Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 526: The ladies' increase in power

Shokuhou Misaki’s exposition caused Hinagiku and Wu Yan to frown.


“So, the beasts came rushing out of the forest because of you girls?”


“You’re saying it’s our fault?…”


Mikoto grumbled.


“It’s clearly the beasts’ fault, even if we didn’t come here, the beasts would have gone berserk anyway, what with so many people entering the forest and all…”


Shokuhou Misaki agreed with her.


“It’s the beasts. Something’s wrong with them, most of the elite team sent here are tasked with investigating the disturbances caused by the beasts….”


“I see, you’ve got a point.”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“Where’s Sister Fei Fei? I thought you girls moved together? Where is she anyway?”


Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki bitterly laughed.


“Sister Fei Fei went back for reinforcements. It’s not just Sister Fei Fei’s faction, the other factions also sent some men back to get help and report about the situation.”




Wu Yan is puzzled.


“They wouldn’t make it in time. The supply town would have been destroyed by the time the reinforcements arrived.”


“I don’t blame them.”


Shokuhou Misaki continued with a bitter smile.


“There was actually one more wave before this one.”




Wu Yan and Hinagiku gasped.




Mikoto supported her.


“That wave was especially desperate in driving the humans out of the Giant Beasts Forest. By the time they drove the humans out of the forest, they pretty much wore themselves out and got settled rather easily by the human side.


“After that…”


Shokuhou Misaki continued.


“We sent someone in and they discovered that the other beasts are all preparing to rush out of the forest with at least 10 times the previous number. Noticing that this required even more intervention and fighting force, Sister Fei Fei and the other factions went back to get help before the beasts actually rushed out of the forest.”


“There are in total 3 supply towns in Silvaria. Each was built on the frontier closest to the Giant Beasts Forest within each of the 3 empire’s territories. The supply towns served as a critical hub for materials and trade. Naturally, the empires won’t sit idly by and let beasts ruin the towns.


The disturbance and monster exodus also raised a lot of eyebrows.


The trend of this issue seems to point at a more critical issue. Sister Fei Fei chose the correct option by reporting their current findings and securing more men to investigate further.


Wu Yan isn’t satisfied with their decision.


“What’s going to happen if the monsters storm out when they are still away?”


Without waiting for Shokuhou Misaki to reply, he smiled.


“So they chose to leave some of their men behind to defend against the hoarde. And you girls were deployed as a result, I see, very shrewd indeed…”


Wu Yan is angry with Fei Fei. Although Mikoto & co probably could have held their own against the demonic beast army. He’s angry that Fei Fei who is supposed to be his friend chose to risk Mikoto & co’s safety like this, who knew what could have happened?


“Yan-kun, calm down…”


They are not surprised Wu Yan is angry, it only shows that he cared for them. Shokuhou Misaki tried to calm Wu Yan down.


“Don’t lay all the blame on Fei Fei. If it at all possible, she wanted to stay and fight with us but she didn’t know if there was going to be a third or fourth wave of monsters. She knew we can survive but she reckoned that we wouldn’t be able to hold the defensive line against a sea of monsters.”


Wu Yan’s expression turned better after Shokuhou Misaki pacified him. He sighed.


“You girls might be okay but I don’t want to see the sisters getting hurt. They are still weak and with so many of them involved I don’t know what I would do if a bunch of them got hurt.”


“The sisters, weak?”


Shokuhou Misaki grinned.


“Looks like you have been out of the loop for too long…”




Wu Yan tilted his head in confusion. Shokuhou Misaki started explaining and she pointed her lips at the sisters.


“I think you should check the sisters’ level.”


He opened his System and he checked their status. His eyes widened with astonishment.


His mouth started turning into an ‘O’ shape. He rubbed his eyes just to be safe.


“Tier 6? That’s fast!”


“Super surprised, aren’t ya?…”


Kinuhata Saiai grabbed this chance to mock Wu Yan, she started roasting him while standing akimbo.


“What kind of super brother-in-law are you? You don’t even super know about the condition of your sisters-in-law, you’re super lame.”


“Broth-brother-in law?! Sister-in-law…”


Mikoto blushed. She’s the elder sister here so Kinuhata Saiai is implying that Wu Yan is the husband and she’s the wife. The tsundere railgun will never admit this out loud.


“Hey hey hey, don’t just focus on the sisters.”


Frenda acted like a brat who just got 100 on her test. She stuck her chest out in pride.


“Look at us, we have grown much stronger too!”


Wu Yan scanned Mikoto & co. He confirmed their growth.


Katsura Hinagiku: Lvl 69


Misaka Mikoto: Lvl 75


Ikaros: Lvl 79


Astrea: Lvl 77


Shokuhou Misaki: Lvl 69


Kinuhata Saiai: Lvl 65


Frenda: Lvl 64


Takitsubou Rikou: Lvl 64


“No way!”


Wu Yan gasped in shock.


“How did you girls raise your levels so quickly in such a short time?”


Shokuhou Misaki grinned, she crossed her arms.


“It’s all thanks to the diligent sisters who took turns hunting in groups in the Giant Beasts Forest. Their effort got them through tier 7 and brought Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou to tier 7. Meanwhile, we also leveled up quite a bit.”


“The experience points from their grinding might be insufficient for you, Misaka, Ikaros, and Astrea but it’s gigantic for us. Now, do you still think the sisters are weak?”


Wu Yan choked on his words, he came up with a rebuttal.


“So what if they are at tier 6, more than half of the monsters just now were tier 6…”


“It’s not just their levels…”


Shokuhou Misaki laughed while covering her mouth.


“More importantly, after Takitsubou Rikou reached tier 7, she became a Lv5 esper, now her ability can actually affect our Personal Reality. With her help, the sisters can achieve tier 7 strength after she adjusted their personal reality.”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed after seeing Takitsubou Rikou who is bashful for being the center of attention.


“So you’re the one who has hidden her strength all this time…”



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