Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 537: Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi



The thorny Green Cat’s roar could be heard echoing from beyond the foliage of the forest they are currently in. Flapping its webbing, the creature moved.


Like a bolt of lightning, the demonic cat zipped through the trees and the creature appeared in front of Fei Fei & co.


The expedition members grabbed tightly onto their weapons. Judging from their bulging veins, it’s clear that they are very tense because that creature could appear before them before they even know it.


The demonic cat is ridiculously fast. They can barely keep their eyes on it. Each time it moved its figure would blur and leave afterimages in its wake. When the creature arrived in front of Fei Fei & the others, its afterimage faded from its original spot.


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi barely managed to react in time. Their subordinates are in even worse shapes. They only saw a green blur of light that attacked Fei Fei. Fei Fei blocked its attack and the demonic cat jumped back on her without giving her a moment to rest.


Wu Yan & co, and Sylph are watching this fight from the side to save their energies. Meanwhile, the other expedition members are too weak to help. They would only die meaninglessly if they approached this fight with a reckless attitude.


This left the other expedition members feeling like they are just baggage, maybe they shouldn’t have tagged along this trip. They haven’t contributed anything up until this point.


Ignoring what they thought, the leaders of each squad had no time to deal with them as they are too busy fending off the demonic cat.


Like a savage beast, the demonic cat kept putting pressure on them. The three leaders also didn’t retreat because they are worried that the Thorny Green Cat will change targets and assault their squads.


Bing Ling supported Fei Fei by swinging his blade at the cat when it clawed Fei Fei. His Icy daggers are shrouded in a thin layer of ice. He channeled his power and the daggers lengthened, he used his Ice Dagger battle techniques.


Bishi is playing more part in this battle. He saw through Bing Ling’s intention and he swung his arming sword to conjure up a lot of sword shadows that surrounded the demonic cat from all sides, stopping the cat for just a second. This one-second window is all Bing Ling needed.




His daggers drew sparks along the body of the demonic cat. From his astonished look, it’s clear that he didn’t expect the demonic cat to be this tough. Even his battle technique can’t pierce its hide. When did Thorny Green Cats get so tough, fast, and strong?! This is simply outrageous.




Surprisingly, although the cat suffered no bleeding trauma, it clearly suffered some blunt damage as the creature wailed in pain. A brutal glint flashed in its eyes and its body shook.


The next second, Bing Ling and Bishi got sent flying into a nearby tree behind them, the two got smashed into the tree together. They immediately got up much to the relief of their squads.


Bing Ling looked indifferent but his arms are trembling. The feedback made his palms feel like they have been torn apart. He blocked the attack with all his strength and he’s still staggered.


He paid less attention to his superficial injuries as he shouted.


“Fei Fei, watch out!”


They were secondary targets, the real one the creature wanted was Fei Fei.


Like cotton, the demonic cat smoothly landed. Flexing its muscles, it pounced at Fei Fei with a right swipe. Dark Green Claw beams were emitted from its swipe.


If it’s another person, this fast attack would probably bifurcate them. But, Fei Fei is different, she’s level 69, someone who is very close to tier 8. She’s the strongest one between the three of them. She also had significant battle experience under her belt that allowed her to sense this attack.


The Thorny Green Cat’s attack came while Fei Fei is still retreating. She changed direction suddenly and she arched her back, allowing the claw attack to sweep past where her head was.


Countless trees fell behind her. What a terrifying power, Fei Fei started sweating in anxiety. That was lucky if that landed it would have been a maiming strike.


The demonic cat used the recoil to attack Bing Ling and Bishi.


They fired up their douqi. They greeted the demonic cat with their daggers and sword.


Dodging the attack with a flip in the air, the demonic cat successfully evaded the attacks. Bing Ling and Bishi’s douqi got even more radiant.




Bing Ling and Bishi’s eyes lit up. Roaring, a pair of icy blue daggers and mighty sword shadow rained lashed out at the demonic cat. Stunned, the cat could do nothing except being smashed hard into the ground.




The other expedition members burst into loud cheers. This combo attack would have ended the peak tier 7 demonic beast, if it didn’t then the beast would be at death’s door at the very least.


However, a green figure jumped out from the dust and this petrified their excited looks. They instantly heaved a sigh of relief when the creature’s appearance registered itself in their minds.


The demonic cat looked very haggard. With black patches all over its body, the weak aura told them that their attacks succeeded in wounding the creature.


The demonic cat shook its head but it still stumbled a few times before regaining its stance. Perceiving the degree of damage it suffered, the creature got enraged as it bellowed in anger. Its eyes are so red it looks like blood would come out any moment now. It’s now very thirsty for Bing Ling and Bishi’s blood. A storm of killing intention descended upon them, even the other expedition members paled when they saw this.


Bing Ling and Bishi managed to keep their dignity by not freaking even though the killing intention is directed at them. But, their backs are wet with sweat, just like their palms.


The demonic cat wound itself up and it leaped at both Bing Ling and Bishi. It’s readily apparent to both of them that this cat isn’t moving as fast as it did before.

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