Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 535: That's the attitude

Takitsubou Rikou can alter other people’s personal reality. Through manipulating Personal Reality and AIM field, she can strengthen, weaken, swap, add, remove, and/or remove an ESPer’s power.


Takitsubou Rikou is the MVP of the fight just now.


Kinuhata Saiai’s abilities got boosted when she hit Lv5 but she’s just Level 65. Against one or two wolves, she could win easily but definitely not against a pack of tier 7 wolves.


After Takitsubou Rikou tempered with her power, she got a massive power boost that allowed her to one-punch a wolf. She also buried a pack of wolves with her augmented strength.


Takitsubou Rikou messed with Frenda’s personal Realty and gave her teleportation abilities much like Shiroi Kuroko’s. She used her teleportation abilities to move her explosive doll into the massive cracks formed from Kinuhata Saiai’s punch. She detonated the dolls and blew the pack of wolves to bits if they are still alive after Kinuhata Saiai is done with them, of course.


It’s a victory they rightly shared. They brought about this outcome with their teamwork, each had a different role and they performed their jobs excellently. Granted, the wolves aren’t experienced with fighting against humans who deployed strategies, but their teamwork clearly won the battle.


The result of their teamwork increased their effectiveness geometrically as opposed to linearly.


Frenda and Kinuhata Saiai are already a match for Mugino Shizuri with their present strength. If Takitsubou Rikou came into the picture it wouldn’t even be a fair fight for Mugino Shizuri.


Takitsubou Rikou’s power is like an OP bug if this world is a game.


Shokuhou Misaki walked over to Wu Yan while the three girls are still busy celebrating their victory. She smiled at him.


“How was it? Are you convinced now?”


“They still have room for improvements. Right now, they can only take on tier 7 opponents.”


Wu Yan pursed his lips but a grin still escaped his poker face. Shokuhou Misaki silently laughed.




Fei Fei interrupted Wu Yan & co.


“Thanks to you, our side suffered only a little bit of loss…”


The other members of the elite expedition all went silent.


In terms of manpower and power, they were supposed to be stronger. They had Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi who are peak tier 7 individuals, they even had Sylph who is a tier 8 individual.


When the fight began, the feral demonic wolves proved to be more troublesome than they had imagined. They had more people but they still panicked. The fight Kinuhata Saiai had reminded them of their own weakness, they behaved similarly to the wolves who can only howl in pain as Kinuhata Saiai buried them.


They would have won without Wu Yan & co’s participation but they would have done so after a heavy toll of human lives were extracted.


‘This is your so-called elites?…’


The words that contained Wu Yan’s disdain rang in their minds. They clenched their fists in frustration.


They are supposed to be stronger, they were the side with more people. How did it end with someone else stealing the thunder? They had reasons to be vexed.


The blame isn’t entirely on them. Wu Yan & co and team leaders, Fei Fei, Bing Ling, Bishi, and Fei Fei were notified that the hypothesis should remain classified information. Although they noticed something strange upon entering the jungle, they chalked it up as their imaginations.


The appearance of 30 tier 7 demonic beasts is a very rare event. They also failed to respond in a timely fashion to the ambush, it’s understandable that they performed poorly.


Fei Fei thanking Wu Yan only soured their mood. She didn’t have to thank them.


They chastized themselves for being so slovenly. They silently promised not to embarrass themselves again. The next time they slipped up, it might be their brains or blood on the ground instead of their deceased teammates.


Bing Ling and Bishi laughed when they saw the change in the attitude of their team members. This is the attitude they wanted to see.


Wu Yan shrugged. He smiled at Fei Fei.


“I didn’t do much If you want to thank someone then thank the girls…”


Wu Yan pointed her in the direction of Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. Fei Fei thanked them.


“Thank you very much…”


“It’s super fine~”


Kinuhata Saiai straightened her back while rubbing her nose. It’s pretty clear that she’s very proud at the moment. Frenda grabbed her beret as she exchanged a look with Takitsubou Rikou.


They grinned in a bashful manner.


Even if they are strong, they are still kids in the end.




Fei Fei examined Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou.


“I never assumed you girls were this strong?”


Wu Yan waved to Fei Fei.


“Fei Fei, don’t overestimate them, they still need to work on a lot of stuff…”


“You mean they didn’t perform up to your bar?”


Fei Fei didn’t know if she should cry or laugh.


“If they aren’t fighting at a satisfactory level then I am afraid we are poorly equipped for this expedition on our end. I don’t think I can win easily if Kinuhata Saiai went serious in a fight against me. I think you’re just pinching at imaginary specks of dust.”


“Yes yes!”


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda concurred. They hated Wu Yan for dismissing their stellar battle results.


“You girls should take a moment to think clearly!”


Wu Yan glared at Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda.


“You think you did well? What do you think will happen if you caused such ruckus as setting off explosions and creating earthquakes in hostile grounds? Why don’t you use a loudspeaker to tell the demonic beasts where we are, that would sound better wouldn’t it?”


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou flinched in shock. Wu Yan grumbled.


“Don’t tell me you girls were too busy thinking whether or not you could you never stopped to wonder if you should?”


They awkwardly chuckled and Wu Yan’s lips started twitching.


“Yeah, we are going to have to move out from this area pretty soon.”


Fei Fei agreed with him. Sylph and the other two team leaders also addressed their teams.


“Hurry up, we need to leave this place!”


They moved out and sure enough, another wave of demonic beasts rained down on the area they were just staying at.


The elite team members started taking this expedition seriously. They carefully traversed the Giant Beasts Forest. They would rather spend a few more hours traveling than to slip up and fight more battles.


As they progressed deeper into the forest, the beasts are now at tier 7 or above. Sometimes, they would encounter two or three groups of them moving together. The eerie scene caused the expedition team to carefully tread lest they attract unwanted attention.

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