Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 544: She never stood a chance in resisting...

She’s got a fast head, that’s for sure. She is also very skillful with her tongue, she thought up a lot of excuses in such a short span of time anyone else would be hard-pressed to emulate her.


However, she seems to be forgetting one crucial thing. This man is a man of focus, determination, and sheer will when it comes to getting his bonuses and dividends.




Just when she thought she escaped, Wu Yan destroyed her hopes and dreams.


“I think the real issue here is the one we should ‘fix’ before we get onto the bigger goals at hand. I don’t like getting kicked in the butt whenever you feel like it.”


Shokuhou Misaki’s body trembled and she begged for mercy.


“I won’t do it again. Please, just this once, forgive me…”


Wu Yan smiled resplendently. yet, this didn’t stop the feeling of incoming danger in Shokuhou Misaki’s heart. His face suddenly turned serious in the most terrifying manner imaginable. The way he looked at her made her shake like a lamb in front of a predator.


“I find it amusing how you’re always so meek when it’s time to pay the price. With your personality, you’re just going to keep throwing stones down at me when I am stuck under the well. I am pretty sure you’re going to make me pay after this so I am just going to have to make you record this on my tab. Prepare yourself.”


Wu Yan’s ears officially stopped listening. He pinned her hands above her head with his hand and he used his remaining hand to grab her hooters left and right. Countless men would throw themselves off a cliff for one touch and Wu Yan could understand why. The sensation is simply sublime.


“Ahn! Nooo!”


His hand grabbed onto her bouncy knockers and he went to town with them. They are soft but firm, Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he drifted into a world of sensual pleasure.


Shokuhou Misaki moaned out of habit. Her voice softened as her body started heating up under Wu Yan’s deft massage. He enfeebled her with his demonic touch.


Her soft wail caused his blood to boil like when he pushed her down at the start. He practiced his Kung fu with her chest as the targets.




Played like this, she can do nothing but whimper and moan in a low volume, her eyes also started tearing up. She used her misty eyes to gaze at Wu Yan.


“No… Not here… Please, Little Yan…”


Before she loses her mind, Shokuhou Misaki genuinely begged Wu Yan to go easy on her. Her breasts are her weakness, once he got a hold of them, Shokuhou Misaki practically lost all forms of defense. With no choice left, she can only beg for mercy.


Shokuhou Misaki started feeling remorse. She shouldn’t have poked fun at Wu Yan just for the heck of it, he only got the cold treatment from the other girls as a result of her impudence. Right now, that’s not even a commensurate reward for the punishment she’s receiving.


Outside the tent, a bonfire is cracking away loudly. Some of the light penetrated the tent and gave her lustrous body an enchanting sheen. Her glossy lips, her supple skin, even the warm bunnies he’s got in his hand, even god cannot stop his horniness now. He went super saiyan on her upper torso.


Of course, he held back a bit, sending her to cloud nine should be done in playful stages. They should feel good together, after all. He would be pretty bored if he’s the only one having fun.


He made an art out of molding her meat jugs into various shapes. Tracing his fingers in a cheeky manner, he scaled up and down on her cherry peaks. He pushed and he pressed like an impossibly well-trained veteran, traversing the weird terrain with his hands.




She can’t help but leak out a sweet moan. Her sensitivity is heightened so her mind is already on the cusp of turning into a field of blank whiteness. Waves after waves of pleasure threatened to destroy her last vestiges of rationality. She’s excited but she’s also very bashful right now.


The shadows of the patrols heightened her sense of dread. If she moved too vigorously or raised her tone, they are definitely going to discover her. If they barged in then…


Shokuhou Misaki doesn’t even want to continue that train of thought. She asked him to go easy on her even though she knew it’s a practice in futility.


She wheezed in pleasure while pleading for mercy. The intoxicating feeling inside her is already tearing down her mental walls. She knows she shouldn’t be behaving like this and she knows that her body shouldn’t be responding like this but she just couldn’t stop herself from falling further and further into depravity. The wisp of strength she summoned dissipated just like that in front of Wu Yan who knew how to work her body. It’s like he is controlling her body and mind with his hands, making her lose her guard.


“Uuu… Why does it always turn out like this?”


Shokuhou Misaki sobbed.


Her starry eyes are now moist with tears. She started choking on her words, she only managed to squeeze out a few simple sentences. As if Wu Yan sapped her strength, she lost all forms of resistance under Wu Yan’s robust body. The redness on her cheeks started spreading on throughout her body as well giving her an alluring look.


The most intelligence strategist in his harem has been deprived of her intelligence and power. Shokuhou Misaki accepted whatever Wu Yan threw her way.




Wu Yan upped his game by deploying two of his hands.


Wu Yan’s tutelage caused her magnificent racks to shift into different forms. Her breathing also sped up as she heaved and sighed.




Her whimper escaped her like wild bunnies trying to escape a skillful hunter. She clenched her jaws to prevent her voice from getting any louder than it already is.




Shokuhou Misaki gasped as her upper clothing got removed all too easily. It didn’t take long for Wu Yan to rob her of her top. He threw it aside and it landed far away from her.


Feeling a sense of coldness that can only come from being in half of her birthday suit, a sense of reality struck her as she returned to her senses. She whimpered.


“Uuu… please let me go just this one time…’


Wu Yan took a look at her and he stopped fondling her.


“Oh, you’re still here…”


Shokuhou Misaki heaved in half pleasure and half pain.


“At least, wait until we get back home…”


“My my, Joou-sama….”


Wu Yan sighed as he shook his head.


“Have you ever successfully thwarted me?”


Shokuhou Misaki stiffened up.


Now that Wu Yan mentioned it, every time he pulled his moves on her, she fell prey to his venomous grips. Even when he first dipped his wick in her, she got led by the nose throughout their lewd dance. Shokuhou Misaki caved in with a tearful face.


Her glory is useless in this department.


No! Get yourself together, I am the queen! The Queen of Tokiwadai! The sovereign of Silvaria World Institute! How can I admit defeat like this?!


I am going to get through this in one-piece if it’s the last thing I do!


Shokuhou Misaki swore to herself but she quickly exclaimed in surprise as she lost two more articles of clothing.

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