Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 528: Speculation and the possible cause of the demonic beast disturbance

Wu Yan’s respectful attitude made Lei Wang laugh even more heartily. He slapped his back, his cheerful attitude belied his strength as a tier 9 individual.


“I bet you didn’t expect this, did ya, lad?!”


He examined him and his eyes lit up.


“Young lad, I am pretty sure it’s only been days since I last saw you, your strength increased and you have broken through to a new tier haven’t you?”


Wu Yan flinched in surprise, he nodded and he praised Lei Wang.


“I didn’t think you would notice…”


Lei Wang laughed out loud.


“You little rascal, you’re so full of secrets. If you don’t say anything then I will just have to dig out all your secrets. This is what you get for making me so intrigued!”


Wu Yan smiled without saying anything. Sister Fei Fei covered her mouth in shock.


“Yan, you achieved a breakthrough in your cultivation? That means you’re now a tier 8 individual?”


“Well, I trained like hell, it’s only to be expected…”


Wu Yan gave her a half-hearted explanation.


“The fight with Jaafar gave me the enlightenment needed to breakthrough my bottleneck.”


“I see…”


Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan with admiration.


“To think, just half a month ago you’re my equal. Now, have already surpassed me…”


“Sister Fei Fei, it won’t be long before you hit tier 8…”


Wu Yan noticed her respect and he tried to cheer her up.


“You’re already at the peak of tier 7, I reckon you will reach tier 8 pretty soon!”


“It’s not as easy as it sounds…”


Fei Fei bitterly laughed.


“There are a lot of peak tier 7 students in Silvaria World Institute. Do you see a lot of tier 8 students? If I am unlucky, I might get stuck in this tier for life…”


“Now now, you’re selling yourself short, sister Fei Fei…”


Wu Yan laughed. He looked into her eyes.


“You might think like that but let me remind you lest you forget that you’re way younger than those tier 8 when they were just tier 7 individuals.”


“That’s the attitude, young lad!”


Lei Wang slapped his back again. He looked very proud of Wu Yan, he turned towards Fei Fei and he grinned widely.


“Fei Fei, I still remember your teacher when he was your age. Although he was tier 7 like you, he was never this close to tier 8. From this, we can surmise that your talent exceeds your teacher, that punk is already at tier 8. If he can do it, you can do it. You need to check that attitude of yours, it’s going to be your greatest obstacle.”


Fei Fei thought about for a bit and she chuckled.


“I understand, I thank patriarch for the lessons. Also, thanks for the vote of confidence, Yan…”


“It pleases me greatly to watch young ones grow up nice and wholesome, I am so blessed!”


Lei Wang rubbed his long beard. At his age and power, all he wants to see is for the ones below him to quickly sprout wings and soar high in the sky. This is the main reason he chose to become the emcee for the Grand tournament of Silvaria World Institute.


The bigshots from the other factions wanted to greet Lei Wang but since the three of them are having a blast talking about stuff, they chose to retreat and look for another time to greet the patriarch.


Wu Yan noticed them, it’s hard not to when they are all decked out with better equipment and qualified personnel.


Wu Yan asked Lei Wang in a slightly confused tone.


“Gramps Lei Wang, why are you leading all these men? Aren’t you the patriarch of the Lori family?”




Lei Wang grinned at him.


“Do I look like the kind of guy who likes to boss people around from the safety of his throne?”


“No, I am not implying that…”


Wu Yan scratched his cheeks.


“I just don’t understand why the other families authorized you to lead their men?”


Wu Yan noticed a slight bit of tension on Lei Wang’s face, even if he tried to hide it. His expression turned serious.


“This is inevitable…”


Lei Wang looked at his men.


“This time, I am leading the men here on the authority of the emperor of the Ailu empire.”


“The emperor…”


Wu Yan & co exchanged looks. Shokuhou Misaki must have realized something, she turned towards Lei Wang.


“So the emperor thought that the gravity of this situation required the mobilization of a tier 9 expert?”




Lei Wang turned around.


“That is correct, lassie, you are very astute as expected of someone who created the 13th faction within a month in Silvaria World Institute.”


Lei Wang’s praise fell on deaf ears. Shokuhou Misaki & co are more concerned about his implicit affirmation of the previous question.


“So it’s so troublesome that the emperor sent a tier 9 huh?”


Wu Yan rubbed his temples. This is the first he seriously considered that the disturbance is more than it seems.


Sensing the looming mood, Lei Wang turned the situation around.


“Don’t look so gloomy, send those grey clouds away, the situation is not that bad yet.”


Wu Yan blinked before he sighed helplessly.


“Gramps Lei Wang, you need to stop with the theatrics, you’re making us very nervous here…”


Lei Wang crossed his arms. He tapped his biceps with his right index finger.


“Let me be straight with you guys, the old emperor sent me here because he had a guess.”


“A guess?”


The others turned their focus to Lei Wang. The next part will be very important.


“You guys are too young to know about this….”


Lei Wang continued.


“Actually, this is not the first time demonic beasts worked together to fight against humans.”


The others all gasped, Fei Fei interjected.


“If this happened before, then why did you make us investigate, the past records should have the answers right?”


“Because we can’t be too sure.”


“I said this happened before but the last known event happened so long ago that the books only had a little information on this subject.”




Shokuhou Misaki tilted her head.


“What did the records say about this…”


Lei Wang looked at the distant Giant Beasts Forest. His joviality left him before he continued.


“According to the records, the last time this happened, it’s because of the birth of the beast king.”




The others all gulped. They wore expressions of bewilderment and anxiousness.


Wu Yan’s eyes lit up.


“What tier was the beast king?”


“You mean, how strong is the beast king, right?”


Lei Wang laughed while shaking his head.


“Well, all beast kings in the past were demi-god tier in strength!”

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