Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 536: After the wolves, now we've got pussies to deal with? Thorny green cats

They continued making progress towards the center of the Giant Beasts Forest. The closer they got to the center, the expedition group got tenser and tenser.


At first, they had a comfortable time dealing with tier 7 groups of demonic beasts. However, as they got closer to the center, the groups of demonic beasts started disappearing. Instead, they are met with 1 or 2 demonic beasts from time to time.


But, nobody is jumping at joy.


The demonic beasts aren’t preying on each other as wild animals should. They banded together to assault humans. The tier 7 groups of demonic beasts they encountered are operating like a primitive pride of mixed demonic beasts.


These demonic beasts that didn’t want to play house clearly had the strength to stand on their own.


Indeed, these lone wolves are at least peak tier 7 who are just a tiny bit away from hitting tier 8 strength.


At this rate, the expedition group knows that it is only a matter of time before they encounter a tier 8 demonic beast.


They would rather fight a bunch of tier 7 beasts than encounter a tier 8 demonic beast. It would affect their survival more, after all.


With their numbers, they can still handle a group of tier 7 beasts if they sufficiently outnumbered the enemy. However, they are pretty much screwed if a tier 8 appears, at least, without noble sacrifices, only Sylph would be able to handle a foe like that.


Not everyone can fight like Wu Yan. He’s like a bugged character in a game, the logic of this world doesn’t apply to this guy who can fight someone a tier above him.




Wu Yan stopped. He turned in a certain direction…


“What’s the matter?”


The other girls stopped and they looked at Wu Yan. However, Wu Yan didn’t answer them, he kept looking in that direction. Narrowing his eyes, he noticed something.


The expedition also picked up on Wu Yan’s weird behavior. They stopped in curiosity. When Fei Fei wanted to ask, Sylph finally noticed what Wu Yan is focusing on with a disquiet expression.


“Watch out.”


Sylph warned the expedition team. Everyone raised their guard, they turned their attention towards their surroundings.


Quickly, a strong magic signature was detected by everyone. It’s a strong one, and it’s approaching them at a frightening speed.


A green figure appeared at more than 30 meters away. It didn’t take it one second for it to appear before the expedition team.


It’s a rather lithe raccoon that’s green in color, the black shade made the creature blend into its environment without much effort. Its violet-red eyes had a savage light in them, the creature exerted its presence on the team.


At around 1 meter, its size isn’t intimidating. It’s the speed and aura of this creature that made others frown.


It’s a top tier 7 demonic beast.


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi yelled out in an alarmed manner.


“Green Thorn Cat!”


Green Thorn Cat: Level 69 nice


“Watch out, everyone! This thing is ridiculously fast, you’re going to die before you even realize it if you’re not careful enough. Peel your eyes open and keep your guards up!”


Fei Fei issued her order.


She raised her blade and she focused on the creature.


After she issued her command, the green raccoon struck like an emerald lightning bolt. The demonic beast attempted to attack the closest target, Fei Fei.


With claws at the ready, the creature had a weird sheen to its body. Defying inertia, the creature quickly traversed the rough terrain in an unpredictable trajectory.


The cat had a-patagium like membrane that is almost unnoticeable, this membrane helped the creature to change paths mid-flight as it attacked.


Fei Fei unsheathed Night Elf already, she channeled her douqi and she prepared a sword beam with her sword shining brightly.


With a swing of her blade, the sword beam flew at the demonic cat. The demonic cat just changed its direction so it looks like it’s flying straight towards its death.


The cat’s eyes flashed coldly. It slapped the sword beam out of existence.




Bishi yelled.


“This green thorn cat is more than just fast, Fei Fei might not have such an easy time with it!”


“Let’s help her! We haven’t much time to spare here.”


Bing Ling said. He equipped his daggers and Bishi couldn’t agree more, he charged in with his arming sword.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou stood under a tree as they watched Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi ganging up on the demonic cat.


Mikoto asked Wu Yan.


“Yan, aren’t you going to help?”




Wu Yan rejected her idea.


Mikoto grumbled.


“They are going to talk about you, you know?”


Wu Yan grinned. He pointed his lips at Sylph’s direction.


“See, even Sylph is still observing the fight.”




Hinagiku tilted her head.


“Why isn’t she helping? Isn’t the time of the essence here?”


“I think…”


Shokuhou Misaki twirled the lock of hair in front of her chest. She chuckled.


“Sylph is probably saving her power, right?”




Wu Yan nodded. He analyzed the situation at hand.


“We are going into the deeper areas of the Giant Beasts Forest. I reckon there are a lot of strong beasts inside, tier 8 demonic beasts, most likely.”


“It’s important for her to conserve as much energy as she can. If she wasted her magic power and stamina on these small fries, it’s going to be detrimental to her fights later on in the deeper regions. Worst case scenario, if she died, the whole expedition team might die.”


Mikoto and Hinagiku nodded in agreement.


“Should we also conserve our strength?”


“We should…”


Wu Yan sighed.


“We aren’t using magic power but we should still save our strength, it will benefit us in the long run.”


The other girls nodded to his suggestion.

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