Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 518: Obtaining Flandre-chan's Red Jewel

A clear sky, clouds dotting the sky like sprinkles on a glazed donut. The sunlight lazily shined upon the land, the sun is probably taking a day off considering that it’s not as hot as it should be given the time.


Suddenly, the sound of something cutting through the air came. The clouds in the way of that invisible object got demolished, the invisible airship continued in great speed towards its destination.


In the control room of Fraxinus…


“Wow! This thing is so fast! Oh my gosh, it’s so cool!”


Flandre-chan bounced around the room while checking out the fittings here. She pushed and touched a lot of levers and buttons. She’s having the time of her life exploring the control room.


In the commander’s seat, Wu Yan sat with his eyes closed. But, he’s actually focusing on directing Fraxinus towards Giant Beast Forest. This is one of the perks of turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm, he had complete control over the ship, he can get the ship to execute his commands by just thinking about it.


Hinagiku stood beside him, she looked at the screen, she reckoned that they are traveling very fast by the speed of the passing clouds. She questioned Wu Yan.


“Where did you steal this airship?”


Wu Yan almost lost control of Fraxinus, he opened his eyes so he can roll his eyes at Hinagiku.


“What makes you think I stole it?”


“So you robbed this from someone?”


Hinagiku pursed her lips.


“Are you going to say someone gave it to you?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He mumbled in an inaudible voice.


“Yes, someone important gave this to me…”


He touched his chest. Underneath his shirt, there are two Magatama Jewels embedded in his chest.


This is the physical manifestation of his Red Jewel bloodline power derived from True Ancestor.


Wu Yan took a drop of blood from both Kotori and Kurumi before he left Date A Live. He stored their red jewels in his body.


It would be a damn shame if he didn’t use this great ability to its fullest extent. By using the jewel, he can temporarily use all the powers and strengths of the blood’s owner.


Kotori had power over flames while Kurumi can manipulate time. Depending on how he used them, the powers can really decide the flow of a battle. Specifically, Kurumi’s time manipulation power can be of great use in many situations.


He can also use their angels and Astral Dress along with assuming their levels. He would beat himself up if he didn’t take a drop of blood from them.


Alas, the Red Jewel only allowed him to copy their powers and strength but not their equipment. Otherwise, he would have chosen Ikaros as one of the Red Jewel contributors. He compromised and chose the spirits’ for their powers.


Luckily for him, Angels and Astral Dresses count as equipment manifested from a spirit’s power. Hence, he can use their abilities including Angels and Astral Dresses.


The spirits relied heavily on their Angels and Astral Dresses to fight, without them, the spirits wouldn’t even be able to fight at 10% of full strength.


Wu Yan wanted to get Tohka’s blood since she is a spirit who excels at close-combat. She didn’t have special abilities like Yoshino, Kotori, or Kurumi but she makes up for this by being very good at sword-wielding.


His maximum Red Jewel capacity is at 3 jewels so he would have to give up either Kotori or Kurumi’s Red Jewel. The last red jewel slow is reserved for someone else.


“Flandre-chan, can you come here real quick?”


Flandre-chan stopped her little adventure and she landed in front of Wu Yan.


“Onii-chan, how can I help?”


“You can, I need help with a little stuff, you see…”


He hugged Flandre-chan and he got honest with her, his voice sounded hesitant.


“However, it’s going to prick…”


“Flandre-chan isn’t afraid of pain, I am not like my Onee-chan…”


Flandre-chan’s nostrils flared with pride. Wu Yan raised an eyebrow and he felt bad for Remilia, her sister sold her out so easily…


He made a small incision on Flandre-chan’s index finger. He squeezed the wound and a drop of blood fell onto his palm in front of Hinagiku and Flandre-chan who are very curious. Flandre-chan’s wound healed almost instantly.


Flandre-chan is a high-grade vampire, her regeneration and vitality allowed her to recover minor wounds like this in a blink of an eye. Wu Yan’s regeneration and vitality is higher than her because he’s a True Ancestor but even a low-grade vampire could have healed from this minor wound in no time.


Flandre-chan blinked.


“It didn’t hurt…”


Hinagiku’s curiosity got the better of her.


“What are you going to do with that?”


Wu Yan smiled, he didn’t answer her. Instead, he raised his hand and he squeezed down on the drop of blood.


A bloody red light flooded the room. When he opened his palm, a red Magatama Jewel is in his hand…


“What’s that?”


Hinagiku and Flandre-chan asked at the same time, they tilted their heads in puzzlement. The jewel had a strange allure to it, they subconsciously can’t look away.


“This is my trump card.”


He said excitedly. If he used the jewel, he would obtain the strength of a tier 9 individual if only for a brief period of time.


He pressed the magatama against his chest and the 3 magatama jewels aligned on his chest in an organized manner.


He touched his chest and he confirmed that the red jewel is safely stored away.

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