Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 521: A sea of monsters, the second emergence of the demonic beast army

Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and the Misaka clones held their own grounds with superb technique and teamwork. While they are busy holding the defense line, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea turned into lethal blades that devastated the enemy lines.


In this turbulent battlefield, a blue ray of light streaked across the sky. Landing in the densest part of the demonic beast army is a figure with blue wings.



Her cold red eyes had no mercy in them. She flapped her blue wings after confirming her targets.


“Artemis, Perpetual homing missiles!


Her mechanical voice is a stark contrast to her ruby lips. Red-glowing missiles appeared behind her. A second later, the missiles bombarded the enemies.


Boom boom boom boom boom


Droves of beasts fell as waves after waves of missiles landed on the beasts. If the beasts weren’t screaming in pain then they are wailing at death’s door. It didn’t take long for Ikaros to rake up a kill-count that exceeded the kill-count of all the humans combined.


Ikaros didn’t stop here, she continued firing her homing missiles at the demonic beast army.


Probably because Ikaros is causing massive damage to the demonic beast army or maybe because she’s too salient as a flying target, flying demonic beasts started appearing and they targeted her.


When the humans looked up at the sky, they saw a terrifying scene, the flying beasts are so numerous that they threatened to cover the sky like a locust swarm of biblical proportions. They started sweating hard as they turned pale. This is going to be a long and hard-fought war.


Arial beasts are harder to deal with in 1 v 1 situations between two units of roughly the same level. With this number, it’s going to be dangerous even if the ground unit is superior in strength.


The human side had to divide up their forces to deal with both the ground and air units of the demonic beast army. Slowly, the human army became the disadvantaged party of this war. The addition of flying beasts really impacted the flow of this war.


They were already at a stalemate and now the scale is tipped in the demonic beast army’s favor.


“This is bad…”


Shokuhou Misaki noticed the trend as well. Her expression turned dark with consternation.


“If we don’t do something soon, we won’t be able to stop the demonic beast army from marching forward. The supply town will be hit first and then the impact will reverberate throughout the Ailu empire.”


If only Shokuhou Misaki’s ability range can go further than this, she would still be able to turn the situation around.


AC/DC thunderstruck starts playing




A soft voice came and along with it, the deletion of a large number of flying beasts. Before they knew what happened, the humans saw flying beasts being literally bombed out of the sky. The cocky flying beasts suddenly knew who is the real pimp daddy when it comes to aerial combat.




Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda gasped, jubilation appeared on their faces.


Ikaros’ bombardment is like a godsent intervention that helped the human side at the direst time. Not only did her bombardment lighten their load, but it also diverted the attention of other flying beasts. The beasts instinctively knew that they had to take care of this “human” or risk elimination. They all employed the simple tactic of rushing at her all at once from many directions.


Ikaros greeted them with another round of fresh Artemis baked artillery bombardment, the exasperated humans also showed the flying beasts how much they hated their harassment by giving them a taste of their spells and battle techniques.


It’s the flying beasts’ turn to feel despair and vexation now. Just when they thought they couldn’t get it any worse, here comes another one…




Astrea slashed her way through the flying beasts in the sky with her trusty lightsaber. Each swing of her blade spelled the death of another beast.


She couldn’t dispatch the enemies as swiftly as Ikaros with her Artemis but with her first-generation angeloid wings that boasted the fastest speed, it didn’t take long for her to clean a path through the demonic beast army’s aerial division.


The two angeloids gallant performances riled up the human army fighting below them. They fought the beasts with renewed vigor.


The humans should have lost the war under the pincer attack of both the aerial and ground units of the demonic beast army. It’s hard to imagine that two individuals can turn the tide of war so easily. They really lived up to their reputations as devastating machines of war.


Ikaros and Astrea gave the human side air supremacy. The two of them were more than enough to overwhelm the demonic beast army. The human onlookers below them looked on with passion, envy, fear, among other emotions. Mostly though, they worshipped them. Meanwhile, a certain competitive individual didn’t want to be outshined by her comrades.


“I need to step up my game!”


Still using the sea of iron sand to exterminate her foes, she lifted a hand to the sky with burning eyes.


By her will, a lightning storm started brewing in the battlefield. The flashes of lightning in the sky and the rumbling of thunder meant that whatever is coming, it ain’t a peashooter for sure.


“Here you go!”


She swung her arm down and a gigantic bolt of lightning bolt struck the aerial beasts in the sky.




Disintegrated by the giant bolt of lightning, she made a gigantic hole in the aerial beasts’ formation. The lucky beasts that escaped this force of nature found themselves struggling against the strong winds in the sky, the weaker ones fell to the ground and turned into meat pies.


“What the…”


Everyone inhaled with astonishment.


“What kind of spell was that? The magnitude of its power is on another level!”


They have been thunderstruck by this display of power. Suddenly, a strong intent to fight back lit up within them.


With strong allies backing them up, this war is as good as won, they had to keep up or be left behind.


Suddenly, they noticed something that turned their excitement into surprise.


Another huge wave of demonic beasts came marching out of the forest.


The number made the current wave looked like it’s the appetizer to the main meal nobody wanted.

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