Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 514: Ascension, bloodline awakened

Wu Yan trembled when he felt a surge of power within him. An invisible shockwave was emitted from Wu Yan’s body. It shook the air around him.


Crack crack crack


He could hear something cracking within him. It’s not a hallucination, the sound got louder and louder until it became loud thuds, he is also trembling and seizing up like he’s diseased.


“What’s going on?”


He is starting to panic, this isn’t a normal level up.


“I never heard about this, is this what happens when one turns into a tier 8 individual? Is this similar to how Mikoto got clad in lightning when she hit tier 8?”


He can feel his insides churning from an unknown force, he cannot consciously suppress this feeling.




He’s itching all over but he can’t do anything other than hugging himself. He squatted down while hovering in the air. His veins are starting to bulge at his temples, this is something he hadn’t felt before.


“Wh-what’s going on?…”


Gnashing his teeth, he endured the sensation as much as his mind allowed him to. He noticed that his skin is unusually flushed. However, the itching sensation overwhelmed his curiosity.


Unknown to him, his blood pressure is so elevated a normal human would have died from massive internal hemorrhage. His blood vessels swelled so abnormally large that it can be visually seen on his face. He looked like he’s going to turn into a werewolf minus the fur.


His blood pressure showed no signs of going down, the itching sensation increased proportionally with the increase in his blood pressure. He arched his back and he raised his head, flexing every muscle in his body if it means drawing away a bit of blood from his blood vessels.




Like a dying beast, Wu Yan wailed. His roar shook the air around him, his blood vessels throbbed and invisible forces rippled out from them which were absorbed by his muscles and organs.


His skin slowly returned to their usual flush, his blood vessels and capillaries also returned to normal. Soon, his blood pressure returned to their normal levels as if nothing happened.


The system notified its owner of changes to his body.


User satisfied the requirement for True Ancestor Bloodline, awakened Ancestor Bloodline.”


User has unlocked the bloodline ability ‘Red Jewel’.”


Wu Yan who had just returned from the wildest trip of his life was surprised by this sudden news.


“Ancestor bloodline? A bloodline ability?”


Wu Yan’s golden iris returned to their usual blood-red color but he’s still pretty confused.


“Wh-what’s going on here?”


He’s very puzzled by what happened to him as he is still piecing together the puzzle.


User failed to satisfy the level requirements to unlock the true powers of an Ancestor so the Ancestor Bloodline and its abilities remained dormant in the user. The user had been using only the passive characteristic of being immortal.”


“The Ancestor Bloodline remained dormant until the user has reached a sufficiently high enough level it.”

Wu Yan asked.


“You’re telling me that I needed to reach this level before I can start wielding the true powers of a True Ancestor?”



In other words, Wu Yan was too weak to utilize the abilities of a True Ancestor.


Wu Yan isn’t mad, quite the contrary.


Finally, he’s closer to being a True Ancestor, with his bloodline ability awakened, his arsenal increased. He felt like his physical capabilities had been multiplied and his regenerative powers reached newer heights.


It’s like he’s been reborn with greater powers, this excluded the increase in power after reaching tier 8. Plus, he got a bloodline ability out of this.



Red Jewel (Unique ability of Ancestor bloodline, can’t be bought in the shop):

Turn an organism’s blood into a Red Jewel, these jewels can be stored in the user. When used, it allows the user to temporarily exhibit the strengths and abilities of the individual from whom the blood was used to form the Red Jewel. If the individual is stronger than the user, the Red Jewel will allow the user to temporarily exceed level limitations albeit with a shortened active duration. The larger the power difference the shorter the active duration of Red Jewel. If the user is stronger than the individual the active duration will become longer. The cooldown period is 24 hours. The maximum amount of Red Jewel that can remain in storage is 3, unwanted red jewels can be discarded.



“No way!”


Wu Yan’s mouth widened into an ‘O’ shape.


“So I can become as strong as the owner of the blood? If I used Flandre’s blood…”


Wu Yan gulped, his heart started racing. He read the explanation over and over to make sure he didn’t misread it.


“I am not dreaming am I?”


Wu Yan pinched himself, the pain signaled that this is all real.


“This is so broken…”


Wu Yan’s expression started twisting in joy, his slightly more handsome face turned ugly but he didn’t care. He started trembling in excitement.


How can he remain calm? This ability allowed him to become as strong as the owner of the blood for a brief amount of time.


This meant that if he returned to Silvaria and took some blood from Flandre, he can mimic Flandre’s power and abilities. Using this jewel, he can temporarily fight as a tier 9 individual, with the terrifying power of destruction in tow.

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