Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 524: I think you girls will hit it off...

Wu Yan had seen the battle from up here, he saw the looks on the human side but he pursed his lips without further deliberations on this matter.


They are making too much fuss over this. Yeah, Fraxinus is shocking when it is deployed in the battle, but, their shock is mostly due to the conceptions they have about airships in general. Fraxinus is more like a gargantuan gold Armament than an airship.


With a killing machine like this, everyone wants to get their hands on it, especially people with factions and sects to bolster.


Imagine a clash between two factions of roughly equal power. Suddenly, one side pulls out this airship that can give air supremacy and crowd control weaker enemies, it’s only a matter of time before the other side gets wiped out.


Maybe Fraxinus wouldn’t be effective against enemies of tier 8 or above. However, there’s not a single faction out there where the majority of their forces are at tier 8 or above.


This is the critical function of Fraxinus in a war, weeding out the scrubs so allies can focus on stronger targets. On weaker factions, Fraxinus is arguably a doomsday device that can annihilate entire clans or sects.


With a single unit of this airship, they can steer the battlefield towards their favor. But, what if…


You can mass-produce similar units. This scenario blew the minds of the officials of every large faction here.


Wu Yan could read their minds but he couldn’t care less about what they think. If they want to try and rob him, Wu Yan wouldn’t mind letting them try.


If someone managed to snatch his Fraxinus which had been turned into a Noble Phantasm, Wu Yan might even ask the thief how he did it so that Wu Yan can go on a trip to Nasuverse and steal Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.


Wu Yan paid more attention to Fraxinus’ battle performance.


It didn’t disappoint him, as to be expected from a B rank equipment/ Gold Armament. In one-on-one fights, Fraxinus can’t beat Gate of Babylon or Nietono no Shana. In large scale battles, its function as a fortress and mobile artillery unit made it indispensable as a tool of war. At least, Wu Yan had not seen one that can beat it yet.


Its Artificial Territory is on par with Ikaros’ Aegis and slightly weaker than Astrea’s Aegis.


“I have really hit the mother lode this time, no, someone gave me the mother lode…”


Wu Yan smiled and waved at the airship behind him. The hangars opened, Hinagiku and Flandre-chan appeared inside.


“Ikaros, Astrea, go get Hinagiku and Flandre-chan.”


“At once, master.”


The angeloids carried out their orders. Wu Yan stored Fraxinus away through his Gate of Babylon portal.


Their eyes widened when the large airship disappeared just as mysteriously as it had appeared.


Wu Yan licked his lips when he saw the piles and piles of demonic beast corpses lying on the ground.


“Sweet, more Item Points and Ability Points…”


Wu Yan descended from the sky followed by Ikaros and Astrea with Hinagiku and Flandre-chan in tow.




Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou pushed their way through the crowd before presenting themselves in front of Wu Yan.


“Yan, that ship…”


“Oh, it’s something I got from the other world…”


Wu Yan beamed at the girls. He sighed with relief.


“I know that it’s only been half a day to you girls but let me just how happy I am to see you girls again…”


“Oh? Is that so?”


Shokuhou Misaki giggled while covering her mouth with a hand. Her starry eyes lit up as she teased him.


“I thought you wouldn’t want to see us again.”




Wu Yan is baffled by her.


“What makes you think that? I never thought like that at all!”


“Hmm, I wonder?”


Shokuhou Misaki continued.


“Normally, once men have new side-girls, I assume that they naturally ditched their current lovers, is that not right?”


Wu Yan almost choked on his saliva. Meanwhile, the other girls looked at him with shock.


“Say, Yan…”


Kaichou-sama smiled at him, what a thorny smile it looked to him.


“You didn’t mess around in the other world right?…”


Shake, shaking like one’s life depends on it


“Hey, Yan…”


Railgun smiled with static electricity running through her bangs.


“I assume you didn’t give us new comrades?”


Shake, shaking one’s head like a guilty man…


“Hmm, Yan…”


The Queen smiled like a rose, a cold and deadly rose.


“You didn’t just lie to us right?…”




His mechanical shake broke down and he nodded after the girls all looked at him with piercing gazes.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki turned dark when he finally confessed.


Wu Yan jumped in fright. He flailed his arms around trying to dig himself out of this situation.


“I didn’t mess around, I searched high and low for trustworthy, dependable, and kind girls, you girls are gonna love them!”




Mikoto laughed without hiding her fury.


“Do you think your words hold any significance right now?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“I don’t have enough points to summon them right now, wait and see, I bet you girls will hit it off in no time at all…”


Shokuhou Misaki stared at Wu Yan for a bit before she turned the other way. Snorting, she warned him.


“You better hope you’re right.”


“Of course, I am telling the truth here!”


Wu Yan is sure that Tohka and Yoshino will definitely garner the love of the other girls due to their innocent nature. Meanwhile, Kotori might be a tsundere but tsundere amounts to a significant proportion of his harem. As for Kurumi, she’s just a crazier version of the Queen, how hard can it be to deal with them, right?…

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