Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 542: Ring? Sylph's abnormality

The hilly area they are in isn’t that large in area. The elevated areas aren’t wide enough for a hundred people. But, the remainders can live around the slopes. It’s just as easy spotting demonic beasts from the slopes here.


The expedition team set down their stuff and they put up sentries. It’s their good luck that they found this place before night fell.


The team made rounds around the hilly area and made sure that there’s no tracks or signs of demonic beasts in the area. They lowered their guards and they started setting up tents along the elevated areas. The peak is reserved for the leaders like Sylph, Fei Fei & co, and Wu Yan & co.


Wu Yan & co shouldn’t be here since they are not officially a part of this expedition team. It’s already pretty good that they don’t have to set up the tents themselves, letting them stay near the leaders is generous to the border of being overboard.


It should have been like that but the expedition team isn’t even doing their jobs, rather, they couldn’t since Wu Yan & co pretty much settled every demonic beast encounter today. Not one of the members complained since they knew their places in this expedition. In the following battle, the elites are probably gonna have to count on Wu Yan & co again.


The other elite expedition members had to stay below the peak along the slopes.


The expedition members are energetically setting up tents for some reason, it would appear that they are trying to use up all the energies they had saved by not fighting. Fei Fei & the other leaders are exchanging looks in confusion because they couldn’t read their minds.


Inside this Giant Beasts Forest, they are about as useful as a pebble on a sinking ship. They weren’t useful during battles nor were they useful in discussions. They are very frustrated about being total baggage to the expedition team despite their tier 7 strengths.


It’s finally their time to shine, they are damn sure gonna make sure the tents are well built, at the very least, the fighting members shouldn’t have to waste their energy building tents, that’s what they thought anyway. It’s kinda pathetic if you think about it, people of power, glad that they can build simple tents.


Their zest allowed the expedition team to set up camp in this area before the moon hung high in the night.


Before anybody knew, the night is upon them.


A bonfire was started in the center of the tents, it provided illumination to their camp area. Wu Yan sat in front of the fire while grilling a bunch of meat. It’s obvious the duty of the chef fell upon him.


Like a master chef, he made a show out of drizzling the meat in exotic sauces and deftly grilling the meat to perfection.


Wu Yan sighed in dejection.


“I’ve got so many wives, they could at least help me with making the dishes, woe be me for having such godly skills. Please, somebody, take this suffering away from me, share the burden with me so I may sing praises of thee…”


Wu Yan’s dramatic performance drew a reply from Ikaros who is busy handing him spices and sauces.


“Master, I can help…”


“I know, you’ve told me more than a dozen times, Ikaros…”


Wu Yan shook his head and he laughed.


“Those girls made me do this because they wanted to taste my cooking, if I delegated the task to you, I will be lucky if I can stay near their tents tonight assuming they don’t chase me away.”


Ikaros fell deeply in thought. Ikaros is actually a very good cook, Wu Yan is her master after all. She helped out a lot and she picked up very quickly after Wu Yan’s teaching. It’s a shame, her quick learning will never prevail over his Master Chef ability bought from the System.


For Wu Yan’s cooking, the girls would draw blood. In this wilderness where there’s no proper cooking apparatus and they lacked the materials too. For a good meal, who else can be put in charge aside from Wu Yan?


Wu Yan’s tent got occupied forcefully by the girls. They held the tent hostage until Wu Yan fulfilled their demands.


Fortunately for him, Ikaros accompanied him so he’s not alone in this affair. He’s going to look really pitiful if people saw him being whipped like this.


Actually, aside from Ikaros, there’s another person here but her presence is less than welcomed.


“Say, master, is it done yet?”


Astrea’s drooling mouth actually made a coherent sentence much to Wu Yan’s surprise. He started feeling hurt by her apparent lack of care for his wellbeing.


“You should at least clean up the saliva around your mouth.”




She sucked the drool back into her mouth but her eyes never left the grilled meat around Wu Yan. Suffice to say, her disgusting behavior destroyed his appetite.


Sylph exited her personal tent. Her Icy-blue hair fluttered as she moved. She’s really like a woman who was molded into reality by snow and ice, her temperament, her cold look, and her cold eyes all pointed at this.


Sylph looked up at the sky. It looks like she’s searching her memories for something. The noise the three of them made caught her attention.


Sylph didn’t think much of it at first but she got curious after hesitating for a bit. She approached Wu Yan & co.


Sylph stopped and her eyes focused on the ring Wu Yan is wearing. Her expression turned into one of utter astonishment and disbelief. The white ring on his hand has got her really shocked for an unknown reason.


The ring she’s looking at is the ring Wu Yan got out of their last treasure hunting trip. It’s the ring with “Authority” engraved on it.




Sylph confirmed that her eyes are not playing tricks on her. She knitted her brows and she scanned Wu Yan & co who are still messing around. She mumbled something with a lowered head and she returned from whence she came.


Wu Yan didn’t know that his ring had caused a change in the eternally expressionless face of Sylph.


Right now, Wu Yan is not sure if he should cry or laugh.


“I say, it’s not like there’s a limit but you girls should slow down for serious…”


The girls paid no heed to his words, they kept wolfing down his dishes like there’s no tomorrow. Wu Yan wondered if they would starve to death if he suddenly kicked the bucket or something.


“It’s been a long time, we deserve at least this much!”


Mikoto didn’t slow down as she explained with a mouthful of food. Wu Yan had to listen carefully otherwise he wouldn’t be able to understand her words.


“I think I left you girls for like, one day, at most.”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes before sighing.


“Oh, right, It’s been less than a day but I am sure you enjoyed your stay in the other world right…?”


Shokuhou Misaki laughed but she didn’t sound very amused.


“When are we going to meet our new juniors?”


The air froze.


Sensing impending doom, Wu Yan awkwardly smiled before he threw a hateful glance at Shokuhou Misaki who is enjoying his plight.


Shokuhou Misaki, looks like I have to put you in your place.

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