Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 541: The queen, the princess and the nouveau riche

Shokuhou Misaki is acting as the vanguard of this expedition team. It’s a weird scene to say the least, what with a bunch of 3 meter long demonic cats competing for their master’s attention. Shokuhou Misaki elegantly stroked their fur which increased her charms even further.




She looked completely like a queen who is worshipped by her subjects. Bing Ling and Bishi voiced out everyone’s thoughts.


Bing Ling and Bishi showed looks of admiration and respect. As men of noble births, they naturally had the aspiration to become the one who stands above all others. They respected authority. Right now, Shokuhou Misaki is the most authoritative one among them.


Even Sylph had to concede that Shokuhou Misaki is better than herself in this area.


If one were to say that Shokuhou Misaki is one who garnered the worship of her subjects then Sylph is someone who received the love and generous nurturing by her elders since birth, they are all jewels of the highest caliber in the eyes of their beholders.


When competing who is more like a royal, Shokuhou Misaki easily won, in terms of talents and power, Sylph is still superior, at least, for now…


Fei Fei also lost her focus for a slight moment. She sighed after she recovered.


“Sometimes, I wonder if she’s from the same world as us…”


Fei Fei didn’t know she’s actually onto something here.


Shokuhou Misaki is pleased that everyone knows just what she can do. She turned around and returned to Wu Yan’s side. The other demonic cats all stood to the side as if making way for Shokuhou Misaki. If somebody saw this without knowing the context, they would assume that Shokuhou Misaki’s the beast king they are after this time.


Mikoto grumbled at the sight of Shokuhou Misaki who was escorted by demonic cats.


“This woman and her showy style, so childish…”


“Ara ara, Misaka-san…”


Shokuhou Misaki’s eyes flashed and she chuckled.


“You’re poorly mistaken. I am not someone who would go around picking fights and throwing lightning bolts around, compared to someone like that, I am less of a playful kid, wouldn’t you say so?”




Mikoto gnashed her teeth at her.


“You’re saying I’m puerile?”


“I never said the name, I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


Shokuhou Misaki then moved her glance over to Mikoto’s chest area. Her lips hooked up to a sneer of disdain. Everybody knew what she’s trying to say without her vocalizing it.


Mikoto shut her eyes with trembling fists. Her body shook in anger. Nobody knew what she’s trying to hold back but Wu Yan knew she could turn this area into a land of lightning if she wanted to, she is trying very hard to prevent that reality.


Wu Yan let the two rip each other’s throats out since this is just par of the course for them. He passed Flandre-chan over to Hinagiku and he addressed Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, the last cry of the Thorny Green Cat King probably drew the attention of the other beasts in this area. Quickly now, rest up and let’s keep moving. We should also probably find a new area to stay for the night.”


“What about them?”


Fei Fei looked at the demonic cats who are purring for attention. Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“Knowing Shokuhou Misaki’s ability, if it failed to control them then that would have been it. But, once she succeeds in controlling someone, it’s nigh impossible for her mind control to be dispelled.”


Fei Fei relaxed and she started recovering her do qi by meditating. Bing Ling and Bishi also took some time to recover their energies. Their strength is still needed for the next part of the journey.


The elite expedition team channeled protective formations for them. That’s the least they can do after practically doing nothing during this expedition, nobody slacked off.


Wu Yan pursed his lips after looking at Fei Fei, and the two squad leaders who are busy recovering douqi. He shrugged.


“Don’t they have tools to help with douqi recovery? I mean, they are bigshots from big clans right?”


Wu Yan’s words made Hinagiku roll her eyes.


“Douqi recovery aren’t vegetables you can plant and easily reap. Even if it’s very easy to obtain for the big clans, nobody would use it given the limited amount of baggage they are carrying. They are going to be in big trouble if they used it up before a really big showdown.”


Shokuhou Misaki shook her head.


“Hinagiku, you’re wasting words on this guy. He has the System and the item shop, for a nouveau richer with millions of item points, scarcity is a concept that confuses him.”


“You’re right…”


Hinagiku nodded her head in agreement.


Wu Yan shut his yap and he stayed silent.


In Silvaria, douqi and magic power recovery depends on the cultivation technique or the type of magic practiced by the practitioner. The better the technique, the better the recovery rate for practitioners. Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi are core disciples of the biggest noble families of the Ailu empire. Naturally, they are using the best technique their houses have to offer. In about 5 minutes, they recovered almost all the douqi they expended.


After their recovery, Wu Yan said to everyone.


“Alright, we haven’t much time before nightfall. Let’s hope we are lucky enough to find a hiding place like the one we have yesterday. Otherwise, I don’t think we are going to have a nice time.”




Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi agreed. Of course, Sylph had no disagreements. Since the decision is unanimous, they packed up and continued further into the Giant Beasts Forest.


Wu Yan & co’s performance made them the unofficial leaders of this expedition team.


After traversing a few dozen kilometers, an easy feat for tier 7 individuals, they picked up speed and delved further into the Giant Beasts Forest after half an hour moving on foot.


Giant Beasts Forest is the habitat for demonic beasts. There are not a lot of places for people to stay in. Maybe if their group is smaller, there would be a lot of places they can stay in. However, with so many people in tow, it’s hard to find an inconspicuous location to camp.


They didn’t think it would be easy to find a place to stay for the night, they didn’t anticipate it would such a herculean feat. After wandering around the area a few times, they had yet to find a suitable location.


In this span of time, they encountered many demonic beasts attack but Shokuhou Misaki easily settled the beasts with the press of her controller. She saved them a lot of time and energy by straight out controlling the beasts before they can do anything to the expedition team.


When the sky turned golden and dusk arrived, a small hilly area appeared and they all had happy looks on them.


“This place is easy to defend and we have got a vision of our surroundings. This is a good place to camp!”


Wu Yan’s words were met with happy tone from the others, Fei Fei parroted him.


“Very well!”


Fei Fei & co told their subordinates to clean up the area and build basic living quarters.

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