Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 520: The great battle outside Giant Beasts Forest.

“Uranus mode: On!”


Ikaros’ special student uniform faded and a sexy white armor replaced it.  Her pink wings unfurled, her wings transformed into a beautiful blue pair of wings. A white halo also appeared above Ikaros’ head.


Her green eyes changed color, they are now an eery red, lines of data flowed across her field of vision. Reflected in her eyes is the incoming demonic beast army.


Astrea’s uniform also faded away, she materialized her blue armor. A buckler appeared in her left hand while a blue lightsaber appeared in her right hand.


The Angeloids flew into the air with their blue and white wings. Hovering above Mikoto, they stood by as Mikoto called forth tidal waves of iron sand behind her.


The others were stunned by Astrea and Ikaros’ angelic forms. They didn’t stop to wonder why the two of them suddenly spawned wings.




The more agile beasts charged ahead of the main force. One of them body-slammed an individual who didn’t react in time. He managed to block the attack but the beast kept attacking so he’s pressured.


There are now minor fights happening everywhere, the human armyis still holding strong. This is just the prelude before the true battle. The mainforce collided with the humans.


“Kill them all!”




Humans and demon beasts clashed in an intense war. Things are now heating up for both sides.


Dou qi and mana could be felt everywhere. The humans used battle skills and magic spells on the demonic beast army, creating mountains of corpses.


Some of the stronger beasts who survived grew even more vicious and savage in their attacks. Angered, the demonic beasts started pounding the nearest human.


The weaker beasts who aren’t suitable to close-quarter combat started using their skills instead of claws. The demonic beasts fired their innate skills at the humans, creating another round of casualties.


Humans and demons fell by the hundreds. Blood flooded the battlefield.


In one corner of this battlefield, something entirely different happened.


The twenty thousand Misaka clones huddled together in an organized fashion. Like an impregnable fortress, they slew the demonic beasts with deadly precision and efficiency. Woe be the demonic beasts who came to this corner of the battlefield.


Another wave of demonic beasts came only to be smitten down by giant lightning bolts, adding to the mountain of charred corpses. Slowly the corpses of the demonic beasts piled up into a giant wave of ghastly cadavers.


Some of the more fortunate demonic beasts who escaped electrical death were met with a more physical death. When they approached the Misaka clones, they didn’t even get the chance to attack before dozens of iron sand whips turned them into pincushions and/or shish kebab, littering the battlefield with their dismantled body parts.


The Misaka army is the only faction with the least casualties, heck, not a single death occurred in this army whereas other factions struggled to stay in formation. The Misaka clones covered each other so well that the demonic beasts did little to no damage.


Each of the clones had tier 6 strength, some of the clones are even at tier 7 strength.


Their levels didn’t hit LV 60, someone boosted their power from behind the safety line.


Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes wavered as her eyes shone with a glint.


She clenched her fists. Heaving, she murmured.


“I can… I can augment their strength further…I can make the sisters stronger!”


Like the Misaka clones, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda held their own in this battle.


They maintained their garrison excellent teamwork. They didn’t charge at the demonic beasts, they let the demonic beast approach at their own peril.


If the clones used shock and awe on their opponents, the three of them used a weird tactic. The demonic beasts who entered the striking range of Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda are either blown into smithereens or eviscerated by a tiny fist that utilized the air in a lethal manner. The demonic beasts with starry pupils are sluggish and confused making it easier for the two damage dealers to end the beasts.


Some of the beasts with starry pupils assaulted the other beasts after stopping for a moment. It’s like they are back in their feral state.


The other beasts are still cooperating with each other so somebody else must be controlling these rogue beasts.


Shokuhou Misaki, the controller had a remote control which she used to focus her powers to manipulate the beasts into attacking each other, creating utter confusion amongst their already chaotic ranks. She looked at the mess she wrought with a smile.


“Takitsubou Rikou is really a good supporter, although I can only control dozens of units, her augmentation allowed my control to spread to over 100 demonic beasts. If she returned to Academy City, she would have become a queen-like existence admired by many.”


Kinuhata Saiai busted another demon beast wide open, she agreed.


“I super concur! Takitsubou Rikou rocks! I don’t think my ability at Lvl 5 would ever be this super powerful.”


“In the end, you girls are surprised with just this?”


Frenda grinned before sending a group of demonic beasts sky high with a well-placed bomb.


“If Takitsubou Rikou didn’t augment so many clones, she could have given us another taste of being Dual Skill users.”

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