Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 512: Turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm

Tengu city, Fraxinus interior…


Today, Fraxinus is strangely quiet. No crew, no staff, no people walking around or the humming of the engine.


The staffs took leaves based on turns, Fraxinus was never this empty. This is an arrangement put in place because a spirit can strike at any moment so Ratatoskr has to respond in time.


Fraxinus is never this empty.


When Kotori told everybody to take a day off, the staff can’t believe her. However, an order is an order so while they are still puzzled, they went home anyway.


Kotori bent over backward for Wu Yan, she bent over big time. She broke a lot of rules by doing this for Wu Yan. There are protocols in place that she deliberately broke. If someone found out then her position might be jeopardized.


Somebody teleported into the airship. Wu Yan entered the airship via the teleportation pad.


He opened his eyes and he scanned the room to make sure nobody’s here.


The eerily quiet room made Wu Yan smile.


“Wow, she actually pulled it off, Fraxinus is really empty…”


Making his way over to the control room, he can hear that some parts are still moving so the ship’s not turned off completely. He can hear his own footsteps, it’s like a setting in a horror movie.


Wu Yan is a bit creeped out by how silent it is around here, the zig-zagging corridors appeared way scarier than normal.


When he arrived at the control room, the familiar room somewhat calmed him down. Wu Yan took in the sight of this room, he does not know what’s going to happen after he transformed the ship into a Noble Phantasm.


“I wonder what they are going to think of Kotori if they found out she told everyone to go home for a day because she wanted to give command of the ship to another person?”


He told Kotori that after turning the ship into his Noble Phantasm, the ship will no longer operate unless Wu Yan delegates the authority to someone else. She really busted her butt for his sake.


If he told someone else about this, her position could be lost, she could also be branded as a traitor.


Wu Yan made sure to carve this memory into his brain and soul. This is how much Wu Yan meant to her, she treasured him more than the ship or her position.


“Just you wait, Kotori, I am going to take good care of you…”


He looked at the commander seat.


With a light jump, he landed on the deck and he raised an arm.


The arm started shining brightly. He slammed his hand down on the floor dramatically. Red volcano-vein lines emerged on his hand and it started spreading into the floor.


“Let’s do this…”


The lines didn’t take long to completely engulf the deck. The sword mark on his hand kept shining brightly as he started turning Fraxinus into his Noble Phantasm.


The ship started shaking and making a noise like it’s coming to life. The ship hummed and trembled as if it knows that someone is taking over the ship.


The ship stopped making noises or movements after a few seconds. The ship seems like it had returned to a dormant state but that’s only what it looks like to an outsider viewer.


His hand’s red volcano veins resonated with the red veins.


After taking control of the control room, the veins started spreading outwards, covering the whole ship in mere seconds. The corridors, the engine room, the lounge, the rooms, and other facilities got taken over by the red veins without any issue.


Any other person who enters the control room will feel like they entered someone rather than something. The veins are pulsating like they are alive.


After a while, Wu Yan looked up with a smile. The airship is now completely covered in his red veins.


Finally, his final quest is complete. After he claims the reward, he will turn into a tier 8 individual from the level up.


He fought Jaafar who is at tier 8 evenly when he’s just tier 7. With tier 8 strength, he can do a lot more than before. He wondered just how powerful he would be in combat if he used his newfound strength with his augmented gate of Babylon and Nietono no Shana. Frankly, he’s looking forward to it.


Calling upon the ship, he confirmed his authority over the ship and he commanded the red lines to disappear.

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