Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 519: The demonic beast army who rushed out of their habitats

Changes continued happening in the Giant Beasts Forest while Fraxinus is en route.


The outskirts of Giant Beasts Forest, about 100 meters away from the Giant Beasts Forest, a lot of people gathered here. They have cut off the route between the supply town and the Giant Beasts Forest. They have arranged themselves into a wall made of humans.


Numerous experts who wanted to go hunt some monsters or train in the forest were shocked by the sheer number of people here.


Noticing that the Giant Beasts Forest is abnormal, some chose to kick back and observe. Meanwhile, some of them left after understanding the situation from the human wall preventing entry into the forest. The last of them chose to join the human wall.


This continued until the human wall grew to such size that anyone who came here from the supply town couldn’t see the forest.


On the other side of the human wall were groups of individuals who belonged to the same faction. They kept their distance from the other factions. Judging by their equipment and armaments, it’s clear that these people are elites organized for a specific purpose.


The most eye-catching group of them all is a group of girls. Rather, it would be more accurate to call them an army due to the size of the group. The most distinctive feature, however, is that not only do they share the same coat of arms, but they also share the same look.


They are all identical, the Misaka clones.


Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou led them out of the forest after saving them from the demonic beast’s encirclement. They chose to stay here for some reason.


Aside from the Misaka clones who all had expressionless looks, the other groups are all either anxious or on the edge with their weapons drawn. They are looking at the Giant Beasts Forest like their mortal enemies will emerge any second now.


Even the leaders had a grim look, including Mikoto & co.


Something must have happened, something they didn’t predict when they left Silvaria World Institute.


“They’re here!”


Someone shouted by amplifying their voice. Everyone tensed up and they looked in the direction of the Giant Beasts Forest.


A dust storm stirred in the forest, masking the trees from view. Soon, they can hear a rumbling sound followed by the howls of beasts. It sounded like there’s an entire army of them.


They are all very concerned. Some of them gulped while clenching down on their weapon.


The sound of stomping and howls grew closer and closer until they finally saw the culprits behind this chaos.


Demonic beasts, as far as the eyes can see.


Roar Awooo Cacaw


The demonic beast army had no organization to them, it’s a jumbled mix of demonic beasts. They are so frightening that some of the individuals forming the human wall are considering escape.


“So they are here…”


At the front of Misaka & Co, Shokuhou Misaki looked at the demonic beast army with a grim look.


“They are all behaving out of the norm…”


The demonic beasts stayed in the forest, they wouldn’t stray out of the forest under normal circumstances. The demonic beasts had lower wisdom and intelligence than humans. They instinctively knew that if they came out of the forest the humans would hunt them down and harvest them for materials.


Furthermore, the demonic beasts preyed on each other according to the law of the jungle. Stronger beasts ate the weaker ones. Excluding the ones that lived in a colony, demonic beasts don’t live together outside of mating season.


Now, the demonic beasts are rushing out of the Giant Beasts Forest in groups, although they aren’t cooperating very well, they aren’t eating each other either. It’s like they forgot about their habitats and ecologies.


“Shokuhou Misaki, stand back.”


Mikoto said as lightning arced around her. She faced an army of Youkai back in the world of Hayate the Combat Butler, she also faced an army of stone spiders in the last treasure hunting trip. She calmly assessed the enemies.


“Your powers are incompatible in the fight against the magic beasts…”


Her Mental Out controlled people with a high enough intelligence, against simple beasts who only knew how to attack and retreat, she wouldn’t be able to play a big role.


She didn’t argue with Mikoto, she lowered her head and she stayed back as Mikoto requested. She knew Mikoto isn’t looking down on her. Shokuhou Misaki also knew that letting Mikoto shine here is the best option.


Against the demonic beasts, she could control a portion of them but the most sophisticated command she can give them would be to attack. But, if the demonic beast army was smaller in size, she could have just controlled half of the demonic beasts and set them on the other half.


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou also retreated behind. Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda are poised to protect Shokuhou Misaki and Takitsubou Rikou from any harm. This formation is a tried and tested formation since they came to Silvaria. Due to their cooperation and friendly relations with each other, they formed a top-level faction in Silvaria World Institute together.


3 girls headed the frontline of Misaka army, down from 7. However, nobody doubted the 3 girls who are in front.


When Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou retreated into the center of the Misaka clones, Mikoto stepped forward with Astrea and Ikaros.


Biri biri


Like a lightning goddess, her lightning lit up the battlefield.


“You lot won’t be entering supply town, not on my watch!”


Her words raised the morale of every combatant here. They had gathered in a valiant effort to stop the demonic beast army, after all.

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