that other people might see the nude body of his own wife?


Straddled on Wu Yan, Shokuhou Misaki let Wu Yan do as he pleased with her. Blushing red, her flailing feet would rub his back every now and then as if teasing him with the soft sensation. He started increasing the frequency of his thrust.




Her sensitive body heightened the sensation she got from him and she started panicking. The cool air in the tent started heating up as if her raunchy moans had a seething heat to them.


Excited and fearful at the prospect of being found out, Shokuhou Misaki arrived at the peak of pleasure and her mind turned white. She blossomed in his embrace like a glorious flower.


Her porcelain white skin had a lovely pink hue to them. Her eyes started turning up as she showed the whites of her eyes unwittingly. They kept going at each other in this steaming hot situation. Droplets of sweat flowed down her divine form, telling the other party what she is currently feeling. It’s pretty commendable that she held her voice back, but, that ends now.


Haa haa…


Her hands fell lifelessly and she started heaving and wheezing for dear life, her bunnies started shaking up and down as a result. Her sound rippled like a melody in this limited space. Her stamina isn’t the best and the fact that she hung on until now is an amazing feat.


Finally, it’s over…


Leaning against Wu Yan’s chest, she heaved a sigh of relief even though she has yet to recover her breath. That session finally ended, somehow, she made it through without yelling or moan out loud. Her heart is trembling and her soul nearly left her body. Dismayed at the thought that they might be discovered, she endured his punishment. Only Shokuhou Misaki knew how much energy she spent to get through that stormy session.


Tortured by her own guilt and pleasure, she started getting mad at herself for giving up so easily. On one hand, she’s glad she didn’t waste too much energy to stop this unstoppable wolf. On the other hand, she’s angered that someone took over her dominant role, she’s the queen, why does she have to concede her authority to another person?


While she’s still trying to sort out her own conflicted emotions Wu Yan started moving again…


He made her get on all fours with her legs being spread apart. Sensing impending danger, before she can beg for mercy, she started wailing and whimpering in delight as he stuffed her up with his Excalibur. Her body rocked back and forth as they engaged in beastly coitus.


Shokuhou Misaki’s final thought was…


I am too naive…

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