Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 529: The beast king's threat?...

“Demi-god tier?!”


They inhaled deeply.


Silvaria used to have 5 god-tier individuals. It was recorded in the history books that these 5 individuals belonged to a lost era. An unknown disaster led to the disappearance of the 5 god-tier humans.


With that, demi-god tier humans are the strongest existence on Silvaria. These people are at least level 90.


In Silvaria, there are only 5 demi-gods left in the world.


Out of billions of humans, there are only 5 who have stepped into the realm of demigods. They existed on another level separate from normal mortals.


Lei Wang is saying that a demi-god tier demonic beast was probably born in the Giant Beasts Forest.


If anyone other than Lei Wang proposed this, Wu Yan would seriously doubt the person. But, since Lei Wang is a tier 9 individual who is just a tier below demi-gods, Wu Yan believed him.


“Calm down, it’s just a hypothesis right now. Moreover, beside you guys, only the ones involved with the Board of Directors know about this matter. Most of the world is still in the dark regarding this matter.”


Lei Wang sighed.


“We are also considering the possibility that the records we have are erroneous or exaggerated.”


“i see.”


Wu Yan stared into the distance.


“I don’t think they should have sent a tier 9 out to investigate this though?”


“That’s because you don’t understand the beast king’s role.”


Demi-gods are living legends for other people but the realm of demi-gods is something Lei Wang can only dream of.


“Do you guys know why the beasts banded together to drive out the humans in the forest?”


Wu Yan & co started tuning in. They shook their heads so Lei Wang started explaining.


“Demigod tier beasts, also known as beast kings are existences that have achieved human-level intellect and wisdom. However, the most terrifying part is how they can plan and use the beasts in the Giant Beasts Forest to their biddings.”


“When a new beast king is about to ascend the beast throne, the beasts will get together to drive out possible threats, most likely under the orders of the beast king.”


Lei Wang recalled the stuff the three emperors said during the joint meeting.


“According to our archives, when a peak tier 9 demonic beast makes a breakthrough and achieves demigod-tier power, the beast will start to transform into a form that will optimize their strengths.”


“During this transitional period. the beast king will be very vulnerable, even weaker than before it reached peak strength. A tier 9 would be able to kill them during this phase.”


“The beast king can make other beasts listen to it. After ascending, their transitional period causes a lethal weakness…”


Shokuhou Misaki connected the dots.


“So, the beasts worked together precisely because they wanted to protect the beast king?”




Lei Wang continued with a grimly.


“The disturbance in the forest is like an echo from the past, this is why we suspected the birth of a beast king.”


“The board of directors is presided over by the patriarchs of the 12 strongest factions in the world. After realizing that the birth of a beast king is a very real possibility, the 3 grand elders of the board, that is, the 3 emperors called for a joint briefing. They told us about their findings and sent me over to the giant beast forest with an imperial order.”


Lei Wang scanned the forest as if he can see through the thick foliage of Giant Beasts Forest. It’s like he can see the center of the forest with those sharp eyes of his.


“My main objective this time is to enter the centermost area of Giant Beasts Forest to investigate. Upon discovery of a beast king, my objective changes to the elimination of the beast king.”




Fei Fei cried out in horror.


“Great patriarch, you can’t do that! It’s too dangerous! You are powerful but there are surely other tier 9 beasts in the Giant Beasts Forest. If you go alone then it’s highly likely that something will go awry.”


“Even so, this is a risk I am obligated to take.”


Lei Wang waved his hand, the others could hear that he’s not going to give up no matter what they said.




Fei Fei grabbed his sleeve out of panic. She is blushing red because she’s too riled up. It’s not hard to guess that she’s very emotional right now.


“Gramps Lei Wang…”


Wu Yan stared at Lei Wang’s old and withered face.


“Why are you so hellbent on killing the beast king?”


Lei Wang replied with a bitter smile.


“The beast king is dangerous because it can command the demonic beasts, although its demigod strength is nothing to laugh at either.”


Lei Wang looked at everyone before he continued in a grave tone.


“Demonic beasts can be found everywhere in the Giant Beasts Forest. They are not only numerous they are also very good at reproducing. This is the reason why they haven’t gone extinct ever since humans started hunting them extensively in Giant Beasts Forest.”


“The beasts in the Giant Beasts Forest all abide by the rule of the jungle. The weaker beasts will get eaten by higher tier beasts and the higher tier beasts are more likely to survive. As a result, I suspect that there are more tier 9 monsters in the Giant Beasts Forest than there are tier 9 humans. Despite this, we have never heard the news of a demigod tier beasts for a very long time.”


Lei Wang sighed.


“All the demigod tier beasts and even god-tier beast gods got slain by human experts.


Wu Yan frowned.


“Why did they kill all the beasts demigod tier or above?”


“To make sure Giant Beasts Forest stays under their control.”


Lei Wang continued.


“Giant Beasts Forest is a treasure trove of materials, herbs, and minerals. Without the forest, humans will decline to such a weak level that it frightens me just thinking about it. We need the resources found there, period.”


“A beast king will take command of the beasts. A king will not stand and watch when its peasants are being hunted down and harvested for materials, this also applies to the beast king. It will most likely rally the beasts to solidify its grip on the Giant Beasts Forest. Then, humans will lose access to resources in the forest.”


“And that’s why they are such a huge threat, huh…?”


The others all fell silent, they pondered about what Lei Wang had told them.

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