Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 517: Heading towards Giant Beast Forest

Silvaria World Institute, Villa area…

In a villa that’s larger than the others around it, a student in a gold-gilded special student uniform sat in the living room. She had glossy pink hair and her sigh didn’t mar her beautiful looks at all.


Usually, this villa would be full of life. However, the villa is very quiet right now. It’s so quiet that it’s starting to creep Hinagiku out.


Hinagiku sighed again. Frustrated and bored, she rested her head on the table while mumbling her concern.


“I wonder how the others are doing?”


Sitting by her side, a blonde little girl with a beret cap fiddled with an empty cake plate. She finished her treat and now she’s just as bored as Hinagiku. Her side-tail twitched from time to time as if it’s alive.


“Hinagiku-nee, when will Onii-chan return? Flan misses him so much…”


Flandre-chan is starting to regret not following Wu Yan into the transcript world. She wanted to go on more playdates with Lirin but the Grand Tournament changed their identities.


To avoid issues and scandals, Flandre-chan was told not to go outside and Little Lirin was told by her faction to not meet up with her without supervision or escort. Hence, Flandre finds herself in an unprecedented crisis of boredom.


Ikaros and Mikoto left, making this villa very desolate. Hinagiku who is calmer in temperament can barely hold on, what’s more to say of Flandre-chan who liked running around and playing than stay inside?


Flandre-chan asked the wrong people.


“How would I know?…”


Hinagiku responded with a slightly upset tone.


“I want him to come back right now, that way, we can move out immediately after Mikoto.”




Flandre-chan lowered her head in a crestfallen manner.


“Flan should have followed Onii-chan this morning…”


Hinagiku bitterly laughed. Hinagiku understood where she came from, she also missed the jerk who would always be up to no good if she didn’t keep an eye on him.


Flandre-chan puckered her lips. She rested her head on the table before she murmured.


“Onii-chan, I wish you would come back soon…”


A familiar voice rang. As if he had listened to her wish, Wu Yan appeared in the living room, floating in midair. He landed and he looked around before asking the girls.


“Nn? Why’s it so quiet around here?…”


Hinagiku and Flandre-chan immediately sat up when they heard him. They looked in his direction and their eyes widened with glee.


Wu Yan returned from Date A Live, materializing out of nowhere.




Hinagiku cried out in joy, her voice wavered for a moment but nobody noticed it.




Flandre used her chair as a launching pad to propel herself towards Wu Yan with her wings. Wu Yan is surprised by the warm welcome, he caught Flandre-chan and he chastized her.


“Flandre-chan, If I didn’t catch you then you would have had quite a fall there…”


“Flan’s not afraid…”


Flandre-chan looked up at him, she rubbed her head against Wu Yan’s chest, it’s like she’s trying to absorb as much Oniichanium as possible.


“I know Onii-chan would catch me for sure…”


“What if I didn’t?”


Wu Yan chuckled. This is probably Flandre-chan’s way of showing how dearly she missed him.


“Flan’s not afraid as well!”


She had a mischievous grin. She flapped her crystal wings like she’s showing them off.


“Flan’s got a pair of wings, I won’t fall!”


“You little…”


He pinched her nose. Supporting her by her thighs, he looked at Hinagiku before greeting her.



“Hinagiku, why don’t you give  me a loving hug just like Flandre-chan here?”


“You wish!”


Hinagiku rolled her eyes at him. She suppressed her overflowing emotions and she looked him in the eyes intently.




Hinagiku felt something strange. She felt like Wu Yan has somehow grown.


“You’ve changed…”


She examined Wu Yan but she can’t find anything other than a change in aura.


“Yan! You ascended another tier?”


“Oh? You can feel that?!”


Wu Yan nodded.


“Yeah, I gained quite a lot on this trip…”


“That’s great!”


Hinagiku clenched her fists.


“Now that you’re level 70, you can help Mikoto and the others on a greater scale!”


Wu Yan frowned.


“Where’s Mikoto & Ikaros? Did they go out for something?”


“Ah, yes, they went out…”


Hinagiku sighed.


“They probably won’t be back for a bit…”


“What do you mean?”


Wu Yan’s smile dimmed down. Something must have happened.


Hinagiku approached him. She continued.


“When you were gone, an issue occurred.”


“I don’t like the sound of that…”


Wu Yan’s chest tightened.


“What happened?”


Hinagiku thought about how to break it to him.


“A few hours after you left, one Misaka clone came over here…”


Wu Yan listened and his anxiety grew by the minute. He calmed himself down by the time Hinagiku finished explaining the situation to him.


“Mikoto and the others are traveling towards Giant Beast Forest?”


Hinagiku nodded.


“I stayed here to relay this to you when you come back. Shokuhou said that you’re going to go bonkers if you return and find the home mysteriously empty…”


Hinagiku looked at Wu Yan and she urged him into action.


“Yan, since you’re back let’s go and catch up to Mikoto.”




Wu Yan hoisted Hinagiku up by her thighs and he flew up into the sky. With Hinagiku and Flandre-chan in his arms, he continued.


“I didn’t think I would use it so soon…”


Wu Yan grinned in front of Hinagiku and Flandre-chan who are puzzled by his behavior.


The next instant, the two girls’ eyes popped when they saw what Wu Yan took out from his Gate of Babylon.


A giant ripple formed in the sky and a gigantic airship came out from the portal, its engine blaring in a deafening manner.


Fraxinus appeared.

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