Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 515: When things get serious...

Wu Yan flew towards Itsuka residence with a blank expression, he’s still thinking about his abilities and how he can apply them to his advantage…


With just a drop of blood, he can copy the strengths and abilities of the owner of the blood. Even if it’s just for a short duration, this ability would be balance-breaking if it’s ever implemented in a game.


Imagine fighting an opponent, just when you’re about to finish the supposedly weak opponent off, he goes off and become as strong as you after turning on his ability.


It’s going to be even more embarrassing when the opponent suddenly becomes stronger than you after using this ability, the complaints probably won’t stop at just flooding the GM’s inbox with complaints. People would probably die from losing too much blood due to excess frustration.


Not just that, the blood jewel formed will track the growth of the individual from whom the blood was taken. If that person reaches god tier, he can become god-tier if he uses the blood then even if Wu Yan’s just tier 1.


Perhaps, the time limitation stemmed from this feature. The bigger the gap in strength, the shorter or longer the duration becomes depending on whether Wu Yan is stronger than the one who gave the blood or not. Without this duration limit, Wu Yan can forget about grinding and just sit all day at home doing nothing. When a fight breaks out, he only needs to use Flan’s Red Jewel to dominate his opponents.


“If only Red Jewel didn’t come with a duration limit…”


Said Wu Yan who is so greedy he can’t appreciate the gift he’s already got.


Wu Yan bitterly shook his head while laughing.


“You know what? I am not going to ask for more, this ability is already pretty damn good, I shouldn’t hope for something so unrealistic.”


He looked down at the buildings that flew past him due to the speed he is flying at right now.


“If that is a mode I enter after using the Red Jewel then I think Red Jewel Mode will suit it just fine.”


Wu Yan nodded in a satisfied manner after coming up with that name. He tensed up his body and he shot forward at a faster speed.


The sky is turning dark as the city entered its nightly routine. The city’s lights made it look strangely cinematic. The city dyed in a myriad of colors looked very calm and peaceful.


When Wu Yan left the house, the sky is already turning golden, after finishing up his business it’s already night time. Wu Yan reckoned this is probably due to the season being autumn right now.


After the Itsuka residence entered his field of vision, he stopped in midair.


He’s wondering if he should bid everyone a farewell or leave the world right now.


He obtained one of the materials to unlock the Mysterious Crystal, upgraded his equipment to Gold Armament in addition to getting a new Gold Armament Grade Airship. Moreover, he leveled up and turned into a tier 8 individual with his bloodline ability awakened.

This trip was worth every point he spent to unlock this world. With his objectives achieved, it’s time for him to leave.


Honestly speaking, he’s a bit reluctant to leave this world behind. He didn’t just obtained more strength in this world, he forged new bonds as well.


Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori. He lived with them for so long that the fun memories looked like they would never stop coming. His relationship with Kotori, Kurumi, and Tohka went beyond friends, they are lovers now.


He also didn’t want to leave behind Shiori and Yoshino who are like adorable little sisters to him.


If he returned, he would not have enough points to summon Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino. He only had enough points to summon two of them. Who’s it gonna be? He reckoned he would be hard-pressed to make the choice.


He’s not going to summon Shiori because he believed that Shiori would prefer a normal life over an adventurous one in another world.


If he left without saying goodbye, the next time he comes back they still wouldn’t know what happened since the world would enter into a frozen state immediately after his departure. The world would resume if he returned in the future, why make himself sad with goodbyes?


That’s what he thought but he still couldn’t make up his mind.


Wu Yan sighed and he looked down at the house.


“Kurumi and Tohka are still in the dark but Kotori already know about my situation, I don’t think it’s right for me to leave like this.”


“I should at least give Kotori a goodbye.”


Wu Yan hovered around the air before he flew towards Kotori’s window.


When he got close, he could see Kotori sitting on her bed while looking at the wall with an anxious look.


She hugged her legs while lost in her own thoughts. Wu Yan felt a bit sad when he saw her look. This look wouldn’t fit the bubbly sunshine Imouto mode Kotori or the sarcastic sharp-tongued Commander Mode Kotori.


Wu Yan chose to observe further, more like, he wasn’t sure if he should enter right now.


They stayed like this until…


Kotori made a move, she lied down on her bed while looking at the ceiling. She murmured in an anxious tone.


“I wonder if Onii-chan left this world or he had already returned…”


Wu Yan knew she’s like this because of him.


An emotional rush took over Wu Yan, he opened the window and he flew in.




She cried out in a happy tone but her expression froze up when Wu Yan did something to her.


Wu Yan hugged her tightly and he pressed his lips against hers.




Her eyes widened with disbelief.

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