Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 522: Trouble & arrival

An army of demonic beasts that had different sizes and shapes. Their howls would send shivers down anyone’s spine. They are all out for blood, they charged into the fray with ravenous eyes.


“Crap… this might be troublesome…”


Shokuhou Misaki said while laughing bitterly at the appearance of this second demonic beast army.


“How many demonic beasts are there in the forest? I hope they are not planning to come out of the forest all at once…”


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda cringed when they heard her. A lot of people will die if that’s true.


“Damn it!”


Mikoto clenched her fists in frustration. Not even Mikoto feels confident when confronted with such numbers, she’s getting a bit worried about whether they can get out of this one with zero casualties.


This second demonic beast army made the first one looked like a bitch baby in comparison. However, Mikoto & co can’t back down, not with the supply town behind them. A lot of innocent humans lived in the supply town.


Against the incoming demonic beast army, the humans subconsciously stepped back. They held onto their weapons not out of bravery but the worry of their own safety.


Can we… Can we really defend this place?


Someone blurted out the thing they are all wondering about.


“Where’s the reinforcements?!”


They cursed and cursed as a sense of fatigue and despair started insidiously gripping their hearts.


They had a lot of people on their side but most of them are weaker than tier 7. Tier 7 individuals made up a very small proportion of their force. Meanwhile, they are only a handful of tier 8 individuals including Ikaros, Mikoto, and Astrea. If not for the hope of reinforcements, most of them would have abandoned their positions a long time ago.


“Sister Fei Fei, please return soon…”


Mikoto gnashed her teeth. Inhaling, she looked at the incoming army with a steely gaze. Her lightning flashed even brighter as if responding to her resolve.


“No matter what, I have to hold on until sister Fei Fei shows up!”


A lightning-clad Mikoto was about to at the incoming army when…




The flying beasts hit something invisible in the sky. Like bugs splattered on windshields, they turned into meat pies in the sky. The invisible object continued giving the flying beasts what is known as the splat splat splat death as it cruised at a low enough altitude to cause massive disruption to the aerial beasts’ formation.


Some of the more unfortunate ones got turned into bloody mist from the massive collision damage. Lucky beasts managed to escape but they also got swept along by the wind the invisible object caused.


Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou all stopped in surprise.


The flying object cleared out the sky while everyone is preoccupied with gawking at the invisible object.


They all exchanged looks in confusion. The demonic beasts knew that if they attacked now, they would get a retaliation that will end them so they chose to growl at the invisible object in the sky instead.


Mikoto’s eyes widened in astonishment. She opened her mouth wide.


“I know this EM response, it’s identical to the sisters and I, i-it’s…”


“You jerk if you’re here then just show yourself already!”


Mikoto’s loud voice suffused the battlefield. The battlefield actually stopped from her shout


“I see you’re still energetic as ever…”


A gigantic airship appeared after someone said that. The airship slowly appeared in the sky as Wu Yan turned off the invisibility mode. With this giant ship, he squashed the aerial beasts like bugs.


A figure shot out from the airship, he hovered in the airspace in front of the airship.


Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou recognized the owner of the airship almost immediately. With joyful looks, they smiled at him. Ikaros is still stunned by the return of her master.




Ikaros stared intently at the figure in a distance. A strong sensation overwhelmed her emotional processing facility. Ikaros trembled before she flew towards Wu Yan with the highest speed she can muster.




He greeted Ikaros who stopped in front of him. She looked at him with eyes of devotion and bliss. Rubbing her head, he grinned.


“I am back…”


Feeling the familiar warmth, she lowered her head while greeting him back. She distilled all her words into one simple sentence.


“Welcome back, master…”


“About time you returned…”


Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou released sighs of relief. His ability is number 5 and his wisdom is probably only a bit higher than Astrea, which is not a compliment at all. However, his appearance gave them a sense of safety.




Astrea flapped her wings and she flew towards Wu Yan while chirping happily.


“Master! You’re finally back!”


Astrea gasped in shock when she saw Fraxinus up close.


“What’s that?! It looks like a huge battleship!”


Astrea’s over-the-top reaction caused him to laugh out loud. He was about to explain it to her but he stopped himself.


“Well, we will talk about that later. Right now, I think the monsters are getting impatient…”


The humans suddenly recalled that they still had a pressing matter at hand, why did they get distracted for so long?


Who can blame them? Weather-manipulating magic, girls with wings that boasted frightening power, and the gigantic airship that wiped the floor with aerial beasts, it would get anyone’s attention.


The demonic beasts are just as surprised by Wu Yan’s appearance. They growled and roared at the object in the sky. It’s unknown if this is due to the death of their beasts comrades or because of the danger they felt from this object in the sky.


Awoo Caw Roar


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at the beasts baring their fangs and claws at him.


“I don’t know why you beasts came wandering out of the forest. But, your luck is certainly bad since I am in need of test subjects for Fraxinus’ combat ability. I think the results won’t disappoint me like the aerial collision test I just conducted…”

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