Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 539: Thorny Green Cat used call for help.

Fei Fei’s Night Moon Slash is more like magic than a sword technique. This ability will immobilize the target and debuff the target via diminishing their attacks and skills.


It has no inherent offensive capability. She can use this skill to cancel out the enemy’s battle technique. Fei Fei used this ability to cancel Wu Yan’s Return to Horizon Waltz in the past.


If this ability hits the enemy then it’s game over for the enemy. It will wipe away the douqi and mana of the enemy, rendering them helpless as she sets up another move to finish them off. This is how she killed the Thorny Green Cat.


A formidable technique like this comes with restriction.


For one, this ability can’t hurt the enemy. Next, the stronger the target, the longer it is going to take for the technique to wipe away the mana and douqi of the target.


This ability needed 5 seconds to completely enfeeble the Thorny Green Cat. However, if this ability hits Sylph, it’s going to take at least 3 minutes to completely incapacitate her. This duration difference is enough for Sylph to come up with a counter-attack or completely break free.


This technique allowed her to dominate against those on the same tier as her. With support, she can enfeeble opponents stronger than her. But, against overwhelmingly stronger foes, she won’t be of much use.


This debuff ability of her technique used the weakening force to prevail against brute power. Fei Fei who invented this technique is, without a doubt, a genius of the highest caliber.


Due to her technique, the demonic cat got wrecked so hard the grim reaper is going to have a hard time collecting its soul. Lying in a pool of blood, the blood continued spreading with the corpse as its center. Without Night Moon Flash, they would have had a harder time dealing with the demonic cat.


Recalling how she temporarily affected the local light intensity and conjured moonlight, Bing Ling and Bishi who are weaker than Fei Fei can’t even begin to fathom how they would fight her if she used this on them.


Sheathing her blade, she caught her breath after panting for a bit. Bing Ling and Bishi are also out of it.


They came out unharmed in this encounter but only the three of them know how hard this fight was.


Bing Ling already used his battle techniques 3 times at the very least. He exhausted over half of his dou qi reserve. Bishi also used a lot of sword beams, he even had to use his trump card. Fei Fei also used her strongest technique. Aside from Bing Ling, the two of them already used almost all of their arsenal in this fight.


Bing Ling’s Icy douqi can hinder enemy movement, however, that is on the condition that he can even strike a fast-moving target like the demonic cat. Also, his icy douqi is more effective on armaments. Unless the demonic cat wielded armaments, he won’t be of much use.


As geniuses who used to be in the top 10 ranking in Silvaria World Institute, it took 3 of them to defeat an opponent on the same tier as them. Suffice to say, this battle wasn’t as smooth as they would have wanted it to be.

The three of them are aware that the opponent this time is unique. It excelled in agility and speed. It is even faster than some of the slower-moving tier 8 monsters. Moreover, it had enhanced strength and defense in addition to innate magic that can boost its power.


The three of them consoled themselves with this knowledge. Although, they are aware they still had room for improvement.


Bing Ling and Bishi exchanged looks.


Both of them shook their heads after looking at the corpse of the demonic cat.


“It’s only been half a day, I can’t believe we are having such a hard time with a demonic beast like this. With stronger demonic beasts waiting for us, will we really be able to complete this mission?”


Bing Ling is more upset with the situation than Bishi. He can’t even pull out his full strength. He nodded but he didn’t say much.


Fei Fei interrupted.


“Don’t think about it too much, we have neither the time nor energy to let our stray thoughts shake our convictions. The patriarch is still waiting for news from us.”


Bing Ling and Bishi straightened their backs, they slapped away the negative thoughts in their minds.


Sylph nodded while Wu Yan & co smiled. They approached the 3 squad leaders.


“Sister Fei Fei, that beast wasn’t an ordinary beast, was it?”


Wu Yan grinned. Fei Fei knew what he is hinting at and she chuckled.


“Don’t try to cheer me up. I know what I can do, stuff like this can’t get me down…”


“I hope so…”


Wu Yan shrugged.


He silently sighed in relief after confirming that Fei Fei perked herself up.


“Why didn’t you guys help?”


Bing Ling frowned at Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou.


“If you girls helped, we would have had a much easier time dealing with the demonic beast…”


Sylph’s inaction is understandable. She’s the trump card of this expedition team. Mikoto and Astrea are also tier 8 individuals who should save their power for stronger foes. Nobody doubted Ikaros’ judgment as well, she had more than enough power to convince anyone of her strength. Meanwhile, excluding Fei Fei, nobody is aware of Wu Yan’s ascension into tie r8.


Hinagiku & the other 4 young ladies are tier 7 individuals who are way stronger than any member of the expedition team. They didn’t have to save their strength since they can’t handle tier 8 demonic beasts in their minds. Wu Yan shut him up with one sentence.


“That’s because I told them to watch and learn.”


Wu Yan grinned. He turned towards Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, sit tight and recover some of your douqi. Make sure to leave before the night comes though…”


The sound of numerous objects breaking through the wind could be heard. Everyone looked around and they were astounded.


Multiple Thorny Green Cat stood on the branches, completely surrounding them. They focused their feral eyes on the expedition team, as a sea of killing intent engulfed the expedition squad.

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