Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 530: A late night visit, Lei Wang's request...

Night, outside the Giant Beasts Forest…


There’s a wooden fortress built some distance away from the supply down. A bunch of knights is patrolling the borders for any signs of monsters. They also had a duty to keep civilians out from the Giant Beasts Forest for now.


There are also wooden barricades around an area with tents. This is the rest area for the soldiers stationed here.


Wu Yan laid on the ground while propping his head with two arms. What Lei Wang said is still floating around in his head.


Wu Yan didn’t think a problem would prop up so soon after he returned from Date A Live. He assumed that this demonic beast disturbance is only a small setback. He never thought it would turn out so serious.


This trifling matter is now something that involved a tier 9 individual and the possible existence of a demigod tier beast. He needs to start taking this seriously.


If at all possible, Wu Yan doesn’t want to take part in this event. He’s just a newly-minted tier 8 individual. He’s far from hitting tier 9, much less the demigod tier.


He was too busy celebrating about the unlocked bloodline ability, Red Jewel. With Flandre-chan’s red jewel, he can temporarily fight on par with tier 9 individuals. It certainly didn’t take long for fate to spoil his party. He thought he could do as he wished after entering Red Jewel Mode. Now, this kind of stuff happens, who can he file the complaint to?


If Lei Wang’s correct and there’s a beast king roaming in the Giant Beasts Forest then this would all be out of his control. Wu Yan didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.


He would have been fine if it’s just him, he can rely on the System’s gadgets to run away. However, with his girls right here, it’s going to be different.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and the sisters all important people to him. Aside from Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino who aren’t here right now, he wants to make sure his loved ones will stay out of harm’s way. Since there’s no guarantee they won’t be harmed even with the System’s gadgets, Wu Yan didn’t want to get involved.


Wu Yan is going to go crazy if they died. Even if he can revive them with summoning points, he doesn’t want to see his girls getting hurt.


But, with Fei Fei and Lei Wang in the picture, it’s going to be hard to ignore them. What if something happens to them? How is he going to explain it to Lulu?


That’s why Wu Yan is filled with thoughts on this matter.


They only sent Lei Wang from the Board of Directors because they aren’t sure if there’s a beast king. Lei Wang didn’t want to move around recklessly. Although it’s rare to see a tier 9 demonic beast, if they encountered a few of them, Lei Wang will die from getting surrounded. It would probably take only a single demonic beast stronger than Lei Wang to end this expedition. Thus, Lei Wang & co stayed in the tents, they considered their options and plans…


Lei Wang informed Wu Yan & co that the first noble house, Lori family, second noble house, Cyto family, and third noble house, Jardin family, will each send out an elite team for an expedition into the Giant Beasts Forest. It’s up to Wu Yan & co if they want to join.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He’s 100% sure that Fei Fei will definitely lead the elite team into Giant Beasts Forest.


Fei Fei is going in, how can he sit here like this? Even if he could just give her some items and be done with it. Would Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others really watch Fei Fei go into the forest like this?


He reckoned that he won’t be able to stop them even if he tried.


“Gramps Lei Wang, you sly bastard…”


Wu Yan gnashed his teeth.


“Aren’t you afraid that Fei Fei will die, she’s going to become a pillar of strength for the Lori family in the future, you knew that, right?”


Lei Wang’s familiar voice rang in the tent.


“No, quite the contrary, I am very afraid of that scenario.”


Wu Yan’s heart started racing, he shot up from the mat. He told the old man off.


“Gramps Lei Wang, what the hell do you think you’re doing eavesdropping like that?!”


“No, I just came here. I merely responded to a question you asked, that’s all…”


A soft gale blew into Wu Yan’s tent. Lei Wang stood in front of Wu Yan after the wind dissipated.


As expected of a tier 9 individual…


He didn’t detect any signs at all, it’s like he’s a ghost. He secretly praised the guy’s infiltration skill.


“What’s got you up? Laddie?”


Lei Wang sat in front of Wu Yan.


“Aren’t you wide awake as well?”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


“Gramps Lei Wang, I assume you’re here because you got something to talk about?”


Lei Wang nodded.


“Indeed, I wanted to discuss something very important!”


“Relevant to my question?”


Wu Yan replied.


“Then, it has something to do with sister Fei Fei right?”




Lei Wang sighed.


“You might not understand why I involved Fei Fei in this potentially dangerous mission…”


Lei Wang continued.


“Do you want to guess who the imperial family sent to lead the expedition team of the royals?”


Wu Yan flinched, he conjectured.


“Don’t tell me, they sent Sylph?”


“You’ve got that right…”


Lei Wang showed a bitter look.


“Sylph’s strength is something I’m sure you have seen. She’s more than capable enough to lead the expedition team herself…”


“However, since she’s younger, if the other factions sent out older people to lead their expedition teams, as you might imagine, it won’t look too good socially speaking. I am just here to oversee, after all. The other two noble houses probably sent their more promising younger generations to lead their expedition teams.”


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”


Wu Yan is appalled.


“Look at the time and place, jeez, this is no time to be looking out for one’s face or honor.”


“Yet, that is how it is…”


Lei Wang laughed bitterly. He used a formal tone with Wu Yan.


“Little one, you’re a very mysterious person. I am sure you will keep surprising us. I have absolute confidence that Giant Beasts Forest won’t be able to stop you.”


“That is why, I am requesting that you protect Fei Fei…”

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