Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 525: Bounty and the start of this outbreak

The 1 male and 9 females odd combo stood in the middle of a corpse-strewn battlefield, the other humans don’t know what to say. The guy is even flirting with a few of the girls like they are on a date or something. The humans decided that it’s best to just let them be.


After putting out the fires threatening to burn his harem, he looked at the corpses of the demonic beasts. He sneered with glee.


How can he not be? Demonic beast bodies are important materials, these corpses are even more important to Wu Yan because he can sell them for Item Points, their magic cores can be sold for Ability Points, he saw them as a rich oilfield of points.


He lifted his leg and he stomped down. In an instant, the corpses disappeared.


Obtained 13,755,000 Item Points and 130,000 Ability Points.


Wu Yan’s face twitch when he heard the System’s notification. He wanted to laugh out loud but lest other thought less of him, he just endured the urge.


His 0 Item Points ballooned to over 10 million points in just the blink of an eye. The last time he got more than a million Item Points was back in the world of Hayate the Combat Butler.


The amount of ability points he got per monster kill is terrible compared to his other exploits. His ability points gain isn’t as noteworthy as is Item Points gain. He killed so many beasts but he got only got a few ability points because most of the monsters were below tier 7. There were only dozens of tier 7 and above monsters this time around. Counting his fortune, this should be okay given the enemies he fought.


Wu Yan still can’t hold back his smile after enduring it, that’s just how happy he was with the bounty this time.


The other factions are not as happy as he is. They are even silently cursing their luck.


Only the blood of demonic beasts are left on this battlefield, they started making a huge fuss.


“Where are the demonic beasts?”


“Impossible, they were just here…”


“What the hell is going on here?…”


The hysterical crowd kept staring at the ground as if the corpses had turned invisible or something.


The demonic beast army didn’t have quality behind their quantity but the numbers would make any man think twice about taking the army on. If they can get a share of the rewards here, the amount would still be large enough for people to fight over. However, with the bodies gone, it’s like their gold grew wings and flew away.


Hinagiku & co noticed this. Judging by Wu Yan’s grin, it’s probably Wu Yan who did all this. Excluding Ikaros and Flandre-chan, the other girls all rolled their eyes at Wu Yan, including Astrea and Takitsubou Rikou.


Conservatively speaking, at least 70% of the deaths on the side of the demonic beast resulted from Fraxinus’ attacks. The remaining 30% was pretty much Mikoto & co’s work. He would clobber anyone who dares claim that they had a right to the rewards.


Without his timely arrival, more would have died, Wu Yan considered the corpses of the demonic beast as protection fee for the other factions.


Wu Yan scanned the crowd and he frowned after analyzing their data.


A lot of them are emergency personnel mobilized hastily. A small portion of them, however, are very well equipped and trained, it’s like they are elite teams sent here by other factions. There are even tier 8 individuals in the crowd.


These people are clearly here on a mission.


Wu Yan recalled that Mikoto & co came to the Giant Beasts Forest in order to rescue the sisters. Why did they get caught up with this war against the demonic beast? He came just in time so he didn’t have the time to think it through but what made the beasts come out of Giant Beasts Forest?


Wu Yan wondered.


Wu Yan turned towards Mikoto & co.


“Mikoto, I thought you girls came here to bust the sisters out of their encirclement, why did you girls get caught up with this battle?”


“Oh, right.”


Hinagiku had the same thoughts.


“I was so surprised when I saw you girls fighting over here…”


Mikoto exchanged looks with the others. She told Shokuhou Misaki to explain.


“I think you should tell him…”


Shokuhou Misaki nodded and she started talking.


“From the start, we never expected this to happen…”


Shokuhou Misaki slowly elucidated Wu Yan and Hinagiku to the situation at hand.


Originally, Mikoto & co acted with Fei Fei & co. Fei Fei & co came to investigate the disturbances in the forest while they came here to rescue the sisters. Since they were familiar with each other and they had similar interests, they grouped up and headed deeper into the jungle.


They located the other sisters soon enough with the help of Misaka 10032. They also saved the sisters from the encirclement of demonic beasts without much issue. They didn’t foresee what came next.


The disturbance in the forest is a nuisance to the Ailu empire, it’s a major source of income and materials for Silvaria in general. A disturbance would affect a lot of livelihoods so each faction sent out a party of elites to investigate this issue. Fei Fei got mobilized here as part of this effort.


The beasts started chasing people out of the forest but because they are too weak, more humans gathered at the fringes, many of them are tier 6 or above in strength. With an increasing amount of people entering the forest, at one point, the demonic beasts started going berserk all at once. At this point, no one knew why the beasts are behaving this way but it’s clear that they wanted humans to get the fuck out of the Giant Beasts Forest.


They grouped up and chased the humans out of the forest again. The beasts didn’t stop there, they charged out of the forest as if to settle it once and for all with humans.

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