Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 523: A true machine of war

Roar roar roar


The demonic beast army furiously growled and roared at the figure in the sky. Some of the demonic beasts started channeling their innate magic.


They fired their magic at the figure in the sky. Flames, lightning, gale, boulders, ice spikes, you name it, the sky filled up with a myriad of colors.




Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou cried out when they saw a salvo of magic attacks heading Wu Yan’s way.




Ikaros and Astrea deployed their Aegis but Wu Yan stopped them.


He glanced at the bullet storm in front of him and he knew just what to use against this lethal barrage of projectiles.


Seconds before the barrage hit him, he pointed forward.


“Artificial territory, deploy…”


The airship glowed with a faint green sheen. A hexagonal barrier started expanding with Fraxinus as the core. Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea are well within the range of the barrier.


The magic salvo hit the barrier to little effect aside from making huge explosions. The dust resulting from the bombardment covered the airship and the barrier. For a few minutes, the people below can’t see what’s going on with the airship.


The salvo didn’t stop there, as the barrage got more intense, more clouds of dust and explosions blocked anyone from viewing the airship.


After the attacks died down, Wu Yan & co appeared unharmed from within the center of bombardment.


The green barrier faded away, revealing Astrea, Ikaros, and Wu Yan. This time, Wu Yan pointed downwards at the demonic beast army.


Kachak grind swirl


They can hear mechanical noises being emitted by Fraxinus, Fraxinus deployed its cannons, huge cannons that were hidden from view by Fraxinus’ exterior shell, until now.


The cannons are priming up, after that, Wu Yan started shelling the demonic beast army from above with the same intensity the demonic beast army did when they bombed Fraxinus.


Like a meteor storm, the shells bombarded the demonic beasts army causing widespread chaos and casualties. Craters started filling up the battlefield with the gory corpses of demonic beasts decorating them. They are so dead not even Grim Reaper wanted to take their souls.




They can’t believe how easily these people decimated the battlefield and the demonic beast army. As nobles and bigshots from related to imperial families, they can’t fathom the idea of someone controlling such strong military might.


They were struggling so hard against the enemy and here comes someone who wiped the floor with the demonic beasts like it’s his Monday power walk session. They are as dejected as they are astonished. Meanwhile, that airship in the sky puzzled them very much.


They have never heard of a successful attempt at turning airships into instruments of war much less an airship that had such terrifying capabilities.


Of course, these people didn’t know that Wu Yan’s Fraxinus isn’t an airship as they know.




The beasts that escaped the shelling cried and distanced themselves from the airship with their tails between their legs. Their anguished wails and howls spoke volumes about the apprehension they had in this war.


They aren’t that smart but even a dumb mutt would know to stay away from trouble unless they want to put their survival on the line. They subconsciously knew that any further encounter with the object in the sky will spell their doom.


The beasts that were harmed in that shelling can only growl with frustration and pain, what can they do against the figure in the sky, they already tried bombing him but he’s still unharmed. The only target they can harm is the humans on the ground so they turned their attention towards them.


The cannons shrunk back into the airship, what followed is the appearance of countless tube-sized protrusions all over the airship. Light started gathering in the tubes and seconds later, laser rained down on the beasts.


What little viciousness they have left, it’s all gone now, the beasts all cried out in terror.


Howling like someone is beating them with a stick, the beasts turned tail and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. However, it’s too late for them.


Like arrows, the lasers pierced them, unlike arrows, the pain didn’t stop there as the lasers made bloody and macabre holes in the beasts’ strong torso.


Drip drop


Blood streamed down their wounds. If they weren’t maimed before this, they are more or less disabled with this round of attack. This is outrageous, they were trying to flee, their eyes trembled with vexation and they fell down with a thud. Some of the beasts also massive internal damage judging by how they are coughing up blood.


The laser storm ended with another round of casualties on the demonic beast army’s side.


The sound of demonic beast falling is like a grim symphony to anyone’s ears. Before they knew it, the demonic beasts had been wiped clean from the battlefield.


Looking at the corpses of the demonic beasts, the humans struggled to collect their thoughts.


1 Defensive maneuver and 2 attack phases ended with the demonic beast army’s utter defeat.


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